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Dani Evans attends the Maybelline New York Fashion Week party in 2019. Cindy Ord/Getty Images In addition to writing a book on how to break in to the modeling industry titled 'The Skinny on Getting In,' Evans has modeled for Essence, Elle, Elle Girl, MetroStyle, and more. Today, she is also the designer and founder of Monrowe, a hat company ... Created with Sketch. Athletes Dani Evans (10043210) Daniel Evans battles back after a late comeback from Andrey Rublev into his first ATP 500-level semi-final on Thursday in Dubai. Brenton Edwards/AFP via Getty Images Daniel Evans is through to the quarter-finals in Adelaide without dropping a set. About. Dani Evanson is a Principal and Managing Director of RMA and Align Finance Partners. Together with executive management, Dani leads the firm’s strategic direction. Danielle Evans is a 34 year old American Model. Born on 7th June, 1985 in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, she is famous for America`s Next Top Model winner of cycle 6 in a career that spans 2004–present. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. Danielle Evans is a member of the following lists: American female models, 1985 births and 1988 births. Dani is responsible for capital raising, fund management and accounting, and investor relations. She co-manages RMA’s joint venture partner relationships and serves on RMA’s investment committee. Dani has over 20 years of experience in real estate with a background in acquisitions, dispositions and portfolio management. View Danielle (Dani) Evans’ profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Danielle (Dani) has 2 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover ...

27 Best Sic-fi Movies 2019 So Far You Should Not Miss

2019.12.27 04:16 Oporz 27 Best Sic-fi Movies 2019 So Far You Should Not Miss

SOURCE: 27 Best Sic-fi Movies 2019 So Far You Should Not Miss
Among so many movie categories, science fiction is one of the most popular ones, which normally describe a world people can't imagine, and the movies will also mix with high technologies. Most sic-fic movies will talk about universe, science, space exploration, supernatural power, and so on. The story plots of science fiction are always excited and mind-blowing, which can greatly attract people to watch, and fall in the story of the movie.
As 2019 has almost passed, today we would like to list the 27 best sic-fi movies have released so far, giving you a clearly introduction and reference. If you are a mad of science fiction movies, read about the list below now and pick one for enjoying with your friends.
1. Alita: Battle Angel
Movie released date: January 31, 2019
Runtime: 122 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Rosa SalazaChristoph Waltz/Keean Johnson/Mahershala Ali
Brief introduction: Based on the story happens in 2563, 300 years after Earth when all people are ruled by the sky city of Zalem, Alita: Battle Angel shows how an android woman, Alita, keeps fighting under constant threat in such a futuristic world. The courage and brevity of the heroine should be the quality we can learn from.

2. Ad Astra
Movie released date: August 29, 2019
Runtime: 124 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Brad Pitt/Tommy Lee Jones/Ruth Negga/Liv Tyler
Brief introduction: 30 years later, a mysterious life-threatening event strikes Earth and keeps threatening the survival of our planet. For that, astronaut Roy McBride goes on his travel across this unforgiving solar system to uncover the truth that challenge the nature of human existence and our place in the cosmos while finding his missing father.

3. Terminator: Dark Fate
Movie released date: October 23, 2019
Runtime: 128 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Linda Hamilton/ Arnold SchwarzeneggeMackenzie Davis/Natalia Reyes
Brief introduction: Not only that the world changed after 27 years passing since Sarah Connor prevented Judgment Day, but also the fate of human race was gotten re-written either. To survive from the chase of a Rev-9, a highly advanced and deadly new Terminator travels back through time to hunt and kill her and her friends. So Dani Ramos keeps fighting for the future of humanity with the help of two warriors: Grace and Sarah Connor.

4. Paradise Hills
Movie released date: January 26, 2019
Runtime: 95 minutes
Country: Spain/United States
Language: English
Cast: Emma Roberts/Danielle Macdonald/Awkwafina/Eiza González
Brief introduction: On an isolated island called Paradise, Uma awakens on an apparently idyllic school where high-class families send their daughters to, in order to train them for becoming the perfect versions of themselves. It seems that the island provides physical and emotional healing for those in need, which helps them revolve all physical and emotional shortcomings within two months. However, there's a darker secret hidden behind its fairy tale like exterior.

5. I Am Mother
Movie released date: January 25 2019
Runtime: 113 minutes
Country: Australia
Language: English
Cast: Clara Rugaard/Luke HawkeHazel Sandery and Summer Lenton/Maddie Lenton
Brief introduction: I Am Mother shows a story about how the robot raises the girl to repopulate the Earth under various threatens. This can really be unimaginative because we will always consider that mankind is the ruler on the Earth. It's such a must-watch film that deserves more cinema attention.

6. The Wandering Earth
Movie released date: February 5 2019
Runtime: 125 minutes
Country: China
Language: Mandarin/English (Electronic Voice)/Russian/French
Cast: Qu Chuxiao/Li Guangjie/Ng Man-tat/Zhao Jinmai
Brief introduction: Telling the story of a distant future in which the earth will soon be engulfed by the inflating sun, people around the world are building giant planet thrusters to move Earth out of its orbit and want to sail the planet to a new star system. Focusing on the storyline of a group of young people who fight hard for the survival of mankind at the pried of wandering Earth, The Wandering Earth earns its thrills with exciting set pieces and dazzling special effects.

7. Spider-Man: Far From Home
Movie released date: June 26, 2019
Runtime: 129 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Tom Holland/Samuel L. Jackson/Zendaya/Cobie Smulders
Brief introduction: Following the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019), our Spider-Man Peter begrudgingly agrees to return to super heroics for helping Nick Fury take on new threats in a world that has changed forever. On his way on trip with his classmates, Peter also tries to figure out ways to hide his identity, deals with the relationship with the girl he loves, and fights against the bad guy for maintaining the peace on Earth even without Stark's help.

8. Avengers: Endgame
Movie released date: April 22, 2019
Runtime: 181 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Robert Downey Jr./Chris Evans/Mark Ruffalo/Chris Hemsworth
Brief introduction: After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War (2018), almost half of people in the universe are being wiped out due to the efforts of the Mad Titan, Thanos, who gets the six energy stones successfully. For that, the remaining Avengers members gather again and decide to find a workable way to reverse Thanos' actions and restore the balance of the universe.

9.Detective Pikachu
Movie released date: May 3, 2019
Runtime: 104 minutes
Country: United States/Japan
Language: English
Cast: Ryan Reynolds/Justice Smith/Max Fincham/Kathryn Newton
Brief introduction: To unravel the tangled mystery about his father's missing, Tim keep chasing clues through the neon-lit streets of Ryme City with the aid of Harry's former Pokémon partner. In the course of their thrilling adventure, they have encountered with some reliable people, and cooperate with them to uncover a shocking plot that could destroy this peaceful co-existence and threaten the whole universe.

10. Gemini Man (2019)
Movie released date: October 1, 2019
Runtime: 117 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Will Smith/Mary Elizabeth Winstead/Clive Owen/Benedict Wong
Brief introduction: Henry, an agent of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, was chased to kill by a mysterious killer when he was going to retire. In the fierce competition between the two men, he found that the killer was in his 20s. A duel between him and himself started immediately, and the truth behind it gradually surfaced.

11. Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)
Movie released date: May 13, 2019
Runtime: 132 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Kyle ChandleVera Farmiga/Millie Bobby Brown/Bradley Whitford/Sally/Hawkins/Charles Dance/Thomas Middleditch/Aisha Hinds
Brief introduction: Godzilla met with Mothra, Rodan, and its powerful enemies, Ghidorah. Previously, the ancient super monsters that had been thought to exist only in mythology, but now one by one, they will fight for the "King of monsters", and human survival will be seriously threatened.

12. Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus! (2019)
Movie released date: August 16, 2019
Runtime: 71 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Voices of: Richard Steven Horvitz/Andy Berman/Rosearik Rikki Simons/Melissa Fahn
Brief introduction: When Zim reappeared and began the second phase of his plan to conquer the Earth, a "Florpus" suddenly opens, swallows the planet and merges it with alternate realities. On the other side, Zim's enemy, DIB, tried to expose his plan.

13. Captive State (2019)
Movie released date: March 15, 2019
Runtime: 109 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: John Goodman/Ashton Sanders/Jonathan Majors/Machine Gun Kelly/Vera Farmiga
Brief introduction: The movie tells of the emergence of a rebel force in the urban area of Chicago after the Earth has been occupied by aliens for 10 years. It has an irreconcilable conflict with the government forces of the obedient faction, and a battle is going to arise from it.

14. Men in Black International (2019)
Movie released date: June?11,?2019
Runtime: 115 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Chris Hemsworth/Tessa Thompson/Rebecca Ferguson/Kumail Nanjiani/Rafe Spall/Laurent Bourgeois/Larry Bourgeois/Emma Thompson/Liam Neeson
Brief introduction: In the process of preventing the invasion of alien gangs, agent H and new agent M of the headquarters of the MiB accidentally eradicated the traitors hidden in the MiB. Although they went through so many difficulties, they finally managed to successfully save the world.

15. Brightburn (2019)
Movie released date: May?24,?2019
Runtime: 90 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Elizabeth Banks/David Denman/Jackson A. Dunn/Matt Jones/Meredith Hagner
Brief introduction: A rural couple without children picked up a baby from a spaceship near their home and raise the baby to grow up. Gradually, they found that the child was a little different. All kinds of supernatural abilities appeared on him. He put on a cloak, but not all the people can put on the cloak are heroes. So what is his real identity? Is him an alien?

16. IO (2019)
Movie released date: January 18, 2019
Runtime: 96 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Margaret Qualley/Anthony Mackie/Danny Huston
Brief introduction: Samantha, a young female scientist, is one of the survivors of the last catastrophe happened on Earth. Instead of abandoning her home like others do, she stayed on Earth and worked hard to find a way to help human beings survive.

17. Replicas (2019)
Movie released date: January?11,?2019
Runtime: 107 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Keanu Reeves/Alice Eve/Thomas Middleditch/John Ortiz
Brief introduction: A bold neuroscientist tries to revive his family who died in a car accident. In order to achieve this goal, he would not hesitate to fight against the police, confront the government controlled laboratories, or even challenge all scientific restrictions.

18. High Life
Movie released date: November 7, 2018
Runtime: 110 minutes
Country: France/Germany/United Kingdom/Poland/United States
Language: English
Cast: Robert Pattinson/Juliette Binoche/André Benjamin/Mia Goth
Brief introduction: After embarking a dangerous and useless mission, Monte and his little daughter become the last survivors of it. As there is nobody living near them now, they have to find every method to let themselves lead a life, relying on each other. Now, they are facing danger and going straight ahead, which is a black hole.

19. Captain Marvel
Movie released date: February 27, 2019
Runtime: 124 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Brie Larson/Samuel L. Jackson/Ben Mendelsohn/Djimon Hounsou/Lee Pace/Lashana Lynch/Gemma Chan/Annette Bening/Clark Gregg/Jude Law
Brief introduction: This is the first Marvel heroine solo film. Captain Marvel is also a new character that is introduced into the Marvel universe. This film tells the origin of Captain Marvel. At first, Carol believes herself is a Kree warrior. However, she regains some memories that point out that she is a human and used to live on Earth. After evoking her memories, she finds a huge hidden lie.

20. Aniara
Movie released date: 7 September 2018
Runtime: 106 minutes
Country: Sweden/Denmark
Language: Swedish
Cast: Emelie Jonsson/Bianca Cruzeiro/Arvin Kananian/Anneli Martini
Brief introduction: The film tells the story happened when a spacecraft, which carries some residents and is flying towards the Mars. Unexpectedly, the spacecraft is getting away from the original course. Getting lost in the universe, the passengers have to make clear where they are now in the universe, and how they can get back to the right routine.

21. Fast Color
TV series released date: March 10, 2018
Runtime: 102 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Gugu Mbatha-Raw/Lorraine Toussaint/Saniyya Sidney/Christopher Denham/David Strathairn
Brief introduction: A young woman is being traced by an unknown and mysterious force because of her supernatural power. To save herself, the woman has to keep escaping. Till she has nowhere to go, she goes back to the farmhouse where she used to live with her family but now the place has been abandoned. After living in that place again, she begins to repair the relationship with her mother. Then the woman's family knows about the hidden power inside her.

22. Rim of the World
Movie released date: May 24, 2019
Runtime: 99 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Jack Gore/Miya Cech/Benjamin Flores Jr./Alessio Scalzotto/Andrew BacheloAnnabeth Gish
Brief introduction: Before the terrible aliens are going to give an attack to the Earth, the summer camp is just begun. On the place where the summer camp is held, four teenagers are given an essential key that conveys the secret and way to prevent aliens from invading the planet. However, the four teenagers get no adults to help, which means that they can only depend on themselves to save the world.

23. Project Ithaca
Movie released date: June 7, 2019
Runtime: 85 minutes
Country: Canada
Language: English
Cast: James Gallanders/Deragh Campbell/Daniel Fathers
Brief introduction: After waking up, five people, who are completely strangers to each other, discover that their 5 are trapped in an alien spaceship. Worse yet, they discover that the ship seems to get the power through some terrible means. As deeper into their investigation, the truth is that these aliens have kidnapped human for over decades, and even centuries. They have to stop this from happening again, and also, save themselves.

24. The Silence
Movie released date: April 10, 2019
Runtime: 90 minutes
Country: Germany
Language: English
Cast: Kiernan Shipka/Stanley Tucci/Miranda Otto/John Corbett
Brief introduction: The world is being attacked by some terrible creatures, which will kill people through releasing a kind of sound. Under this danger, in order to avoid the hunt of the aliens, a teenager, who lost her hearing at the age of 13, tries to escape to a safe place with her family. As the teenager can't hear the sound released by the aliens, a cult want to make use of her ability to beat the invaded aliens.

Movie released date: 10 September 2018
Runtime: /Country: Canada
Language: English
Cast: Patrick J. Adams/Troian Bellisario
Brief introduction: Isaac Bruno, working as an astronomer, extremely wants to find out the clues about the existence of life in the universe. Because he is too crazy about his work, he pays less attention to his friend's advice, who suggests him to lead a normal life. But Isaac ignores the warning and gets much addicted to the job. One time when Isaac meets an artist, Clara, and they begin to work together to find the data about stellar, for making a huge discovery.

26. White Chamber
Movie released date: Mar 29, 2019
Runtime: 89 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Shauna Macdonald/Oded FehAmrita Acharia/Nicholas Farrell/Sharon Maughan
Brief introduction: Unfortunately, civil war happens in the United Kingdom. The film starts with focusing on a woman, who wakes up in a cuboid cell. She discovers that her situation is dangerous now because she is kidnapped. The kidnapper tortures her, and asks her for the information from her. But the woman just keeps saying that she has no information. So what will happen next? And what information these guys need?

27. See You Yesterday
Movie released date: May 17, 2019
Runtime: 87 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Eden Duncan-Smith/Danté Crichlow/Marsha Stephanie Blake/Johnathan Nieves/Myra Lucretia TayloWavyy Jonez/Rayshawn Richardson/Ron Bobb-Semple/Brian "Stro" Bradley
Brief introduction: Two teenagers, who have great talents in scientist, are working hard to complete their latest invention - a traveling backpacks that can enable a time travel. However, unfortunate thing happens. One of these two teenagers is killed. It is a chance to use their invention to save him now.
Watching sci-fi movies sometimes will be surprised by the imagined high technologies invented in the future. It is also a chance for us to imagine how will human's life would be in the remote future. Sic-fi movies are always mind-blowing, and can make people feel excited. This is also the reason for why so many people enjoy watching science fiction movies.
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2019.10.01 00:33 SiphenPrax WWE Megathread: September 30-October 4

NOTE: Due to a massive change in the scheduling of WWE programming starting this week, as well as the wrestling industry in general, the format of these megathreads will change going forward, starting today. There won't be any major changes, the only changes will be in how shows on here will be formatted. For example, RAW will still be on top, because it is the first show of the week, but NXT will now be second, with NXT UK third, and finally Smackdown at the bottom to close the week. Thank you for your consideration in these changes and now, off to the WWE Megathread!
We're officially at the go-home week for Hell in a Cell and a MASSIVE week for WWE in general! Here's what you need to know:
On RAW, Sasha Banks defeated Nikki Cross in a hard-fought singles match and then attacked Alexa Bliss after the match, who tried to help her tag-team partner. Wanting revenge, Alexa Bliss will be challenging Sasha Banks in a singles match for this week. Meanwhile, Becky Lynch had a sit-down interview with Michael Cole and explained that if Sasha is so obsessed with trying to end her, at Hell in a Cell, Sasha better hope that she ends Becky before Becky ends her. Also, Carmella became the fifth 24/7 champion after she pulled a surprise roll-up on R-Truth. R-Truth loved it and tried to celebrate with her, but not a bunch of women tried to chase after Carmella to get the title. Finally, Lacey Evans defeated Ember Moon in a singles match, where Lacey, once again, applied the sharpshooter to spite Natalya.
On NXT, Dakota Kai returned to in-ring action after being put on the sidelines for many months, defeating Taynara (formerly Taynara Conti) in a quick squash match. Rhea Ripley also had a quick squash match, defeating Kayden Carter (formerly known as Lacey Lane). Meanwhile, NXT female recruits Chelsea Green & Deonna Purrazzo were shown in the crowd during a match between Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs. Chase Parker and Matt Martel. And, of course, Shayna Baszler will put her NXT Women's Championship on the line this week against Candice LeRae.
On NXT UK, a promo package aired detailing Tegan Nox's return to the ring ahead of her big singles non-title match with Kay Lee Ray. Also announced during the show for this week is Piper Niven vs. Isla Dawn. Meanwhile, Nina Samuels defeated local talent Dani Luna in a singles match.
Finally, on Smackdown, Sasha Banks and Bayley defeated Carmella and Charlotte Flair in a tag-team match when Sasha forced Carmella to tap out with the Banks Statement. After the match, Carmella left with R-Truth, who was at ringside, since they were being chased by other women who wanted the 24/7 Championship. Back in the ring, Charlotte, who was surrounded by Sasha and Bayley, tried to fight them off but was beaten down. Becky Lynch then showed up to make the save and attack Sasha and Bayley before they escaped. Shortly after this attack, it was announced that, for Smackdown's big premiere on FOX this week, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair would take on Sasha Banks and Bayley in a women's tag-team re-match from a few weeks ago. At the end of the show, while Becky was giving an interview backstage, Sasha attacked her from behind and beat her down while slamming her into numerous objects. The referees broke it up and Sasha left Becky for dead. Meanwhile, the Kabuki Warriors defeated Fire and Desire in a tag-team match.
The previous megathread can be found here
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2019.07.09 00:25 SiphenPrax WWE Megathread: July 8-10

We're already at the go-home week for Extreme Rules! Here's what you need to know:
On RAW, Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins got into a trash-talking fight backstage with Maria Kanellis and Mike Kanellis, where it led to a mixed tag-team match between the two couples. During the match, Maria tried to get out of being attacked by Becky by revealing she was pregnant. Maria then mocked her husband, saying he wasn't man enough to make her pregnant, and Becky tapped him out with the Disarmher. After the match, Maria ridiculed Mike some more by saying the only real man in the building tonight was Becky. The mixed tag-team action continues with Becky and Seth though as they were challenged over the weekend by Zelina Vega and Andrade to a mixed tag-team match this week on RAW. Now, the match is official, and will happen this week. Meanwhile, Lacey Evans, with some help from Baron Corbin, defeated Natalya in a singles match. Finally, Alexa Bliss hosted A Moment of Bliss with special guest Nikki Cross, interviewing her about her win against Bayley on Smackdown. Carmella interrupted to try to warn Nikki about Alexa. Alexa made fun of Carmella and then Carmella challenged Alexa to a match. Alexa lost the match (in a fluke) in 7 seconds. Alexa then got the referees to make Nikki have matches with Carmella immediately afterward. Nikki was more successful, pinning Carmella, but Alexa celebrated afterward as if she won the match herself.
On Smackdown, Alexa Bliss decided to let Nikki Cross host A Moment of Bliss as a reward for helping her get her rematch against Bayley for the Smackdown Women's Championship. Nikki's guest was none other than Bayley. Nikki asked Bayley why she thought Alexa was a liar. Bayley responded with saying it's because Alexa IS a liar. Bayley then asked since Nikki pinned her last week, why wasn't Nikki facing her for the Smackdown Women's Championship at Extreme Rules instead of Alexa. Nikki got mad though and challenged Bayley to a rematch at that moment. After a few minutes, Bayley pinned Nikki, getting her win back from last week. Meanwhile, Ember Moon defeated Mandy Rose in a single match, getting her win back from her after a few weeks ago when Mandy beat Ember. Carmella also wished her luck before the match.
Also, on both RAW and Smackdown, the Carmella/R-Truth saga continues as she continues to help R-Truth defend his 24/7 Championship.
On NXT, Mia Yim defeated Aliyah in a singles match and, after the match, made her intentions clear: she's coming to take the NXT Women's Championship and whip Shayna Baszler's ass. Meanwhile, Bianca Belair scored a dominant win over a local talent named Priscilla Zuniga.
Finally, on NXT UK, Piper Niven finally defeated Rhea Ripley in a singles match after weeks of build up for the match. Meanwhile, Jazzy Gabert scored a dominating victory over two local talent named Dani Luna and Mercedes Blaze in a handicap match. Finally, it was announced that NXT UK Women's Champion Toni Storm would be back in action this week
The previous megathread can be found here
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2019.04.10 05:51 nmago621 Comparing Challenge contestants with Game of Thrones characters

In honor of GoT's final season beginning in a few days, I'm curious to hear people's thoughts on which Challenge contestants and GoT characters are most similar. Here's my list (WARNING: GoT spoilers to follow):
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2018.10.17 23:52 clearliquidclearjar TALLAHASSEE EVENTS 10/17 – 10/24

It’s the busy season in Tallahassee, so choose your adventures well.
HAPPENING THIS WEEK: CAT FEST 2018! “Join us on Sunday, October 21st in Railroad Square for the 3rd annual, FREE charity fundraiser, animal adoption event, and local music festival! All day-of donations and sales go to support Black Cats & Old Dogs, Feline Advocates of Leon County, and next year's Cat Fest. Adoptable pets will be on location and ready for new homes. Last year, all pets were adopted by the 2nd hour of the event! We'll have more pets this year, but come early if you want to take home some cats and dogs. We’ll also be showcasing local, Tallahassee music with more than 50 acts on 5 stages! A diverse collection of Tallahassee artists (and a national headliner to be announced) will perform original music from 2 to 9 pm.” Click here for the lineup – it looks amazing.
Tally’s Independent Cinema and Theater Offerings:
  • The Junction @ Monroe: John Kurzweg with Terry Clark and Dale Shumate. 7pm
  • Taco Bout It: Acoustic Night. 7:30pm
  • Cap City Vdeo Lounge: Nosferatu & Shadow Of The Vampire. “Join us as we present a screening of F.W. Murnau's German Expressionist horror milestone, his unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula, NOSFERATU starring Max Schreck. Followed by a screening of the metahorror masterpiece from filmmaker E. Elias Merhige, SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE, starring John Malkovich and William Dafoe. Shadow of the Vampire brings to life a fictional account of the making of F.W. Murnau's landmark horror adaptation and blends horror with comedy seamlessly.” 7:30pm
  • The Bark: Nana Grizol, Bad Moves, blacksunblackmoon, Canine Denim. Karaoke happens after the show! 8pm/$5/all ages
  • Standard on College” Techyes feat. Mikey Lion. 10pm/$20
  • Walker-Ford Community Center Annex: Southside Farmers Market. “Welcome to the Southside Farmers Market! Focused on serving the nearby community, this market provides easy access to fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs and seafood from local farmers. Nestled within the Greater Bond Community, the Southside Farmers Market is creating a sense of place with live music, arts & crafts, cooking demonstrations and free health and wellness screenings.” 3pm-7pm
  • Lake Ella Area: Food Truck Thursday with Sawmill Jam. 5:30pm
  • Hurricane Wings: Double Take. 6pm
  • Beef O’Brady’s: AJ Johnson Trivia. 6:30pm
  • Hurricane: Ballistic Bingo. 7pm
  • Skybox: $10 Cornhole Tourney. 7:30pm
  • La Fiesta: Trivia. 7:30pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Karaoke and Dance Party. 8pm
  • Warhorse: Trivia Night With Hank. . “5 rounds, 50 questions. Music, pics, and all the interesting facts! Sometimes dirty, always nerdy. Come on down and play awesome, hand crafted trivia. Plus pizza and whiskey!” 8pm
  • Dux (Crawfordville): Karaoke with Big Bob. $25 bar tab given away every week. 8:30pm-12:30pm
  • Fermentation Lounge: Open Mic Night. “Sign-ups will begin at 7:30pm and be on a first come, first serve basis. Each getting around 12-15 minutes to perform. The first artist will begin at 8:30pm. Each artist will receive a FREE beer for their performance.” 8:30pm
  • Midtown Caboose: Trivia Factory. “General Knowledge, 20 questions + Wager Final. $35/$25/$15, and Best Team Name gets a round of shots.” 8pm
  • Island Wings: Bike Night. “A night dedicated just to you! We have a special menu just for those who ride their motorcycles to the restaurant, there is designated up front parking for your bikes, and live music on the patio from 8pm-11pm. There's no better place to eat, hang out with your friends, and show off your ride.” 8pm
  • Unique Wonders: Live Comedy with Big Hou! 8:30pm/$5
  • Junction @ Monroe: Comedy Zone: Frank Del Pizzo & Mark Evans. 9pm
  • Pockets: Karaoke Dance Party with Keith Welch. 9pm/21+
  • Brass Tap Midtown: Karaoke with DJ Rah. 9pm-Midnight
  • Applebees on Cap Cir: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Birds: Karaoke with Nathan. All the songs. $1 Pabst drafts. 10pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Believe in Something- Identity, Protest, Sacrifice, Nike (Presented by the Village Square). “The Nike ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick has alternatively both inspired and infuriated Americans. Both sides see sacrifice for a cause greater than themselves (whether it’s a football career, a life spent in military service, or your favorite shoes). Both sides embrace their own protest and condemn the others. Could we be more alike than we’d like to acknowledge? We’ll seek understanding across this national rift. Appetizers on us, drinks (and additional food) available for your purchase. The event is free but you do need to register! Please register at https://lcoctober2018.eventbrite.com.” 6pm
  • LeRoy Collins Library: October Science Night. “Every Science Night will explore a different, exciting scientific topic. This month, we're challenging attendees to build a structure that can hold a pumpkin for a fall engineering challenge!” 6:30pm/free
  • Crum Box Gastgarden: Third Thursday Bingo with the Tallahassee Rollergirls. 7pm
  • The Bark: Shitstorm / Too Bad / SCUM. 8pm/all ages
  • Blue Tavern: Steve Sternberg. 8pm
  • The Wilbury: Mephiskapheles w/ Baccone Dolce, Trial By Stone. “Legendary Tallahassee bands + Satanic ska for the masses. Hank sez: This show is going to be amazing, and I’m definitely going. If you see me there, buy me a beer!” 8pm/$14/18+
FRIDAY 10/19
  • Hobbit South: Karaoke with Paul. 8pm-Midnight/all ages
  • Leggetts: Karaoke presented by Galen Goram. 9pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • Island Wing Company: Friday Night Unwind. “End your work week on the island with live music on the patio at 9pm. Come enjoy some great food, drinks with your friends, and unwind.” 9pm
  • Stetsons @ The Moon: Karaoke with Devin Cywinski. 10pm/$5/18+
  • Hobbit West: Friday Night Comedy. “Friday night at the Hobbit we will be having a variety of comedy! From stand Up to Improv where the whole crowd can participate. 2 fro 1 drink specials all night with some of the best food in the city. All hosted by Big Hou!!” 10pm
  • Privé: Havana Nights. “Latin-Caribbean Vibes All Night Long.” 10pm
  • 926 Lounge: The Hot Friday Night Party. “Tallahassee's premier LGBTQA Hot Friday Night Party!” 10pm
  • Geo's Pub & Pool (both locations): Karaoke. 10pm-1am
  • Tallahassee Junior Museum: Halloween Howl. “Wicked fun abounds for the faint of heart and thrill-seekers alike at Tallahassee Museum’s 25th annual Halloween Howl, set for October 19th and 20th from 6-10 p.m. nightly! Prepare for a night filled with trick-or-treating, land of creepy crawly creatures, both haunted and not-so-spooky trails, carnival games, costume contest, prizes, and more! This event is for ALL ages! Families with an appetite for amusement will enjoy the Not-So-Spooky Trail, Ghoulish Games and more. Those Adults and older kids seeking fright are terrified in the dark woods of the Haunted Trail (open at 7:15 PM), while all guests enjoy trick-or-treating throughout the grounds.” 6pm/$15 adults, $13 kids
  • Fifth & Thomas: Patio Preshow w/ DJ Brad Ashwell. 6pm
  • 1600 Red Barber Plaza: WFSU's Owl-o-Ween. “Join us at WFSU Public Media for a Halloween event featuring COSTUMES, CRAFTS, and CRITTERS! Plus, an advanced screening of the new Wild Kratts special: Creepy Creatures. We have special arachnid guests joining us for the night, so come out and visit with our special guest arachnologist! Aside from meeting & learning about live critters, we'll have a costume contest, activities and crafts, and other spooky stuff!” 6:30pm
  • Southern Velvet Café: Open Mic Night! “We invite everyone in the Tallahassee area to come out and share their creativity or listen to our talented residents. Each performer will have five minutes to sing, play an instrument, recite poetry, try out a standup routine, or anything else they can think of! We ask that your performances stay PG in language and content so that we can open this event up to artists of all ages. First come, first served, so get in quick to reserve your spot on the list! Due to copyright restrictions, all material performed must be original, public domain, or creative commons.” 7pm
  • Cap City Video Lounge: Dario Argento's Three Mother's Trilogy. 8pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Stephen Esteban & True Blue, A Tribute To The 80s & 90s Soft Rock. 8pm
  • Monarch Ballroom: Kizomba Workshop And Social. 8pm
  • Blue Tavern: Scotty Barnhart. 8pm
  • The Wilbury: Viper Pilot, Caleb McLeod & The Constant/Feeling Ecstatic. 9pm/18+
  • The Bark: Goth Night at The Bark. “Hello boils and ghouls, grab your dancing Docs and your undead daddy or darling, it's time for Goth Night again!. All Black Minimum Creative Attire Encouraged.” 9pm/free/all ages
  • Bradfordville Blues Club: Maurice John Vaughn. 9pm
  • Fifth & Thomas: Catfish Alliance. 9:30pm
  • Market Square: Tallahassee Farmer's Market. 8am-3pm
  • Downtown: Tallahassee Downtown Market. “Fresh from the garden local produce for fixing up that cool melon bowl. Fresh baked bread with jams and jellies just like granny made. Unique arts and craft gifts for you and yours all hand made by the artist in the booth. Come relax under the majestic oak on Park Ave at Monroe street as you listen to our own singer song writer Paul Harbin across the street from the Doubletree by Hilton. Want to be a vendor please join us! Information is available at www.downtownmarket.com or call the office at 850-224-3252. Thanks.” 10am-2pm
  • Corner of MLK and Georgia: Frenchtown Farmers’ Market. “Find your favorite local goodies! Join us at Frenchtown Farmers Market for all-local produce, eggs, gourmet jelly, and more. We can double SNAP benefits through the Fresh Access Bucks program. Our farmers accept WIC and Senior farmers market nutrition program coupons.” 10am – 2pm.
  • Gamescape: Game Tally Saturday Board Gaming. “Meeting weekly in Tallahassee, Florida, we seek to promote and offer public opportunities to learn new games and make new friends in a relaxed, fun environment.” Noon
  • The Plant: Open Mike Jam Session. “Come to the plant and jam! Singing, music, spoken word, dance, all are welcome at this weekly open mic jam session.” 4pm
  • Salty Dawg: Karaoke with Paul. Family friendly! 8pm
  • Leggetts: Karaoke presented by Galen Goram. 9pm
  • The Skybox (Crawfordville): Karaoke with Mark. 9pm
  • El Patron: Pasion Latina. Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton. 9pm
  • 926 Lounge: Sanctuary: Tallahassee’s Longest Running Goth Night. 10pm/$5/18+
  • Cascades Park: Ruck (Walk) to Defeat ALS, presented by Ology. “As we’ve said before, because of close friends and family - the fight against ALS is near and dear to our hearts. So... We are hosting a “ruck” in conjunction with Walk to Defeat ALS. If you don’t want to ruck, just walk with us. We are starting by doing the mile around Cascades Park and then we will finish up a 5K for the day at Ology. $10 gets you a patch, a beer, and a $5 donation to The ALS Association. Not in town? You can still “participate” by walking virtually. Funds to be paid at Ology after the walk.” 8:30am/$10
  • Fifth & Thomas: The Blind Spots. 8:30pm
  • Goodwood: Fall Plant Sale. “Presented by Goodwood's garden volunteers, the plant sale features heirloom perennials, annuals, ornamental vines, herbs, vegetables, shrubs, trees and ground covers. Goodwood has a number of hard-to-find heirloom varieties. Come early for the best selection!” 9am-1pm
  • 926: Community Clothing Swap At 926. “Heyaaaahhh Everyone! Have clothes to get rid of? Want new things to amplify your costume arsenal? Your wardrobe? Don't have money to spend on them? Good! Save money. Make space. Give things to people who can use them. Bring a bag. Bring a friend. Don't worry if you don't have something to contribute. (Experience says there will be plenty.) Whatever is left we will be donating and doing good for others in need. Clothes, costumes, shoes, accessories. Items will be organized rummage-style and by type. (Leftover costume parts will be donated to local schools, designers or theater closets. Depending upon level of maturity.) Please be welcome to come socialize, go closet shopping with your friends.” 11am-4pm
  • Cap City Video Lounge: Saturday Tim Burton-O-Ween-A-Thon! Featuring The Nightmare Before Christmas, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Batman, MARS ATTACKS!, Beetlejuice, Sleepy Hollow, Ed Wood. Noon-1am
  • Doak Campbell: Doak After Dark Presents: Big Boi & T-Pain. 3:30pm
  • Grasslands Brewery: CARE Adoption Day! “Join us in our Beer Garden to learn more about the amazing work of Companion Animal Rescue Endeavor - CARE and then check out all the adoptable kittens and puppies up for adoption!” 5pm
  • Tallahassee Junior Museum: Halloween Howl. “Wicked fun abounds for the faint of heart and thrill-seekers alike at Tallahassee Museum’s 25th annual Halloween Howl, set for October 19th and 20th from 6-10 p.m. nightly! Prepare for a night filled with trick-or-treating, land of creepy crawly creatures, both haunted and not-so-spooky trails, carnival games, costume contest, prizes, and more! This event is for ALL ages! Families with an appetite for amusement will enjoy the Not-So-Spooky Trail, Ghoulish Games and more. Those Adults and older kids seeking fright are terrified in the dark woods of the Haunted Trail (open at 7:15 PM), while all guests enjoy trick-or-treating throughout the grounds.” 6pm/$15 adults, $13 kids
  • The Bark: Halloween Covers! “Featuring Four Non Swedes as ABBA, R.Tw(E)e.M.as R.E.M, Gobstopper as Jawbreaker, Now That's What I Call Amore 2001 as Touche Amore, The Pisstillers as The Distillers, The Human Flies as The Cramps, Now We Can Pee as The Thermals, and D3 as Dillinger Four.” 6pm
  • The Wilbury: Midterm Music Fest. “Midterm Music Fest is a voter awareness event where attendees can listen to great music and learn about candidates. Early voting info will be available. This event is hosted by Students Demand Action FSU and Cat Family Records.” 8pm
  • Blue Tavern: Bakan - Peterson – Serrano. 8pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: RED HILLS BAND. 8:30pm
  • Bradfordville Blues Club: Tas Cru & His Band of Tortured Souls. 9pm
  • Krewe de Gras: GenderNationX: Drag-O-Ween. 9pm/free/21+
  • Studio D: Tallahassee Salsa Dancers Monthly Social. “Salsa Workshop 9:30-10:30 pm- Dani and Johann from Orlando, Florida. Social 10:30 pm- 2:00 am $10 (salsa (mambo), bachata, cha cha, kizomba) Music is primarily 50/50 salsa and bachata because we have salsa and bachata dance teams. Music: 4 salsas, 4 bachatas, 1 cha cha or 1 kizomba. We accept requests in these genres.” 9:30pm/$10
SUNDAY 10/21
  • Athena’s Garden: Herb Class. 2pm
  • 926: Sunday Matinee. “Every Sunday we will be showing a movie of interest to the LGBTQ++ community - come join us for happy hour prices and a great film.” 3pm
  • The Junction @ Monroe: Sunday Afternoon Bingo. “This isn't your grandma's bingo! We have a blast with some very cool folks. Cash prizes.” 5pm
  • Salty Dawg Pub & Deli: The Famous Acoustic Jam w/ Wayne, Glenn, and Bo. Open mic, free beer for performers. 6pm
  • Cancuns: Reggae Sunday. 6pm
  • Finnegan’s Wake: Irish Music Session. 7pm
  • 926: Sunday Rewind. “Your favorite songs and videos are back again this Sunday at 926 with no cover before midnight!!! 926 is proud to present another addition of the Sunday Rewind - join us as we revisit some of the best music and videos from the last 40 years. Start your night with happy hour featuring Trivia Rewind with Erik from 7 to 9 in the pub. The club side opens up at 10 when DJ Matthew East and VJ Carben will be spinning all your favorite hits and videos from the 80s, 90s and 2000s even throwing in a few from the 70s as well. Rebecca and Branden will be serving up all your favorite drinks along with our amazing 926 food.” 7pm/No cover if you are in line before 12. After 12, cover is just $5 for 18+
  • Birds: Sunday Funnies Free Comedy Show. 7:30pm
  • Birds: Burlesque Bingo & Tantalizing Trivia. “You'll have a chance to win some free beers for bingo & trivia and of course our dancers will be shimmying and shaking too.” 9pm/no cover but tip!
  • The Bark: Witches Love Brunch. “Tallahassee's funniest babes are ready to deliver brunchtime laughs in the gothest month of the year! Join us for another Sunday showcase of comedy served alongside The Bark's delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes! Arrive early to get your seat and food before the show! In celebration of October, this show will feature the warm hues of autumn leaves and a prize-awarding costume contest! So dress up, dangit, and bring a gourd if you have one. Entry to the show and contest are free. Meals are ~$10. Donations to the comedians are dreamed of (and greatly appreciated). Gourds will be photographed and returned to their parent after the show.” Noon-2pm
  • Cap City Video Lounge: Universal Monster Marathon Part Two featuring Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula's Daughter, Son of Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man. Noon-Evening
  • Monarch Ballroom: Grand Opening of Monarch Ballroom. “The afternoon will include a ribbon cutting, dance performances, general dancing, giveaways, dance lessons specials and much more! Join us at 1410 Market St, Suite C4, Tallahassee, FL 32312 next Sunday as we celebrate Tallahassee's ONLY Independent Full-service Ballroom Dance Studio! Monarch Ballroom Tallahassee has teamed up with Second Harvest of The Big Bend to assist those affected by Hurricane Michael. We are requesting those attending to please bring a non-perishable item to donate. Please contact the studio, (850) 459-4849, for additional information!” 1pm-4pm
  • Railroad Square: Cat Fest 2018. “Join us on Sunday, October 21st in Railroad Square for the 3rd annual, FREE charity fundraiser, animal adoption event, and local music festival! All day-of donations and sales go to support Black Cats & Old Dogs, Feline Advocates of Leon County, and next year's Cat Fest. Adoptable pets will be on location and ready for new homes. Last year, all pets were adopted by the 2nd hour of the event! We'll have more pets this year, but come early if you want to take home some cats and dogs. We’ll also be showcasing local, Tallahassee music with more than 50 acts on 5 stages! A diverse collection of Tallahassee artists (and a national headliner to be announced) will perform original music from 2 to 9 pm.” Click here for the lineup – it looks amazing. 2pm-9pm/free/all ages
  • Liberty Farms: Mushroom Growing Workshop. “This is the best time of year to get started growing mushrooms at home. Come out and join Play of Sunlight Mushrooms at Liberty Farms and learn everything you need to know to get started. This is an introductory class open to all ages and skill sets.” 2pm
  • Old Capitol: National Day Against Police Brutality — Rally at The Capitol. “Rally at the Capitol to stand up against police crimes and to demand justice for all victims.” 3pm
  • Lucy & Leo: 10 YEAR Anniversary Carnival. “We are throwing the carnival party of the century! We will have games + face painting + popcorn + cotton candy + cupcakes + pie eating contest + beer + cocktails +Street Chefs!” 4pm-8pm
  • All Saints Club: October Shiver Caravan Belly Dancing Show. “This is a family-friendly event, and all ages are welcome (although some of the performances may be a little spooky for sensitive little ones). This community event will include an inexpensive cash bar, and the venue is also BYOB. We will also be having a potluck, so feel free to bring and partake of goodies. Spooky treats are highly encouraged!” 6pm/free
  • Bradfordville Blues Club: The Nighthawks. 6pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Tallahassee City Limits: Songwriter Sessions. “Several of the area's top songwriters gather for a showcase of incredible talent.” 7pm
  • The Armory (Cactus Street): Cyber Pink, Komodo Dragon, Armor (1st Show) on Hardcore Sunday. 8pm/$5/all ages
MONDAY 10/22
  • Junction @ Monroe: Monday Night Bingo. “Good food, good drinks, good friends, and a chance to win some big cashola! It doesn't get any better than [email protected]. Every Monday from 7pm-9pm we've got cash payouts up to $250 per game with multiple games each night PLUS a 50/50 drawing each week benefitting the Tallahassee Area Musicians Guild.” 7pm-9pm
  • Lofty Pursuits: Game Night. 7pm
  • Hobbit American Grill West: Quiz Night from Bar Trivia With Hank. This week’s topic: FOOD! Get an extra point if you work in a restaurant! “They got wings, they got beer, and now they have great trivia. Come on out!” 7:30pm
  • Waterworks: Patio Theater. 7:35pm/21+
  • Blue Tavern (N Monroe St): Lost Mondays hosted by Belmont & Jones. “Antique blues played acoustical.” 8pm/$2
  • 926: Trivia. 9pm
  • Finnegan’s Irish Pub: Karaoke with DJ Paul Cornish and Hospitality Night. “If you're a hospitality worker, don't forget to bring your most recent paystub or work schedule to receive that sweet 25% discount!” 10pm
  • Happy Motoring: Rickmobile. “The #Rickmobile is a one-of-a-kind mobile pop-up shop that offers exclusive, custom-designed Rick and Morty collectibles. Limited quantities. Credit/Debit card only. No cash.” 5pm-8pm
  • The Wilbury: Adult Craft Night. “You must register and prepay for this event. Register online at www.craftsanddraftstally.com please.” 6pm
  • Cap City Video Lounge: Let The Right One In & Only Lovers Left Alive: Monday Macabre. “Join us as we enjoy the deep, dark, crimson of eternal love that only vampires truly know. Poetic, fright in, gorgeous, heartbreaking, we bring you a duo of contemporary vampire love tales sure to hold your love closer, and think of forever on a new darkness.” 7:30pm
  • Corner of Georgia & Macomb: Frenchtown Farmers’ Market. “Find your favorite local goodies now on Tuesdays! Join us at Frenchtown Farmers Market for all-local produce, eggs, gourmet jelly, and more. The market opens at 3pm and we're here until 7pm, so come after you pick the kids up from school or on your way home from work. We can double SNAP benefits through the Fresh Access Bucks program. Our farmers accept WIC and Senior farmers market nutrition program coupons.” 3pm-7pm.
  • Junction @ Monroe: Live Rehearsal Tuesdays. “Tuesdays are Live Rehearsals at [email protected]. Sponsored by the Tallahassee Area Musicians Guild. Utilize our complete backline and PA for rehearsals, jams, or hold auditions. Up to one hour slots (or more depending on number of signups) per artist/group.” 4pm
  • Madison Social: Trivia Social. They do half and half theme and miscellaneous, so check their FB every week for an event page. 7pm
  • Brass Tap in Midtown: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Trivia. 7pm
  • Tally Cat Café: Trivia. “Join us every Tuesday for Trivia in the Cat Room! $7 for an hour with adoptable cats and trivia, fun for everyone! Play alone or in teams. Check our Facebook for each week's theme.” 7pm/$7
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: Trivia With John Carpenter. Lively and fun. 7:30pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: Ultra Secret Pillow Fort Movie Night! “Do you like movies? Do you like surprises? Do you like local craft beer? How about free popcorn? If so, you're in luck! We're kicking off the Ultra Secret Pillow Fort Movie Night series on the new Beer Garden! Here's what's what: Each & every Tuesday at 7pm, we'll be screening a different GrassLands family favorite - but here's the kicker: You won't know what the movie is until the opening credits start. Added bonus: We're throwing in free popcorn! No purchase necessary - but hey, we always have good beer on tap. “ 7:30pm
  • Midtown Pies: Bar Trivia With Hank. 50 questions of sweet, sweet trivia. Food! Beer! Something random in a bag! 8pm/free
  • Fourth Quarter: Trivia With Professor Jim. AUCE wings. Truly a trivia favorite. 8pm
  • Krewe de Gras: Karaoke With Pete. 8:30pm
  • Brass Tap on Gaines: Karaoke with DJRah. 9pm
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Trivia Tuesday! 9:30pm
  • Applebee’s on the Parkway: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Pockets Pool: Karaoke with Dwight. 10pm/21+
  • The Wilbury: Cursive w/ Meat Wave, Campdogzz, BAET. 8pm/$18/18+
  • Junction @ Monroe: Tallahassee Showcase. “This showcase is the band rehearsal evening - we'll be playing new and old material, and we'll probably play some pretty unusual stuff too - always a lot of fun! We'll play a mixture of chilled out music and high energy tunes. Bay Kings showcases are a relaxed, free and public gig where you can see the band performing live. You can ask any questions, talk to the musicians, and get a good feel for how amazing and different the band is compared to everything else out there.” 8pm
  • The Bark: Kelly Jacobson and Daniel Moysaenko. “Please join us for these two writers, Kelly Jacobson and Daniel Moysaenko! Reading starts at 8. Come early for drinks, food, and fun.” 8pm-9pm
  • The Bark: BOSS’ DAUGHTER, TOO BAD, MURMURS. 9pm/$5/all ages
  • Bannerman Crossing: Tallahassee Farmers Market. “So excited to have Tallahassee Farmers Market at Bannerman Crossings for a weekly night time market. Join us every Wednesday from 3-7pm and enjoy dozens of vendors in our pavilion.” 3pm-7pm
  • Bird's Oyster Shack: Jim Crozier, Mimi Hearn and Howard Rubin in the Lab. 6pm
  • Fermentation Lounge: Trivia. 7pm
  • Brass Tap on Gaines: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Dave’s Pizza Garage: Trivia. 7pm
  • Hurricane Grill & Wings: Trivia With Greg. 7pm
  • Burrito Boarder: Dungeons & Dragons. “Different adventures every week. Beginners welcome.” 7pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: BYOBG! Bring Your Own Board Game. “Our gracious host, Trevor Bond, will be featuring one game each week. Feel free to bring your own games to play & share.” 7pm/21+
  • Junction @ Monroe: Bike Night, Bingo, and Karaoke. 7pm
  • Black Dog on the Square: Settlers of Catan Game Night. 7pm
  • Tally Cat Café: On Wednesdays We Play Bingo. “The cat room doubles as our bingo room for 7:00 pm! Entry to the cat room includes entry into bingo where you can win a free cat pass! The $7 fee for an hour in the cat room is unchanged, just includes this added bonus.” 7pm
  • Proof: Bar Trivia With Hank. “Drink delicious brews and show off all those random factoids you thought you’d never use. Local beer, local trivia in the heart of Tally’s Art District. They now have the MoBi food truck every week! Bar tab for 1st and 2nd place teams.” 7:30pm/21+/no cover
  • Cancuns: Singo (like Bingo but with music). 8pm
  • Island Wings: Wine Down Wednesday featuring Steve Johnson. 8pm
  • All Saints Club: The Warehouse Open Mic Lives! 8pm
  • Finnegan’s Wake: Waxy Wednesdays. “Feelin' waxy, Tallahassee? That's probably just because it's Wednesday. At Finnegan's Wake, Waxy Wednesday means DJ Ryze will be hitting our floor again to spin some vinyl and get your feet moving tonight. Feeling a bit sour, girls? Not to worry- we'll also have some fantastic $5 drink specials going for all those Tallahassee ladies looking for a bit of fun. Come out and help us get the party started!” 8pm
  • The Skybox (Crawfordville): Karaoke with Mark. 9pm
  • Krewe de Gras: DÉJÀ VU Latin Wednesdays. “FREE Salsa/Mambo classes by Barry C. Williams. The duration of the class is 9-10 and having a partner is not necessary. If you've never danced Salsa/Mambo before then don't worry about it. The classes are made to be easy and fun so you can come learn some moves and then stay and dance until 2am to the sounds of DJ Jimmy Suave.” 9pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • Corner Pocket: Karaoke. 9pm
  • Bird’s: Comedy Night. I’m pretty sure this is both a performance and an open mic. 9:30pm/free
  • The Bark on All Saints: Karaoke with Nathan. “Nathan has all the songs you could ever want, The Bark is a great space, and there’s a very friendly crowd. If you’re not really into the fratty or country karaoke scene, this may be your spot. They have mixed drinks, bountiful beer options, and amazing vegan/vegetarian food until 2 am – and I say that as a staunch omnivore.” 9:30pm
  • Fire Betty’s: Karaoke with DJ Paul Cornish. 10pm
  • 926: Dragged Out Wednesday. “We have Twice the Show! Twice the the DJ and Twice the Fun! Start the night with Cole during The Hours Of Happy and then finish the evening with Rebecca as they sling the magic behind the Bar. Hungry? Well Chris NoChill has you covered! He'll be rocking the kitchen all night! Then join the KingzKru for Showtime at 10:30 and Midnight while our DJ and She-J's Garion Djgg Grant and Izzy B (Isabella Berrios) keep the Dance Deck moving and you enjoying the party!” 10pm
  • Blue Tavern: Stories at Blue: From the Dark Pages. “Linda Schuyler Ford hosts monthy storytelling events at Blue Tavern. She will be assisted by Kaye Byrnes for some eerie literary classics and creepy folktales presented in spoken word. Thrills -- Chills -- Good Times!” 7pm
  • The Wilbury: CDU Presents: The Blow. 8:30pm/free/18+
  • Blue Tavern: Thousand Dollar Hen. 9pm/$2
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2018.09.18 20:41 Aws5030 2024 National League Preview & Predictions

The 2024 season is right around the corner and with that its a good time to begin looking at the teams headed into the new year and figure out where everyone is. I have predicted where each team will finish in their division, with the order they are listed being where I believe they will end up.
New York Mets
2023 Record: 99-63
The Mets found themselves a game shy of making it to the ALCS, falling to the Padres. A perennial NL East powerhouse, the Mets have captured the divisional title for 5 consecutive seasons. Consistent success has been the story with the Mets, and they are looking to get back to the world series once again. Alex Wood leads the Mets pitching staff currently in the ace spot. The lefty had 141 strikeouts on the season and won 15 games in 2023. The rotation still has some spots to be filled so eyes will be on the Mets to see who they use to fill that vacancy.
Mike Trout is still dominating baseball in his 13th season. The slugger hit over .300 last season and is standing the test of time to be a dependable ball player even as his age goes up. The team is stacked offensively behind him with notable players such as Jurickson Profar and Rafael Devers. New York has more than enough offense to overwhelm most teams.
One of the Mets biggest losses over the offseason was losing Miguel Gonzelez to the Red Sox. The catcher is now primed to be an important piece in Boston, with New York hoping Omar Baldo could at least hold his own as Gonzalez's replacement.
Final Thoughts
The Mets still have enough to win the NL East easily. Their performance in October has been mixed, so its hard to see where they will be in October. With some extra free agency cash being freed up in the DeGrom trade their could be some moves late in Free Agency that improves the team even more.
Philadelphia Phillies
2023 Record: 90-72
The Phillies were a surprise team, winning 90 games last season seemingly out of nowhere after only winning 75 the season beforehand. This season, they hope to make the playoffs for the first time since 2020 and possibly take an attempt to steal the division from the Mets. The pitching staff is led by Keegan Thompson, who went collectively 16-4 with half seasons playing with the Reds and the Phillies. In his first full season with Philadelphia, will Thompson step up or regress?
Andrew Susac is Philadelphias premier catcher. The 33 year old veteran had one of his best seasons last year. Could he pull an Evan Longoria and start dominating the league at the tail end of his career? After a handful of solid hitters there is a bit of a drop off. The offense could end up being what separates this team from October baseball once again.
The Phillies biggest loss of the post season was Evan Longoria, who was arguably playing some of the best baseball of his career. At 38 he may not be worth the money but with the numbers he was putting up it shouldve certainly been a hard decision not to pick him up at least. The Phillies also lost Lucas Giolito. Both Longoria and Giolito are without jobs at the moment.
Final Thoughts
The Phillies should be able to win 2nd place in the East, but if first place is their expectation going forward the offense may need to be bolstered. Playoffs might be hard with other teams in other divisions playing well, on top of the fact that im not expecting them to repeat 90 wins as of now. That being said, if you can improve 15 wins from one season to the next, then there is clearly some situations in which you carry that momentum into the next season and sneak in.
Atlanta Braves
2023 Record: 76-86
The Braves slipped down to fourth last year. In fact, they have been sliding the wrong way since the 2021 season. In 2024, they look to regain some footing and start going the other way. Joan De Jesus and Carlos Misell led the team in games started last season. De Jesus had a marked improvement and is a pitcher the Braves definitely want in their rotation while Misell seems to be on the opposite side of the coin after a down year. Luckily for the Braves, this is Misell's final year on his contract on the chance he regresses some more.
John Devine is the star in the Braves line-up. The young short stop went from 3 home runs in 70 games in 2022 to 24 home runs in 156 games the season after. The kid not only beats you with his bat, but with his legs too successfully stealing 24 times last season. 0 Devine will look to carry this line-up in 2024 while John Nunnally continues to knock them out of the park, hitting 36 home runs last season.
Atlanta's offseason was quite uneventful, with some minor signings of pitchers Roberto Osuna and Sam Tuivailia.
Final Thoughts
I think although the Braves had a quiet off-season that the Braves actually got better over the winter months and will get themselves in a more competitive position this season. Im not sure they're at the level to compete for the playoffs given how top heavy the NL is but in 2024 theyll have some more development in their guys as well as some money coming off of the books to play with in free agency.
Washington Nationals
2023 Record: 77-85
The Nationals made a nice improvement from 2022 on to 2023, gaining 4 wins in the process. The biggest question is whether they'll keep this up or if the improvement was merely luck, as their pythagorean has shown that they've over performed the last two seasons. Tristan Beck leads the Nationals pitching staff. At a 2.81 ERA and 1.14 WHIP you would think that Beck would have a better posted record than 12-9 but this is likely due to poor run support during their starts. Zack Zientarski shows a lot of promise at age 25 and has room to grow. The backend of the rotation must prove itself but Washington can be happy with the staff theyre featuring at the moment.
On offense, there isnt too big of a shining star on this team. Perhaps one or two of these is what they need to progress further? Kyle walker in limited action was batting .339 but thats decently high and will likely drop coming into his first full season. Jim Pittman will be a threat on the basepaths this season after stealing 26 times in 2022.
The biggest hit the Nationals took this off season was loosing Stephen Strasburg. While the Nationals rotation is pretty good and they may not have the money to retain him, the loss of Strasburg will mean many, if not all of the pitchers will have to improve to make up the lost ground.
Final Thoughts
I think the Nationals come back down to Earth a little this season. The lack of offensive fire power and the loss of Strasburg will amount to a couple fewer wins than last season unless some players surprise me this season. The Nationals have a good rotation and just need an offense now to go with it. This team could make some noise again in a season or two.
Miami Marlins
2023 Record: 54-108
What the heck happened?! The Marlins tank job looked to be over in 2022 when the team won 84 games and took second place in their division but the improvement was VERY short lived and the Marlins went on to having one of the worst seasons the franchise has had since 1998. Jose A. Abreu is the ace in the Marlins rotation. Its somewhat surprising that he had career numbers in 2023 despite how the team played. Im not sure if its possible youll get a season like that out of him again though. The rotation in general is pretty weak at the moment compared to the other teams in Miami's division. Hopefully with the high draft picks they've had that some prospects may come to save the day eventually.
Like the Nationals, the Marlins are lacking that big player or two that can help motor this offense. Look to Cavan Biggio though to be able to get a lot of hits. With Spencer Taylor's ability to get on base, these two may be able to get across some runs as they hit close to one another. Hopefully some prospects come along with the offense as well to deliver a better team than 2023 gave.
Over the off-season the Marlins traded away catcher Bryce Carter for Dalton Guthrie and Danny Fernandez. It's not hard to imagine both those players contributing eventually and making it a good trade for Miami but at the moment Carters offense will be missed on this team.
Final Thoughts
I sure hope this team rights themselves. They nearly did it and for the GM, swinging up 30 wins to down 30 wins has to sting. I think the Marlins will atleast improve back into 60 wins but that might be a struggle, especially if Abreu doesnt pitch like he did in 2023. Time will tell with this team.
Cincinnati Reds
2023 Record: 116-46
The Reds managed to tie the record for most wins in a single season. Unfortunately for them, thats where the wins stopped as they were swept in the first round unceremoniously by the Rockies. The Reds are looking to make it out of the divisional series for the first time since 2020 and definitely have the team to do it. The Reds starting rotation is ridiculous. The worst pitcher on the team in terms of ERA would probably be #2/3 on most other teams. Riley Pint is the Ace on the team while Noah Syndergaard and Anderson Espinoza strike people out with ease,
The Reds have a three headed dragon of ++ talent on offense. Jorge Nieto, Pabel Manzanero, and Brendan Rogers all contribute heavily to the team, while Orlando Perez may be this teams fourth big superstar. David Washington and Kelvin Estevez provide the power in the Reds line up while many players are base stealing threats. The lineup simply has it all.
What they said... - GM craigdz
On the team...
"do you have a big dunk emoji?"
Players to watch for...
Hugh Davis (.293/.379/.716 14 HR in 29 G)
Jorge Nieto (.298/.357/.566 42 HR 28 SB)
Orlando Perez (.262/.329/.431 19 HR 29 SB)
Final Thoughts
They have this division in the bag without question. Its not a question of there not being good teams its more of a situation where no team will top the reds in a full 162 game setting. That being said it seems as though the biggest hurdle for this team is the divisional series. Time will tell whether they can beat another team there and get back into the NLCS but on paper they've got the tools to do it,
St. Louis Cardinals
2023 Record 89-73
The Cardinals barely missed the playoffs after being knocked out via a tie breaker game. The Cardinals look to bounce back this year and, if given the chance, do the eliminating this time instead of being eliminated themselves. The Cardinals rotation has a solid core of Ohtani, Reyes and Blach. Blach had a bit of a down season last year, and at 33 it may be time to replace him if he gets any worse. Ohtani and Reyes look like they have room to improve as both of their numbers improved by roughly the exact amounts.
Drew Mendoza was the star of the show for the Cardinals last season, as even though he only batted .267 he was able to drive in the most amount of runs for the team while hit for good power. Steven Moya looks to be the teams best guy for contact and to top it off, he also led the team in home runs. Manuel Melendez will be a key piece on the base paths this year.
St. Louis had a pretty busy off season. To start things off on the right track, they signed FA SP Stephen Strasburg. Strasburg will fill out the rotation even more and give the Cardinals to win on just about any given day. On the other side of the coin they traded Branden Kelliher away and lost Orlando Arcia to free agency. While these pieces werent substantial losses they do create some holes on the Cardinals.
What they said... - GM ryuuken1789
On the team...
"We'll by flying a giant Smug Holo flag after every home game win."
Players to watch for...
"Abel Scott, Nick Pratto, Orlando Francisco"
Final Thoughts
The Cardinals seem to be a very consistent team now. I dont think they will deviate too much off of what they have done in the past couple of seasons and you should see them in the wild card hunt once again. They may very well get their chance to play for something meaningful late in the season once again. While i think their offense is a little bit weaker than their pitching I also believe that the offense is good enough to put the pitchers in good positions to win games.
Chicago Cubs
2023 Record: 61-101
After a promising improvement in 2021 the Cubs have found themselves back in old ways a little by fighting around in 3rd/4th place land. With a new season though is a new chance to break out of that mold. Their pitching situation leaves a bit to be desired. The pitchers by no means are bad but on paper they should be better than they are currently performing. Infact, if the rotation does play to the level they should be at the Cubs will be better automatically. Edinxon Arias nearly doubled his ERA in one season while Carlos Martinez is about to be entering the twilight of his career but is still making improvements each season.
The offense situation at the moment must worry Cubs fans. The best player posted currently on the roster posted a 2.2 WAR which in many rosters is a filler or bench player. That being said, Taylor Trammel still put up good value for his position and will be needed for the Cubs to put runs across.
What they said... - GM IHateTheCubs
On the team...
"The Cubs are in desperate need to fill the seats this season and win a few more games. In an effort to accomplish that, the team will be sacrificing a goat after every lose. The first 20,000 fans will all be provided an opportunity to partake. Also, beer sales will correspond with the team's deficit during the game. 1 run down=10% off all beer, 2 runs down=20% off, etc. Cheers to another disappointing season from Chicago's hometown favorites.
Things are going to get weird in Wrigley"
Final Thoughts
The real competition the Cubs will have this season will be whether the amount of home runs the team hits will be higher or the amount of failed livers from the teams promotion will be higher. The pitchers may be the fans only saving grace from having to get their stomachs pumped. There will hopefully be some improvement by the Cubs this season but the offense needs to be addressed.
Milwaukee Brewers
2023 Record: 65-97
The Brewers took a hefty step back last season. In a sense, they are like the Yankees where everyone hates them they keep bouncing back and forth with their record over a couple of seasons. Dylan Bundy is the ace of the team, though there are some better pitchers on the team last season. John Henry Styles posted a sub 3.00 ERA with an equally as low WHIP. Infact, the rotation is sneaky good despite not having a real powerhouse pitcher. Whether the rotation stands up to either the Cardinals or the Reds is another thing though.
Logan Gillaspie is the big cheese for the Brewers. Gillaspie was just a little short of having a .400 OBP last season. Juan Mata is the lone power hitter in the lineup, knocking 33 out of the park last season. The rest of the lineup is pretty good, but probably wont get the job done to take them into October baseball.
What they said... - GM JMac92
On the team...
"Given another season of rebuilding the most exciting part of the season for the BrewCrew should be the draft in May. Other than that most of the focus should lie on how the young guys in the system develop"
Players to watch for...
John Henry Styles (9-7, 2.86 ERA, 8.5 K/9)
Logan Gillaspie (.289/.397/.433 11 HR, 32 2B)
Juan Mata (.242/.311/.447 33 HR 31 2B)
Final Thoughts
Its a fun team to keep an eye on but the Brewers likely dont have what they need to make the playoffs this season. The NL is so top heavy at the moment that even a really good team in the Cardinals is barely meeting bar minimum to get into October baseball. The Brewers need to build on their core of players while also keeping an eye out on opportunities to bring in some talent that gets them more wins and are proven. Hopefully in time the Brewers get their first chance to shine in the OBL's playoffs.
Pittsburgh Pirates
2023 Record: 45-117
Im not sure anyone was a Jolly Roger about the Pirates season in 2023. Around 2020 the Pirates were in much better shape but over the course of the last few seasons things have turned disastrous for the Pirates. For the pitching situation only two pitchers remain in the rotation from last seasons team, which is probably a good thing. Even then though, this rotation will still need massive improvements to get themselves out of the jam they are in. Phil Walton was about 40 strikeouts shy of the 200 K season milestone, maybe that's something he can reach this season.
Luis Al. Hernandez is the bright spot of this teams lineup. The third baseman only hit .256 but drove in 70 runs on top of being a human pinata after getting beaned 20 times last season. The lineup is in a similar situation where a lot will need to be worked on to get this team competitive again.
Pittsburgh's trade for Jon Singleton will improve the team somewhat at first base. If he even flirts with his last seasons WAR hed have a chance to top the team. His age is a big question mark however. On the flip side, they did lose Colin Moran in this deal, which may or may not come back to bite them as they lost a slightly lower aged player at the same position. Overall they did good to shed some negative assets.
Final Thoughts
This is going to be one tough season, especially for the new GM in town. Pittsburgh's focus should be on setting this team up so that these hard times are temporary and not long term.
Colorado Rockies
2023 Record: 98-64
The Rockies finally found themselves some post season success when they won the organizations first world series title vs Boston last season. This year, they look to defend that title against many tough NL opponents. Michael Matuella is the #1 in the rotation despite going up nearly a full 1.00 in ERA from 2022. He's young enough though where a comeback season is definitely possible. The lineup is definitely good enough to win them games, but stacked up against some other teams it may not exactly be the best. Angel Rodriguez posted nearly 10 strikeouts per 9 innings last season.
Colorado's offense is unique in that they dont have a player or two posting very high war seasons followed by some lesser talent. They instead feature many players who post 3-5 war seasons all together, which is really good for postseason success. Juan Romero hit at an amazing .338 last season while also posting an OBP of .438. Dan Welch performed in limited action last season but posted a .400 OBP and could be of great use for the Rockies.
What they said... - GM hugh
On the team...
"Having kept together the core of the team despite JoFer opting out, the Rockies will look to repeat as champs in 2024 and potentially capture their first NL West title. A youth movement lead by Romero, Solis, Vander Kooi, Ontiveros, and Partners will lead the offense while the veteran pitching staff will be headlined by Matuella and Rodriguez."
*Players to watch for..."
"Dani Solis will be a player to watch as this will be his first full season in right. Among players with more than 300 PAs his 160 wRC+ ranked 6th and .283 ISO 2nd. With more playing time and improved defense Solis may take a step forward and be one of the league's top outfielders. Other potential break-outs include Jose Uribe (who lacks a clear path to playing time behind Romero and Paz) and Hunter Parsons (who is currently lined up for a rotation spot after pitching well down the stretch)."
Final Thoughts
The Rockies have place themselves in good position to win a division title and attempt to go back-to-back like the Mariners a few seasons prior. They could drop down to second if the rotation under performs but I think its hard to see this team not in the playoffs this season.
Los Angeles Dodgers
2023 Record: 90-72
The Dodgers found themselves in the wild card game thanks to a won tie breaker but ultimately saw a quick exit after being knocked out by division rival and eventual champions the Colorado Rockies in the wild card game. The Dodgers are back in 2024 and seek to have another shot at the playoffs. The pitching staff sees themselves led by ace Mario Ramirez, who, at 24, will lead this team for many years to come. Jarrod Parker will need to improve to see himself in the rotation much longer. All in all the rotation has some good balance to it and should be good enough to compete in the nl west.
Jeren Kendall is the marquee leadoff hitter for the Dodgers. The CF is a 5 tool player, with a huge amount of upside. At 28 too he will be around for quite a few seasons to come. Jeremy Vasquez and Dan Eaton will be looked to knock in the big runs for the Dodgers lineup, with nearly 30 home runs for both of them last season. Overall theres not many weak spots in the line up. Eaton's the weak link in terms of hitting to get on base but he more than makes up for it with his power.
The Dodgers added a few pieces and parts and also lost a few, but none of them seem to be too substantial. Hopefully with the offseason moves they did make that it proves to be what they need to get themselves a better spot in the division.
Final Thoughts
I think the Dodgers will surprise a few people and take second in the division. There is a good chance that they actually fall into third but in the calamity of the west the Dodgers can easily trip up the Rockies and Padres and make this an extremely competitive division.
San Diego Padres
2023 Record: 107-55
San Diego won their highest amount of games ever last season at 107. Unfortunately for them though, it did not translate to a world series title as they found themselves going home early thanks to none other than their division rivals, the Rockies. They look to return the favor to Colorado in 2024. The Padres feature arguably the strongest rotation in the NL West and if not for Trevor Hillhouse having a terrible season last year it would be a no question statement. Ken'ichi Nakano is going into his fourth season with the Padres and although his weakest season was last year, there's no reason to believe he wont continue to excel for the Padres.
Ronald Washington and Andy Diaz look to lead San Diego back into October this season. Elih Marrero was a surprise last season, hitting at .300 in his limited action. Washington and Diaz will be the big focus of the lineup in terms of power. Batting at the 2 and 4 spot will give them opportunities to drive in a high amount of runs, as both combined had drove in 183 runs last season.
San Diego found themselves trading away a lot of high producing talent this off season. They traded Alex Verdugo & Jacob Bennet to the A's & Jose E. De Leon to the Rangers. Its likely San Diego is hoping some younger players can fill in the shoes of those assets but one things for sure in that they were given a lot of assets to reload with in those trades.
Final Thoughts
Its likely a crazy thought to predict a team that just won 107 games to finish third but with this division I think it's a possible feat. San Diego still has the inside track on things if their rotation improves where they took a step back last season, but I think that the Rockies and Dodgers will have slightly better seasons to knock the Padres into a wild card game.
San Francisco Giants
2023 Record: 80-82
The Giants are starting to sneak up in the National League, having won 80 games last season despite overperforming their pythag by a whopping 9 games. This season their looking for their first winning campaign since 2014 and may have the tools to do it. Their pitching staff is led by "Iron Arm" Cole Cardey who somehow managed to survive despite pitching 51 games for the Giants last season. Even while doing so, Cardey had an ERA under 3.00. Maybe the Giants are onto something here that everyone else is behind on! Enrico Ojeda is on his way to being a nice young pitcher for the Giants.
Blake Sabol is the Giants crown gem of a piece, hitting at .287 and for a catcher, having some decent speed with 17 stolen bases. Garret Whitley is also a fast player on this team, stealing 25 times. He is a 50/50 player though nearly being caught just as many times. The rest of the lineup is good but when compared to the top three teams in the division not good enough against all that great pitching.
San Francisco gained some great assets this offseason with Whitley and Colin Moran. That being said, they also lost Mikey Polansky to the Tigers in a trade as well as Jon Singleton. Moran is slightly younger than Singleton and produces at about the same level so that may be a wash at the moment until the season starts to play out.
Final Thoughts
The Giants are a good team, especially in terms of their pitching but the team is likely not good enough yet to make this a 4 team race in the division. That being said, there's enough in the tank here to make this team have a shot at a winning season for the first time in a decade.
Arizona Diamondbacks
2023 Record: 66-96
The Diamondbacks took about as equal of a step back in 2023 as the Giants took forward, and found themselves bullied by their divisional opponents. In 2024 they attempt to right their ship and will try to do so with their pitching staff being headed by Brady Aiken. Aiken is still developing into his spot with the Diamondbacks, but there is potential for him to be better than he is now. Ryder Ryan is another solid piece for Arizona. The pitching staff itself is actually pretty decent and it seems like a big part of their woes last season came from the fact that a lot of the staff had a bad season at the same exact time.
The offense doesnt feature any superstar talent, but does have some nice pieces in Isan Diaz and Alex Jackson. The lineup on paper looks a little bit weaker than the Giants, but that doesnt mean players can improve.
What they said... - GM makingsomewaves
On the team...
  • Good young pitching could turn some heads
  • Hoping their mediocre offense could actually do something, but probably not after losing Nick Delmonico.
  • Still marred by past poor money management, look for them to not make any moves, unless it's positive money for them."
Closing thoughts...
  • Will they actually respond to trade requests this season?
  • How low will they set their ticket prices?
  • Currently collecting bets on weather or not they'll finish with a winning or losing record."
Final Thoughts
As with my prediction, the GM probably knows where ill be taking my money this season. As a 5th place team though, they are in a lot better shape than many NL teams, including some predicted to finish higher than 4th in other divisions. Arizona just has bad luck that they're in a division full of top heavy teams. That being said, they will probably give the Giants a run for their money this season
Pre-Season Playoff Predictions
NL EAST: New York Mets NL CENTRAL: Cincinnati Reds NL WEST: Colorado Rockies WC1: Los Angeles Dodgers WC2: San Diego Padres
And that wraps up this seasons writeup on the state of the OBL. There may be some form of a midseason update but for now i'm going to let my fingers rest. Have a good season everyone!
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2018.08.18 23:21 nathanl1192 Guide to 2018 SILLY SEASON

It's upon us. All but two drivers are out of contract at the end of this year, so we have a massive silly season ahead.
The below list of drivers has their current teams, teams they're linked with or rumoured to be in discussions with, and teams they are confirmed as driving for. I'll keep it updated as the season comes to an end.
(Please note, new Reddit is silly and may not display the below table properly. Please use old reddit.)
2018 Team 2019 Links/Rumours 2019 WRC Drive
Sebastien Ogier M-Sport Ford Considered M-Sport Ford and Retirement,[1] but signed a two year deal with Citroen[2][3] Citroen
Elfyn Evans M-Sport Ford M-Sport[4] M-Sport
Teemu Suninen M-Sport Ford (partial) Signed a full season contract[5] at M-Sport[6] M-Sport
Jari Matti Latvala Toyota Signed a contract[5] with Toyota[7] Toyota
Ott Tanak Toyota n/a Toyota
Esapekka Lappi Toyota Desires Toyota,[8] offer from Citroen and Toyota,[10] but Citroen deal signed,[7] and confirmed[11] Citroen
Thierry Neuville Hyundai Three Year Hyundai Deal Signed[12] Hyundai
Andreas Mikkelsen Hyundai n/a Hyundai (partial)
Hayden Paddon Hyundai (partial) Nearing part-time Hyundai contract,[6] but talking to another unknown team,[14] linked with M-Sport[15]
Dani Sordo Hyundai (partial) Enquiry from Citroen but unlikely,[13] will soon sign part-time Hyundai contract.[6][16] May start Monte Carlo in a Hyundai, will do 8 rounds[17][27] Hyundai (partial)
Mads Østberg Citroen (partial) Citroen,[13] but following Abu Dhabi drop out will not have a 2019 factory drive[15]
Craig Breen Citroen (partial) Previously close to Citroen contract before Abu Dhabi drop out,[10] has spoken to all teams,[19] linked with M-Sport,[20] and spoken to Hyundai[21] Hyundai (partial)
Kris Meeke Citroen (partial) Hyundai interested,[22] spoke to M-Sport but[6] Toyota deal signed[7] and confirmed[23] Toyota
Sebastien Loeb Citroen (partial) Citroen wanted Full Season Only,[23] but Loeb wanted part time contract,[25] so signed a six round deal with Hyundai, starting in Monte Carlo[26][27] Hyundai (partial)
Marcus Gronholm Toyota (Sweden only)[28] Toyota (private, partial)
Takamoto Katsuta Tommi Makinen Racing (WRC 2) Toyota (Partial), possibly Sweden[29]
Pontus Tidemand Skoda (WRC 2) Leaving WRC 2 in search of partial WRC drive[30] and will start Monte and Sweden with M-Sport[4] M-Sport (partial)
Gus Greensmith M-Sport (WRC 2) Will start Rally Portugal with M-Sport in a WRC car[31] M-Sport (partial)
Juno Hanninen Toyota (partial)
1st Driver 2nd Driver 3rd Driver 4th Driver 5th Driver
M-Sport Ford Elfyn Evans Teemu Suninen Pontus Tidemand Gus Greensmith
Toyota Ott Tanak Jari Matti Latvala Kris Meeke Marcus Gronholm Juho Hanninen
Hyundai Thierry Neuville Andreas Mikkelsen Dani Sordo Sebastien Loeb Craig Breen
Citroen Sebastien Ogier Esapekka Lappi
[1] Autosport Ogier: Next WRC Contract my Last
[2] Citroen Racing Ogier and Ingrassia to Return
[3] FIA WRC, Youtube Pierre Budar Interview
[4] M-Sport Pleased to confirm intended continuation in WRC
[5] Aamulehti Latvala and Suninen Manager Confirms Contract
[6] Autosport M-Sport won't rush decision
[7] Autosport Meeke to Toyota for 2019
[8] Postimees Lappi: "I'll definitely be in the start line next season. [...] I have no reason to leave Toyota"
[9] Thoughts from the Kitchen Table Championship chances after Germany
[10] Autosport Citroen chasing Ogier, Lappi, Breen
[11] Twitter Esapekka Lappi
[12] Autosport Neuville Gets New Deal
[13] rallye Sordo: Citroen has requested but I want to stay with Hyundai
[14] All Live Commentary Speculation
[15] @madsostberg Instagram No deal for me
[16] RallySport Magazine Paddon tipped to join M-Sport
[17] Autosport Hyundai Loeb deal not done
[18] Motorsport.com Sordo set to stay with Hyundai
[19] Autosport Breen: "I'll have a works seat"
[20] Autosport Lappi to partner Ogier
[21] Autosport Paddon eager to sort drive
[22] Autosport Hyundai and Toyota Interested in Signing Meeke
[23] Twitter TGR_WRC: Joining Tanak and Latvala will be Kris Meeke
[24] Motorsport.com Citroen "doesn't want" Part Time Loeb Contract
[25] Motorsport.com Loeb win makes 2019 campaign tempting
[26] Autosport Loeb signs 2019 Hyundai contract
[27] Autosport Loeb seals six rounds at Hyundai
[28] Autosport Gronholm will contest Sweden in Toyota
[29] Autosport Makinen has 'massive' plan for Katsuta
[30] Autosport Skoda scales back
[31] Autosport Greensmith gets Rally Portugal Shot
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2018.04.23 17:57 cwoznyi [S] The Tribe : Game Changers Cast Reveal + Assessment (Part 1)

The Tribe : Game Changers Cast Reveal & Assessment
The results are in, the top 20 Game Changing castaways from the first 33 Seasons of The Tribe have been chosen! This season contains one of the most stacked and prestigious casts in The Tribe’s history with 9 of the 20 returning castaways being winners of The Tribe already! I won’t just reveal the cast for this exciting season, I'll review how each of the castaways did in their previous season(s), what their strengths and weaknesses are and where I believe they’ll place this season. I’ll also reveal the starting tribes for all the castaways (which are randomly generated) and how they will affect the castaways chances of going further in the game. Now, for what we’ve all been waiting for, to see who has made it onto The Tribe : Game Changers! Without further adieu here it is!
PS : For this season I’m going to use the Micronesia format, so I’ll be basing my predictions around there being exile island and a final 2.
Seth “Spider” Brown
We first met Seth “Spider” Brown way back in The Tribe : The Amazon and it is safe to say that his no nonsense demeanor has propelled him to being one of the more iconic castaways in the old school era of The Tribe. In The Amazon, Spider was sent packing at the first tribal council post-merge in a 5-3-2 vote. This saw him miss out on a shot at being in the jury which outraged the fans of The Tribe, this lead to Spider’s much anticipated return 2 seasons later in The Tribe : All Stars. In All Stars, Spider found himself in a pickle after the tribe dissolve when he and Kanisha got into a heated rivalry but ultimately Spider did enough to win the nod of his tribe which then landed him in the majority for not just the rest of the pre-merge but for the rest of the game … until of course Day 36 when disaster struck for Spider when he was medically evacuated from the game, in the majority this was a major blow for him. It’s still one of the great question of The Tribe : All Stars, if Spider had not been medically evacuated could he have won it all? Of course we will never know but it sure looked like it! Spider would have to wait another 17 seasons to get another shot at The Tribe, this time being brought back as one of the previously medically evacuated leaders of his tribe in The Tribe : Philippines. Spider took full control of his Kalabaw tribe early on in the pre-merge, despite losing the first 2 immunity challenges he was able to turn it around and lead 3 of the 4 remaining castaways of his tribe to the merge where he once again, just as he was in The Tribe : All Stars in full control of the game and had victory within a fingertips reach. Sadly for Spider in his typical fashion Day 39 just couldn’t come quick enough. On Day 33 there was a tied vote between one of his key remaining allies, Cat Martinez and rival Matsing tribe leader Domo. Not wanting to risk losing his key ally in the revote he decided to put his vote against Domo instead of Cat little did he know that it would end in a deadlocked voted and for Spider this was the last roll of the dice, as he drew the purple rock in the rock draw that sent him home. In a season full of game changers, if Spider wants to become the Sole Surviving Game Changer he will need to play the full 39 days but of course the question is can he do that?
Strengths: Good persuasive skills, a fighter.
Weaknesses: inconsistent gameplay through the course of the game.
Prediction: I’m going to go with a mid-merge boot.
His Tribe: This is a great tribe for Spider I mean seriously he should consider himself lucky drawing the tribe with Alexa, Domo, Kat and Liz who are huge threats in everyone's mind due to what they did in their previous season(s). This could potentially open up the game for Spider, he may even be able to assume the leader-type role that he held in The Tribe : Philippines. He may have some issues with Domo after Philippines but I doubt it.
Dominique “Domo” Green
From the second The Tribe fans saw Dominique “Domo” Green in The Tribe : Micronesia they knew he would be a Game Changer. He was always in the majority from the beginning on the fans tribe, striking up a strong alliance with his partner in crime, Evan Gifford they took over the game and were responsible for one of the greatest blindsides in The Tribe’s history when they idoled out Lito Rodriguez at the final 5 TC instead of going for the easy boot option in Paul Obrien. If it weren’t for Domo sustaining a severe injury and being medically evacuated from the game at the final 4 he most likely would have won the game even if he went up against Evan Gifford who was the eventually winner of the series. Domo had to wait another 9 seasons for his second shot at The Tribe but he didn’t disappoint with his performance in The Tribe : Philippines, where he eventually won the season with 7 out of 8 jury votes after surviving many tight votes where in some instances was just a vote away from being eliminated from the game entirely, but don’t mistake this as just pure luck or a complete fluke on Domo’s behalf he used his social skills late in the game where he didn’t have immunity and was in the minority to convince the majority not to vote for him and take him to the end. Domo is a force to be reckoned with but after his 2 performances previously on The Tribe has he painted himself as too much of a target?
Strengths: Pulls his weight in challenges, good social skills, good strategic ability.
Weaknesses: Huge target on his back.
Prediction: Booted after the swap, he's too good surly in a season like this he simply can’t make merge!
His Tribe: Spider and Lito may not be so forgiving for what pain and suffering Domo caused in his previous seasons of The Tribe, of course we don’t know for sure but there’s a good chance it may turn out that way. Domo’s best shot might be to just hide himself behind Alexa I’m not sure there’s much more he can do. This tribe isn’t game over for him but he has a lot of work to do to make the merge.
Oscar Thomas
Oscar Thomas was one of the greatest early challenge beasts in The Tribe’s history! You look at the first 6 seasons of The Tribe and all those Sole Survivors who won those respective seasons had more to their games then just winning challenges but in season 7, The Tribe : Pearl Islands that was turned upside down. Oscar’s sole strategy was to win the game by simply winning challenges. He lead his Morgan tribe to 5 straight immunity wins to start the season which left the Drake tribe depleted and down on numbers come the merge, not even the Outcasts twist could save the Drake tribe because the damage had already been done by Oscar. Although receiving votes and an almighty scare early in the post-merge of Pearl Islands, Oscar was able to steady the ship winning 4 of the last 5 immunity challenges of the season landed him a spot in the FTC where he outlasted close strategic ally Kanisha in a 4-3 vote. This moment transformed The Tribe’s landscape forever and proved that brawn could win over brains! After his game changing season in Pearl Islands we once again got to see the immunity challenge master Oscar at work in The Tribe : All Stars. This season transformed Oscar into more than just the challenge beast, in fact his tribe was so bad that even with him they lost the first 3 immunity challenges of the season! This forced Oscar to finally get in tact with his social game, which he did effectively joining an alliance with Ramona and ironically one of his enemies in The Tribe : Pearl Islands, Clay! Although losing his way slightly nearing the end of the pre-merge he once again in true Oscar fashion steadied the ship and made it to the merge but this wasn’t the end of his troubles, on Day 30 he was locked in a tight TC battle with his once rival Ramona and was once again one vote away from being sent home and if it weren’t for Spider being medically evacuated he probably never would have made it to the FTC. Oscar made it to the FTC once again and became the first person in The Tribe’s history to make it to 2 FTC of course this would later be achieved by Nate Makutz and Alexa Boston it’s still quite an achievement. And if he didn’t take Kim Wu to the end he would have been the only 2 time winner of The Tribe! Think about that. Oscar may be one of the most underrated players and challenge threats in The Tribe’s history, so can he make a big statement by being the challenge beast to not just make 3 FTC’s but to win the game twice?
Strengths: Great in challenges.
Weaknesses: Pretty much everything else that has nothing to do with challenges…
Prediction: Usually when you get a challenge beast like Oscar you’d say that the merge would be a certainty, but hey, this is the season of Game Changers after all! So I’m going to say the boot before the merge!
His Tribe: He’s the best challenge wise on his tribe and doesn’t have any real history with any of the castaways so he’ll be fine the castaways on his starting tribe won’t affect how far he goes in the game.
Milo "MiRo" Romero
Usually when we talk about the greatest players in The Tribe’s history we tend to always assume that because of how good they are at the game they will just automatically get an easy pass to the merge, Milo “MiRo” Romero showed everyone that is not necessarily always the case. On his original Gondol tribe in The Tribe : Kaoh Rong, MiRo and his closest ally, Kelli had no control over their feit what so ever being down in the numbers 4 to 2. MiRo found 2 hidden immunity idols in a row to keep his survivor dream alive while also taking out 2 of the biggest threats in the Gondol tribe in consecutive tribal councils. Le Le and Marc were sent packing after MiRo successfully played the 2 idols to save himself and Kelli, these 2 idol plays are regarded as some of the best idol plays in the pre-merge of The Tribe’s history. Sadly, MiRo ran out of idols, numbers and luck late in the merge but this doesn’t take away from how good of a game MiRo played, his pre-merge was one of the biggest grinds to make the merge in The Tribe’s history and in any other season he may have gone all the way and taken home the win. Will MiRo have full control of his feit this time around? Or is the Game Changers theme going to leave MiRo with another pre-merge grind to make it far in the game?
Strengths: Pulls weight in challenges, great strategical player, never gives up, risk taker (could be a positive or a negative).
Weaknesses: Average social game.
Prediction: MiRo to finish … third place, one tribal short of the finale. But hey, I hope I’m wrong could you imagine MiRo winning The Tribe it’d be awesome!
His Tribe: Once again, not much history with many castaways in his tribe except for Liz. Maybe him and Liz could team up and be a Kaoh Rong duo?? He should get to the Tribe swap unscaved though, he’s in a pretty good position after all.
Lito Rodriguez
When we first met Lito Rodriguez he was a full blown super fan of The Tribe who came out full guns blazing on The Tribe : Micronesia. He loved the game and he knew just how to play it and he let his fellow castaways on the fans tribe know about it! Although he was fine and in charge at his original tribe once the game was switched up and the swap came Lito was scrambling to get numbers on his side to keep him in the game, which he was able to do as he survived 2 extremely close votes on his way to the pre-merge which included an epic showdown with one of The Tribe’s legends, Aria Cosby at the episode 10 Tribal Council in which he survived a 4-3 vote. Once the merge hit Lito was in the firing line once again but was able to pull off a great idol play which negated 6 votes from his name and sent Taj packing. This was a huge turning point as far as the season was concerned because this gave the original fans tribe alliance a sniff of power and lead to the next 3 castaways voted off from the original favourites tribe which left the original fans tribe with all the numbers. Lito isn’t just know for his great strategy though or even his ability to pull numbers, no, no, no. One of the key reasons for why he is so memorable and such a game changer is because of his rivalry with fellow castaway Evan Gifford! Two alpha males going head to head the entire seasons and it was always going to boil over at some point. At the final 5 tribal council Lito lead a sneaky plan to blindside Evan but little did he know, Evan had a hidden immunity idol and decided to blindside him. Although Lito was blindsided that night at tribal council he showed everyone that he wasn’t scared to take on the big players in the game. He once again showed this at the FTC where he told Evan off and let his anger out giving him a piece of his own medicine. Evan Gifford won the battle but it’s safe to say as far as The Tribe goes Lito won the war! Lito would return 7 seasons later in The Tribe : South Pacific as the leader of Savaii tribe. He lead his team to a big numbers advantage by the time the merge rolled around. He was the clear favourite to win and was in the box seat to take the title of Sole Survivor but instead of playing it safe and staying with his original Savaii tribe alliance he decided to switch it up and form with the Kat Martinez lead alliance and attempted to take out his former allies. Yes, it would fail but Lito showed us that he was more than just another game bot and just another boring old “play the percentages player”. Lito is a wild and frantic player, you never know what he’s going to do or when he’s going to strike but will he strike at the right times this season?
Strengths: Good at pulling numbers.
Weaknesses: Poor decision making.
Prediction: Booted after the swap.
His Tribe: I really don’t like this tribe for him, I mean Lito is one of those players who wants to make himself the leader of his tribe and to an extent wants to be somewhat of an alpha dog. In this tribe he just can’t be that guy! Plain and simple, and with all the different personalities he has in his tribe that like to take charge and be on top (Spider,Domo,Alexa,Jordan,Liz) he’s going to struggle to fit into that role. Now let’s not forget he has history with Kat and Aria and I’m really not sure if that’s just all faded into the past! I could still see him working with Kat but Aria…. Argh… idk. The only reason I didn’t have him being one of the first boots instead of just the swap boot was because there are bigger threats than him and although I think he will be targeted I Don’t think he’ll be targeted as much as say Alexa,Liz,Domo or maybe even Jordan and Kat to a lesser extent. My biggest hope for him is just for him to do something crazy or unexpected I mean cmon it’s Lito Rodriguez for god sakes! He doesn’t need to win he just needs to be memorable, although don’t get me wrong I’d love to see him win, it’d be epic (But sadly I doubt it).
Alexa Boston
There’s a lot of debate about who truly is the best player in The Tribe’s history. Let's be serious here there is only one player that is the GOAT and that’s Alexa Boston! We can talk about idol plays, we can talk about who won, hell we could even talk about who has the most jury votes, but when we look at the big picture we know that Alexa Boston is the queen! We first met Alexa Boston in The Tribe : Gabon where she took full charge of the Kota tribe but Alexa was unlike any leader that The Tribe had ever seen before, whereas leaders in the past had just mostly blatantly disrespected the members of their alliance and got on their bad sides, Alexa was able to build valuable relationships in a loving fashion which earnt her that respect from her key alliance members. But the truth was that behind the scenes and underneath it all Alexa was far from just a sweet and loving girl who wanted to be friends with everyone, she was a full blown strategic and social genius of the game we know as The Tribe! Was she manipulative? YES! But in a way which we had never seen it done before in The Tribe. Was she a liar? YES! But she never did it straight out to anyone in the game. Was she really a cult leader for her alliance? YES! But guess what they didn’t know it! Her game changing ability lead to her to the title of Sole Survivor : Gabon along the way dismantling and blindsiding some of the biggest players of the season, Lucas, Anna, Roxy, Domino, Phillip and even 2 of her key alliance members Winter and Bug! Let’s not forget either that she won 3 straight individual immunity challenges in a row to make the FTC and make her 5-1-1 jury vote victory official! Now let's make it clear that the queen isn’t just queen once she reigns over more than just one season! Enter The Tribe : Heroes vs. Villains! The fans said well sure, she had a good run there in Gabon but this is one of the best casts ever assembled surly she couldn’t make the merge with the caliber of those players in a season such as this one especially with a huge target on her back. Oh my, were they wrong! She was able to once again become the leader along with fellow great Fletcher Turner, to rule over the heroes tribe and have full control of her feit going into the merge. Her biggest set back was losing Claire at the F7 but she was so good socially that she was able to put drama into the mix between Cynthia and A.P. and then at the F5 TC she was able to convince A.P. to turn on Bria and take her to the F4 instead. Amazingly the 2 votes that she received at that tribal were the only 2 that she received in her entire 2 seasons! Let’s put that into perspective, she averaged only 1 vote every 39 days she was out on the island playing The Tribe! Although, she would eventually lose to Nate Makutz in the FTC of The Tribe : Heroes vs. Villains that didn’t stop people from admiring her amazing gameplay. Some people even think that she should have won that FTC and it’s hard to disagree her game speaks for itself. Queen Alexa got her crown on the island of Gabon and she used it to slay her stiff competition in The Tribe : Heroes vs. Villains but will that crown and the throne she sits on be the very reason why she fails to succeed in The Tribe : Game Changers?
Strengths: Good in challenges, great social skills, great strategic ability, great leader.
Weaknesses: Too big a threat, simple as that!
Prediction: When her tribe loses their first immunity challenge she’ll be packing her bags because there is no way that you keep someone like that around!
Her Tribe: She’s got 9 other threatening players around her but it’s just a shame for her that she’s the biggest threat of them all! It wouldn’t matter if she was drawn on this tribe or the other tribe she’s gotta go as soon as possible no matter what!
Aria Cosby
This season is all about castaways that changed the game and when we talk about castaways that changed the game one of the first that runs through our minds every time is Aria Cosby! She was only the first person to successfully play a hidden immunity idol after all. The Tribe had seen some crazy blindsides in the first 12 seasons but nothing quite compares to the blindside that we saw at the Day 33 tribal council in The Tribe : Panama. 4 Votes Aria … 1 vote Heidi. Once again Heidi will avoid elimination at another tribal council, wait hold on just a second … Aria has the hidden immunity idol well this is something we’ve never seen before isn’t it? That night history was written into The Tribe’s folklore, the first hidden immunity idol was played and Heidi, the castaway favoured to win the Sole Survivor title was gone just like that! At the time this was something unique, something that the fans and the players had never seen before. This is the reason why The Tribe has had so many great moments and epic blindsides for the next 21 seasons after! It is because Aria changed the entire game that night at tribal council when she dropped the idol bombshell sending home the clear favourite to win the million dollars. Niko’s idol play in The Tribe : Fiji, Lito and Evan’s idol plays in The Tribe : Micronesia, All those Cynthia idol plays in Tocantins and Heroes vs. Villains, Trey’s idol play in The Tribe : Samoa, Richard’s idol play in The Tribe : Heroes vs. Villains, Kat Martinez’s idol plays in The Tribe : South Pacific to save her and her original Upolu tribe members from certain doom, Aqua Maria’s idol play in The Tribe : Caramoan, Cole Fugie with those 2 blinding idol plays in The Tribe : Worlds Apart and let’s not just disregard the 2 he had and kept in his pocket in second chances which ended up winning him the game!, MiRo those 2 idol plays in The Tribe : Kaoh Rong and if we didn’t have idols would Lucky and Jordan’s rivalry have been as good as it is? All this couldn’t be possible without one person and one moment in The Tribe’s history. Aria Cosby might be the reason that The Tribe has been so thrilling and intriguing and unpredictable for the last 21 seasons! In her fourth and final attempt to win The Tribe Aria will be giving it all she has just as she always had on The Tribe but will she just be remembered as a Game Changer? Or the Sole Surviving Game Changer?!
Strengths: Good strategic ability, decent in challenges.
Weaknesses: comes out too hard in the pre-merge, has pretty poor social skills (Re-watch Micronesia and Heroes vs. Villains and you’ll know what I mean.)
Prediction: This is a really tough one, I don’t think she is as much of a threat as she was in Micronesia and Heroes vs. Villains which works out good for her and will allow her to play her aggressive game much more in the pre-merge but ultimately I’m going to have to say 5th or 4th place for Aria in her final appearance on The Tribe.
Her Tribe: It’s good for Aria she won’t be considered a huge threat on this tribe. I can see her potentially working well with someone like Spider or Domo, she does have Lito on her tribe though so that could cause her some problems but I don’t think it will be anything too major.
Elizabeth "Liz" Abatte
You need lots of things to go right to become the Sole Survivor of The Tribe, it’s a long gruelling 39 days that can come down to 1 or 2 decisions that you made throughout the game being the difference between you winning and being the runner-up. In the 33 seasons of The Tribe so far only 4 castaways have ever won The Tribe after receiving votes at the first tribal council, Brenda (Cook Islands), Rebecca (Fiji), Silas (Blood vs. Water, First Impressions tribal council) and of course Elizabeth “Liz” Abatte from The Tribe : Kaoh Rong. On only the 3rd day of The Tribe : Kaoh Rong Liz seemed to be staring down the barrel with nowhere else to turn. It was clear that it was either her or Dakota that was going to be the first eliminated after the Chan Loh tribe lost the first immunity challenge. Liz put on one of the great tribal council performances and was able to survive a close 4-2 vote in her favour over Dakota. That moment right there was the difference between her winning and losing The Tribe, this consolidated her as the leader of her tribe and she was well equipped and up for the task. Only 4 original Chan Loh’s remained once the merge rolled into town and Liz was able to solidify the fours strong alliance leading them all single handedly to the F4. Liz won the FTC and became the Sole Survivor of The Tribe : Kaoh Rong after registering 6 of the 7 jury votes. Liz showed everyone that she is the real deal but if she wants to become an even bigger deal she’ll need to put in another great performance in The Tribe : Game Changers.
Strengths: Good leader, bounces back, pulls weight in challenges.
Weaknesses: A big threat, castaways more than likely won’t want to work under her with her being their “Leader” because they saw what happened in the FTC of Kaoh Rong, no one will want to be Liz’s goat.
Prediction: I’m predicting Liz to go out in a blaze of glory at the second TC after the merge because that’s how Liz plays the game.
Her Tribe: Just because I have her a certainty to make the merge doesn’t mean it’s all going to be smooth sailing for Liz, shes gonna have to patch up with MiRo at some point for pretty much leading her alliance to vote him out in Kaoh Rong and that’s not going to be easy. I could see her working quite fine with Kat potentially or maybe even Jordan.
Katlin "Kat" Martinez
There is no doubt that Katlin "Kat" Martinez is the best castaway to never actually win The Tribe. Her performance in The Tribe : South Pacific was monumental we may never see that level of gameplay again not even from Kat herself! She found 3 immunity idols and successfully played 2 of them in epic fashion. If her tribe was on the right side of the numbers there is just no possible scenario in which Kat doesn’t win The Tribe : South Pacific. Without Kat’s idol plays and her ability to keep some of her Upolu tribe mates in the game just that bit longer it wouldn’t have been possible for Sam to return from a stint at Redemption Island and go on an immunity run to the FTC to ultimately win the game and rain on the original Savaii tribes parade. This record setting performance landed her another chance to play The Tribe 3 seasons later in The Tribe : Caramoan where she once again found herself in a great position in the pre-merge with an idol in her pocket but this season the target on her back was enormous with pressure coming from all directions. This lead to her playing her idol a little prematurely and only negating 1 vote from her name. This would lead to her being voted out unanimously in a 9-1 vote the following tribal council. For any other castaway we would usually be talking about how silly of a move they’d made but when we talk about Kat Martinez we can only admire how well she did given the situation she was in and the pressure she faced. It’s safe to say that in Caramoan she had arguably the biggest target on her back in any season of The Tribe, despite this though she was once again able to make it to the merge and have a significant impact on the season by finding another hidden immunity idol. Great players find a way to get it done when it matters most but Kat Martinez has failed to get it done so far in her first 2 attempts. So the question is, Does Kat Martinez have what it takes to be the bride or is she just one of the loveable bridesmaids who always falls short? If Kat Martinez is going to be the Sole Surviving Game Changer she will need to be calm before the storm and learn how to judge and control the pressure that goes along with being the great …. Kat Martinez!
Strengths: Good idol finding ability (I think she has a good chance to get chosen to go to exile island this season which is good for her), good strategic ability, pulls her weight in challenges, good social game, very loyal.
Weaknesses: Huge threat, poor judgement when under immense pressure.
Prediction: She may not have as big a target on her as she did in The Tribe : Caramoan but those idol plays that helped her so much in The Tribe : South Pacific may ironically be her worst enemy in this season. I say she gets booted after Alexa in the original tribes phase of the game, her only hope for mine is finding an idol on exile island.
Her Tribe: Usually being put in a tribe with a castaway that is a bigger threat than you are is a good thing (Alexa). But oddly enough I actually see it as a bad thing for Kat, because Alexa will direct most of her attack on Kat so that she can stay alive in the game because she may possibly be the second biggest threat in the game. She has some history with Lito which could be either a good thing or a bad thing and don’t forget Spider played with Kat’s sister, Cat Martinez in the Philippines and they had a bit of a love/hate relationship which could affect Kat’s chances of going further in the game. Imo this is a bad tribe for her to be on.
Jordan Jay
We first met Jordan Jay in The Tribe : Cagayan and boy, didn’t we meet her in some style! Only days into the game Jordan was already on the offensive when she picked a fight with one of her fellow tribe mates, Lucky. This rivalry blew up at the tribes first visit to tribal council with Jordan gaining the upper hand on her rival after voting out Lucky’s right hand lady, Ashley and putting herself on top of the food chain at the Aparri tribe. It didn’t last as long as she would have hoped though due to the fact that the tribe dissolve was just around the corner which left her in an increasingly dangerous situation with only one of her original Aparri tribe members now on her tribe. Jordan was able to use her charm and likability to save herself from a certain elimination though when she swung the votes of original Luzon tribe members, C.T. and Linda. She would survive the next 3 tribals but would receive an almighty scare getting 6 votes and being within 1 vote of elimination on 2 occasions at tribal council during that span. After the merge the pressure eased off significantly allowing her to play her game far more efficiently, this would lead to her finding the super idol. And once she had it she once again set her sights on her rival Lucky. She came in with a calculated plan of attack on the Day 33 Tribal Council herself and Lucky were engaged in a tense battle. Jordan had possession of the super idol and Lucky had his hands on a regular hidden immunity idol. Lucky not suspecting that he would receive more than 3 votes at the tribal and none the wiser to the fact that Jordan had a super idol decided not to hand his hidden immunity idol over before the votes were read. The votes were tallied and revealed and the vote was tied, 3 votes Jordan and 3 votes Lucky. Jordan sensed the moment before the revote handing over the super idol which allowed her to play the idol after votes had been read and negated the 3 votes for herself, sending her rival, Lucky home. It appeared that she had done enough to potentially win the game but at the final 4 when she lost individual immunity to C.T. her key alliance members, Sori and Dani flipped on her to send her home so close to the finish line. Jordan returned 3 seasons later out for revenge in The Tribe : Cambodia. Even though she pulled out a great idol play early on in the pre-merge to blindside Kevin that wasn’t enough to save her from being idoled out herself by none other than her greatest rival Lucky and ending her quest for redemption. Jordan wants a fairytale redemption story by winning The Tribe : Game Changers but if she wants it to become a reality she will need to eliminated the demons that have haunted her since her inception into The Tribe.
Strengths: Good idol finding ability, good strategic ability, able to pull numbers.
Weaknesses: Tends to fall into a false sense of security at times, can be very edgy to certain people at times when she does not get along with them (Like Lucky).
Prediction: She will make it late into the merge I feel but I don’t see her winning.
Her Tribe: She pulled the right tribe that’s for sure (The one without Lucky in it). I can see her working really well with her tribe here. I could see her aligning herself with Aria or Kat.
I am going to post the rest of the reveal in a second part because it went over the word limit.
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2018.02.17 21:16 supacoowacky The Guy Who Crashes TAR Finales / TARstorian / The Canadian From RTVWarriors / The Man With the Best Michael Rado Impression / Jon Montgomery's Favourite Manbun Gives His Thoughts on TAR 30 For Reddit

I was going to post a thread last week or the week before, but then I decided to sleep ten hours a night for a week straight. Something about the never-ending snow and ice decreases my motivation. . .or the fact keeping up with Funniest Complaints, recapping each episode, Editing Analysis and Predictions blog, and these two hour blocks occupies too much of my free time that I wish to dedicate to TAR each week.
So where are we at with this season? Let's go over my updated team rankings.
One) April & Sarah
Two) Lucas & Brittany
Three) Alex & Conor
Four) Kristi & Jen
Five) Henry & Evan
Six) Chris & Trevor
Seven) Cedric & Shawn
Eight) Joey & Tim
Nine) Dessie & Kayla
Ten) Eric & Daniel
For the first time all season, I will acknowledge the eleventh team—Jessica & Cody. My plan since pre-season was to not mention them until we hit Final Four. Everyone has been asking me and my buddies “why won't you say their names or mention them in your blogs/podcasts except when casuals talk about them in Funniest Complaints?”, and now we're finally at that stage where avoiding the camouflage coloured elephants in the room can no longer be dodged.
For those of you who don't know, I am an admin of a couple of TAR Facebook groups and this season has been one of the least enjoyable experiences for discussions. It's why I tend to be more active during off-season because it's the easiest time to communicate with people who aren't just sticking around temporarily to throw temper tantrums as the episodes air, but this season I find myself cutting back even more from various discussion threads on social media.
And yes, it's because of the extremely polarizing nature of Jessica & Cody. I'll cover it briefly as not to occupy the bulk of my commentary leading up to the finale.
a) I am very very skilled at avoiding boot order spoilers pre-season.
I don't know if it's because the BB audience treated the filming of TAR 30 as the equivalent to live feeds in a Big Brother house, but they would go into various Facebook groups, Twitter, and other social media constantly updating as to Jessica & Cody's progress in the race. Thankfully I never found out where the other ten teams finished in this season, but those daily updates in forums considered spoiler-free bugged the crap out of me from people who rarely even watch The Amazing Race.
Occasionally I read another website's blog or listen to their podcasts, and a lot of the podcasts were too heavy on Jessica/Cody coverage. In fact, one of them (no, not Racer's Recap or RHAP—I know people want to see me and Justin at each other's throats in the whitest rap diss battle ever, or re-ignite a rivalry between RTV Warriors and RHAP once again, but that ain't gonna happen) blatantly said during their episode two recap “I read online that Jessica & Cody make it to the Final Four.”
That's right. A random podcast online spoiled who makes it to Final Four in their recap podcast at the start of the season. Are you KIDDING me?
b) The frequent love/hate threads.
Never before have myself and other admins had to remove people from the various Facebook groups for spamming threads about Jessica/Cody or hurling insults at them or Lucas/Brittany that went way too far. Sometimes the five or six most recent threads were all dedicated to Jessica/Cody at a time without mentioning any other team. There was a chunk of people from the BB community who were watching TAR for the first time in a while, and it definitely showed this season. I don't think it is the reason for the ratings increase since Wednesdays at 8 is a highly coveted timeslot, and the Jody Army is a very very minor fraction when you consider how much the ratings climbed thanks to the switch from the usual deadly time slots. By that logic, TAR should have had twenty million viewers when Tyler Oakley was on TAR 28.
I wonder if Oakley still has me blocked?
c) Blocking Justin from TAR 27, leading the Jody Army to go after Justin.
Since Jessica/Cody blocked Justin without saying anything publicly, the Jody Army decided to speculate as to why Justin was blocked by them. They kept going after him on Twitter, and some of the things they said about him and details about their hardcore community was a bit frightening to see. I know I am deeply involved with the TAR community, but the next level of superfandom definitely came to light during these tweets to Justin. Since Justin and I are buds, I know he finds this more funny than disturbing—I am thinking along the same lines as well, but because of how concentrated it has been this season the 'annoying' category is winning more than the 'funny' category. I am sure the scale will tip in the other direction once we get more distance from this season.
I think I sufficiently covered why Jessica/Cody's presence on this season has hampered the enjoyment for a chunk of us on social media in the TAR community.
The continued use of self-drive legs is perhaps the best component of this season. The budget was trimmed once again this year, but the expansion of self-drive legs has countered it. You can't blame the bad taxis anymore. It's all on you, baby dolls.
And we don't even have to put up with that Ford sponsour plug tasks. Use the smart parking feature! Look at 'em Mustangs! Woo-weeee!
A city leg in Zimbabwe? Bahrain making its debut? Two things I never thought I would see happen. Especially knowing everything I do about Zimbabwe I was certain we would always be stuck in fringe safari areas. I am as surprised as the Aussies were when they got to go to Israel in season one.
This season needs more Roadblocks, and the tasks aren't as challenging as they could be.
The best way to troll the viewers would be to have a Head-to-Head at the final task of the season. The further ahead a team is when they get to the final task and are forced to wait for somebody else to show up, the funnier it is.
I like that the Head-to-Head in Belgium captured the Hamerotz spirit of silliness and avoided the shitty sport-like tasks we see for Face-Offs in TAR Canada.
TAR Canada really needs to be taking notes. Have I whined enough about how terrible TARC 5 was yet?
Ah, the Partner Swap. We really needed it to be a true mix-up rather than a glorified Intersection. The way teams checked into the pit stop but weren't allowed to officially check in was infuriating for me. 1st-1st-3rd-3rd-5th-5th? I will not be using that in my spreadsheets. It'll just be like Eric, Jeremy, Dani, Danielle, Mark, and Mallory where each racer has their own unique team average.
Therefore, Jen is the only racer who has finished in the top three in each leg of the race. Besides, she gets to hold it over Kristi.
The worst task of this season definitely goes to the singing and dancing task in Harare. The amount of airtime for an already semi-lame task was equivalent to the airtime the ENTIRE Jamaica leg got in TAR 7. I am not kidding. The Jamaica leg got about 25-27 minutes of running time. I pretty much stopped taking notes when teams got to this task.
Something that has stood out to me over the past three rounds is how much the drama has been absent from this season. It's very TAR 19-esque.
EVERY TEAM EXCEPT HENRY & EVAN: We want Henry & Evan out of the race. Evan isn't exactly our best friend. We're going to U-Turn them, and hopefully they go home prior to the Final Three. HENRY & EVAN: Oh, we got U-Turned. Whatever. We'll run our own race.
And the conflict stops dead in its tracks right there.
Somehow through all of this, Conor has simultaneously become our punching bag, our primary narrator, and our comedian of the season. How the hell did that happen?
Now let's talk about winner's edits.
Unlike the other TAR franchises, strong all-female teams are very hard to come by in TAR US.
Unlike TAR Canada where a strong all-female team means you are really boring and tough to root for in contrast to the other all-female teams on your season (e.g. NatMeg and Steph & Kristen vs. most obvious first boots ever and wooden popsicle stick-fearing Shahla & Nabeela or Frankie & Amy), Kristi & Jen are a bit more entertaining to watch.
Yeah, they're no Brook & Claire or Amy & Maya or April & Sarah or Yvonne & Chloe or Ida & Tania in terms of content, but hey, we've suffered through much worse.
Editors love to frame them in a positive light, their social game has been highlighted by other teams, they are portrayed as being respected, and any mistake they make is being treated as very minor.
Production wants you to respect their victory.
I don't see Henry & Evan winning. Viewers have referred to Evan as a snob and 'bossy'. Henry is portrayed as a pushover, and editors seem to mock their superfluous descriptions of basic things and being Yale students who go to Yale in Yale. It doesn't help that other teams are saying in the episodes that they don't like them very much and want them to go home.
Editors sure love showing their controversial moments, and heavy foreshadowing indicates Jessica will choke when she is alone at a task. Jessica's edit has been negative overall as she has been obsessive about punching Evan in the nose ring or making comments about Lucas & Brittany. TAR wants a winner to be edited as 'fun petty' rather than 'controversial petty'. Because of this, Cody won't exactly be Zach to Jessica's Flo. Flo fell under the 'fun petty' category.
Again, we have to acknowledge that the social media reactions to Jessica & Cody may incur an unintentional bias with how we interpret Jessica & Cody's edit.
I should note we also don't get too much commentary from the other teams about Jessica & Cody until this past episode. Prior to that it was just Lucas & Brittany talking about the gnomes or Jessica deceiving teams at the Switchback task.
Winners don't get that much negative feedback from the teams around them.
They are getting a prime fan favourite edit over the past few episodes. I thought at the start of the season it was being awarded to Henry & Evan, but nope, it's going to Alex & Conor. Not a bad word said about them and are hogging as much memorable airtime as possible. Editors want you to like Alex & Conor so much that you beg production for them to be brought back in a future season.
There is no way these guys can win.
In other words, yeah, I would put a chunk of money down on Kristi & Jen winning based on edit alone. Granted I am stuck in a very 'Wie is de Mol' style state of 'tunelvision' which they like to warn contestants about. But I can't help it. Everything supports the fact that they win.
Overall, I think once this season is over it'll go down as being a somewhat unmemorable season that experimented with twists that didn't quite go down too well with the audience. . .or its racers. I know the racers didn't like the Partner Swap nor the Head-to-Head. Especially the latter. I don't see Head-to-Head coming back unless there are some modifications to it. I can't emphasize enough how much the contestants hated it.
Feel free to comment your thoughts down below!
P.S. No, I won't be crashing the TAR 30 finale next week (I head to South America for a month in April!). I hope to crash the TAR 31 finale, though! Provided it's not when I am doing extended backpacking again. We'll have to wait and see if CBS opts to continue their strategy of airing seasons in between Survivor hiatuses. Hiatuses. Hiatuses. That's a weird word to type down.
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2017.07.12 15:50 autocol World Games Preview - The Aussie Crocs

Hi Reddit,
Some of you might have heard me talking up some of the international talent in the frisbee community on this subreddit before. In particular, I can speak with a little authority about the Aussies, and know a bit about the womens game in particular around the world too as I follow it pretty closely and get to a few of the big tourneys.
I thought it might be good to give you a summary of the Crocs, the Australian World Games team that will be competing in Wroclaw. (Every Australia representative team gets a nickname, usually after a uniquely Australian animal. The Crocs are named after the salt-water crocodile, an animal which will quite literally kill you and eat you if you enter warmer waters in the north of the country without knowing what you’re doing).
Sarah Wentworth
“Winky” is a marvel of human genetics. I’m not entirely sure how old she is, but she had a long and illustrious career in frisbee, retired for long enough to have three kids and a decent rest, and then come back to the game to pick up where she left off. At the height of her powers she was undeniably the best player in the country. As a forty-something, she’s still ridiculously good. She has athletic traits that most 20 year olds would die for. She’s not as fast or athletic as her younger self, but when you start with the tools she started with, you’re still way in front! She’s a veteran of the World Games (and every other version of high-level Ultimate) and brings along a wealth of knowledge and experience which is incredibly valuable for the team she co-captains.
Peter Blakeley
Possibly the best frisbee brain in Australian ultimate, 'Tex' is co-captain of the Crocs and just became a father! He was 50/50 to be available for this tournament, because his partner was due to give birth right around now. The family agreement was that if she hadn’t given birth by the time the flights were due to leave, he was going to stay home. Fortunately for Ultimate, the birth came early enough (and mum and bub are healthy!), so Tex is making the trip. The team demanded naming rights of the child (which was to be named “Crocz Blakeley”), but I’m told Megan exercised her maternal veto powers, and the child has a completely normal name (which I can’t remember, sorry).
Tex is a utility in every sense. He can play anywhere, against anyone, and be pretty comfortable he’s going to win his matchup. He’s not tall, but like Matsuno he has big hops and a very keen read of the disc so he’s a threat at every end of the field. He’s a very astute tactician (even while on the field of play), and is arguably the best player in Australia over the journey.
Cat Phillips
Cat is the premier thrower in the Australian women’s division. She can and will huck the length of the field at will. She’s also an athletic phenomenon, having just played a season of professional Australian football despite having picked up a ball for the first time less than 12 months before the first game. She’s that fast, strong, and aerobically powerful that she was an immediate force in the full-contact (it’s seriously brutal) local game. She did break her sternum and two fingers playing the oval-ball game, though she appears to be back to full strength now!
She’ll probably get lots of O-line minutes, but she’s just as effective on D. Very, very good player.
Lochlan Wise
On form, I reckon Lochy is Australia’s best player right now. Tall, dynamic, plays a bit like Nathan White and looks a bit like him, too. Has speed, agility, powerful throws, big hops, and fierce competitive drive hidden beneath his quiet and unassuming exterior. Central to the Barramundis' silver medal at WUGC 2016, Loch is at the height of his powers.
It might also be worth mentioning that the top-level women in Australia divide all the men into three categories when playing mixed. Category 3 players throw only to women who are wiiiiiiide open, or cutting to the endzone. Category 2 players will use women when they’re in good position and comfortably open, but generally still throw to men. Category 1 players throw to women and men equally. In Australia, Category 1 is currently named in honour of its number one member, Lochy Wise. Good work Loch.
(Note to male players - whether you realise it or not, it’s possible and indeed likely that the women in your area have similar lists. Don’t be Category 3 boys. Category 3 sucks).
Mikhaila Dignam
Mikki-D has developed incredibly quickly in the last 12 months. Always a solid player, she blossomed when she was selected for the Firetails to play WUGC last year, and this year has taken her game to a whole new level.
Throughout the Australian nationals season she generated block after block after block, and added the ability to really bring her teammates into the game, rather than just focusing on her own performance. Will be a valuable cog in the Crocs defence.
Brendan Ashcroft
When ‘Brendo’ first picked up a disc he instantly became the fastest man in Australian frisbee. His 100m sprint PB is, if my info is correct, 10.7 seconds. When he’s doing his warm ups you can tell he’s a serious athlete. Everything looks smooth, practiced, methodical, mechanical.
What he’s done over the last two or three years is pretty remarkable. He’s turned himself from a ludicrously quick set of legs with an average set of hands into a very complete frisbee player who happens to be crazy fast. He’s taken on every piece of international competition he can, playing US Open 2015, WUGC 2016, WCBU 2017, and now World Games. An O-line starter for most points, he’ll look to kill opponents with his legs, and use his throws when he sees opportunities.
Alex Prentice
“Prent” is the darling of Australian ultimate. She’s the face of the new generation, the golden child. (I’m not sure she knows it or believes it fully yet, but it’s the truth!).
She was built to play friz. Tall and athletic, with really sticky hands. She reels in everything: pack grabs, awkward trailing edges, you name it. I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever seen her drop a disc.
She has all the tools: good throws, great field awareness, great athlete. I’d expect to see her line up both O and D pretty regularly.
Tom Tulett
Better known as Cupcake, Tom is a powerful handler and a D-line general. Played the last US nationals season with Johnny Bravo without a try-out. Mickle just said “Boys, we should take Cupcake”, and they did. Cuppers has given everything to being ready for this campaign. Not blessed with the ideal body to be an elite frisbee player, he said ‘screw you’ to nature and built himself into one anyway.
He is a D-PIG. He’s a powerful puller. He ends every game with mud all over him because he will lay out at absolutely everything. He’ll poach like crazy and yet never lose his man, he just appears next to you, head height and horizontal, when he had absolutely no right to be there, and calmly plucks the disc from the space you were about to catch it.
Then he breaks your mark and launches a backhand huck to score.
Seriously though, I’m so impressed by his improvement over the last 12-18 months. He was already among the top handlers in Australia. He was already a 'name’ in Australian friz, but that wasn’t enough for Cupcake. He wants to be the best. He’s worked on his offensive game heavily, which now features an even greater variety of throws than he already had, and most importantly a degree of astute decision making which he previously lacked.
He’s a late addition to the team because Calan Spielman unfortunately had to pull out with a knee injury, and frankly I find that baffling (the late inclusion, not the knee injury). If I was picking this team, on exposed form this year, I would have been tossing up between Lochy Wise and Cupcake as the first player picked.
Rosie Dawson
On defence, Rosie reminds me of Cupcake a bit. Furious, energetic, balls-out defence. Lay outs all day. Blocks aplenty.
On offence, she’s just got a mean set of legs. She can kill defenders with cuts that just leave them behind. She doesn’t look like much. She’s kinda little. Looks can be deceiving! She’s a beast. A fearless, ferocious beast. The number of goals she saved with layout blocks in the endzone at WUGC last year...
Mark Evans
Mark was brutally effective for the Dingoes at WUGC 2016, performing a role not unlike what Felix has been featuring of Matsuno in the last week or so, a combined handlecutter role that often involves receiving the disc on an undercut and releasing an immediate look to the endzone.
He wasn’t as effective as I was expecting in the Test Matches against the Japanese playing a more traditional handler role, so either he just wasn’t firing on all cylinders, or he needed a bit of time to adapt to the mixed play. With Cupcake now in the team it might be that Mark gets released to his more natural position on the field.
Either way, he’s got all the tools and is a fierce competitor, so I expect him to put it together on the big stage. He’s a big game player. His final at Dream Cup 2016 vs Buzz Bullets was exceptional.
Vivian Stettner
Viv might be the player Cat Phillips copied when developing her game. She was the original ‘big thrower’ in the women’s game in Australia. She’s been injured early this year so I haven’t seen much of her current form, but she was an integral part of the Barramundis team that won silver at WUGC 2016.
Rob Andrews
Rob is a young, athletic freak. Tall, fast, agile, you know the bastards. The ones who are better than you from the very first time they touch a disc. Rob’s one of them.
He’s developed incredibly quickly and deserves his place on this team whilst also being a mainstay of the U24s squad. He’s a strong defender and a smart cutter. He’ll use his deep threat to create huge open spaces for the team to work into. He makes offenses really flow.
His challenge will be to play his role. At U24s level he’s the best player on the team and can occasionally try to do more than he should. With the Crocs he’ll do best to stick within his capabilities and burn opponents with his athleticism. Basically what I’m saying is he has great throws, but he doesn’t need to throw them all the time :P
Rebecca Brereton
“Juj” is a tall, speedy athlete. She’s had a habit of being injured for much of the last few years (a car crash wrecked her shoulder) but she’s coming good at just the right time! Prior to that her last appearance internationally was in the 2015 All Star Tour.
She’s a major deep threat and a very athletic defender - one of very few people who can go with Mish Phillips in ‘beast mode’ - they’ve had some legendary matchups. Juj will line up on the likes of Elizabeth Mosquiera from Colombia, charged with taking away the threat of the most athletic opposition cutters.
Seb Barr
‘The Guru’ is regarded by many to be Australia’s best thrower. The starting O-line handler for the Dingoes (WUGC bronze medallists), Sebbo combines powerful hucks with a calm frisbee mind. He doesn’t just have the throws, he knows when to throw them.
Not a gifted athlete in the scheme of things, he works hard to make his body as good as it can be, and he’s still a pretty useful defender because on the rare occasion he poaches off, there’s an excellent chance he’ll get the disc.
<<< Players who could/should be on the team >>>
Mike Neild and Dani Alexander
Mike was the captain of the 2016 Dingoes team that won bronze at WUGC, Dani was the key deep receiver on the Mundis, who won silver. I’d expect that had they tried out for this team, they would both be on it. They're both World Games veterans, Mike in 2009, Dani in 2013. They withdrew from the campaign for reasons which have recently become clear - Dani is pregnant with their first child! Congratulations guys! 😀
Tom Rogacki
Even at 40 years old, I reckon Gack would have been selected for this team had he applied. He’s still one of the most dominant players in Australia. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you guys about Gack. He’s known in every corner of the Ultimate world. (He’s of Polish descent too, maybe the hosts should have recruited him!)
Calan Spielman
An athletic lefty, Calan was selected for the team but suffered a knee injury at Nationals earlier this year. We all had fingers crossed he would recover in time, but it wasn’t to be. Hard luck, mate. You’re young enough to go again in four years time, and I believe you will.
Mish Phillips
Mish is arguably the best player in Australia. She was awarded the AFDA Player of the Year award for 2016 after captaining the Firetails at WUGC and leading them to victory with a ludicrous individual performance in the Dream Cup final in Japan (check out Mike Lawler’s blog post of her game for details). Mish has wrestled with depression and chose to withdraw from the campaign to look after herself (and focus on her beloved Stingrays U24 team that she head coaches).
Adelaide Dennis
Adelaide is a workhorse who was, in my opinion, stiff not to make the team. As a reserve, she played the Test Matches against Japan and in my opinion was probably our best performed female player in the series! She’s one of those players you can rely on to take any assignment and get the job done (and also surely has the lowest body-fat percentage of anyone I’ve ever met. She is ripped). Next time, Adelaide!
How will they go?
The optimist in me thinks they could win if everything goes their way. I think on the boys side of the roster we have a very powerful offensive line, my concern is whether we'll have the athleticism to play the defence we'll need to play to stop the US and Canada. This might be my strategic bias showing, but I think at the highest level defence wins games, and when I look at this roster I see mostly offensively minded players. That said, historically Australian teams have provided ferocious D, and gave up the disc too readily on O, so perhaps the selection panel has found a better balance for this campaign. Time will tell.
On the girls side of the roster, we're possibly skewed the other way! There's a bunch of fierce defenders on the list, and I just can't help but think we'd look a lot sharper on O if Mish and Dani were in the team. I personally think Mish, Cat and Dani are the three best players in Australian Ultimate and I defy any country to pick three women that would beat them (including the USA), they're that good. So it's a shame that two of those three aren't in the line-up. And, as mentioned, I would have Adelaide in this team as well.
Of course, I'm just an intermediate player with an opinion so don't take any of that as gospel, just thought I'd share my thoughts.
Where will we finish? If I was a betting man (and I'm not, I think gambling is a curse on modern society) I would bet on the Crocs to come second or third. I reckon we've still got Colombia's boys covered pretty well (their women, on the other hand...!), and we've already shown that we can comfortably beat the Buzz-less Japanese. That said, the Japanese are renowned for their game analysis and tactical trickery, so maybe they’ll come back firing at the next encounter. I still think we should beat them with talent.
I'd rate us about 50/50 against Canada, and about 10/90 against the USA.
Yes, I think this team would beat the USA one game out of ten, possibly slightly more. Add Mish, Dani, and Adelaide, and I would upgrade that to 30/70 or thereabouts. Australia's top-end talent is very close to that of the USA. Our issue is that our depth drops away very quickly compared to the US, so on a 24+ person single-gender roster we start to get exposed. With just 7 of each gender, I don't think we're too far behind.
So, hopefully we win. At the very least I expect us to medal.
Go Aussies!!
(Final note: As a lover of international Ultimate, and women's in particular, I urge you all to make sure you watch the Cardenas twins from Colombia in action. They're just 18 years of age, and they are phenomenal).
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  134. That Evening Sun (Director: Scott Teems)
  135. The Blind Side (Director: John Lee Hancock)
  136. The Box (Director: Richard Kelly)
  137. The Boys Are Back (Director: Scott Hicks)
  138. The Break-Up Artist (Director: Steve Woo)
  139. The City Of Your Final Destination (Director: James Ivory)
  140. The Concert (Director: Radu Mihaileanu)
  141. The Deported (Director: Lance Kawas)
  142. The Fourth Kind (Director: Olatunde Osunsanmi)
  143. The Greatest Song (Director: Sarah Poindexter)
  144. The Gun (Director: Julio Alvarez)
  145. The Haunting In Connecticut (Director: Peter Cornwell)
  146. The Hole (Director: Joe Dante)
  147. The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus (Director: Terry Gilliam)
  148. The Indian (Director: Ineke Houtman)
  149. The Invention Of Lying (Directors: Ricky Gervais + Matthew Robinson)
  150. The Jerk Theory (Director: Scott S. Anderson)
  151. The Least Among You (Director: Mark Young)
  152. The Lovely Bones (Director: Peter Jackson)
  153. The Maiden Heist (Director: Peter Hewitt)
  154. The Marc Pease Experience (Director: Todd Louiso)
  155. The New Daughter (Director: Luiso Berdejo)
  156. The Open Road (Director: Michael Meredith)
  157. The Proposal (Director: Anne Fletcher)
  158. The Shortcut (Director: Nicholaus Goossen)
  159. The Six Wives Of Henry Lefay (Director: Howard Michael Gould)
  160. The Smell Of Success (Director: Michael Polish)
  161. The Soloist (Director: Joe Wright)
  162. The Stepfather (Director: Nelson McCormick)
  163. The Storm Warriors (Directors: Danny Pang + Oxide Chun Pang)
  164. The Strip (Director: Jameel Khan)
  165. The Time Traveler’s Wife (Director: Robert Schwentke)
  166. The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Director: Chris Weitz)
  167. The Unborn (Director: David S. Goyer)
  168. The Uninvited (Directors: Charles Guard + Thomas Guard)
  169. The Way (Director: Vladimir Pasichnik)
  170. The Winning Season (Director: Jim Strouse)
  171. The Yankles (Director: David R. Brooks)
  172. To Save A Life (Director: Brian Baugh)
  173. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (Director: Michael Bay)
  174. Under The Mountain (Director: Jonathan King)
  175. Whatever Works (Director: Woody Allen)
  176. Where The Lotus Blooms (Director: Metrey Keo)
  177. Whip It (Director: Drew Barrymore)
  178. White Wedding (Director: Jann Turner)
  179. White On Rice (Director: Dave Boyle)
  180. Wild About Harry (Director: Gwen Wynne)
  181. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Director: Gavin Hood)
  182. Year One (Director: Harold Ramis)
  183. You Are Not The Father! (Director: Gerron DelValle)
  1. (Untitled) (Director: Jonathan Parker)
  2. 21 + a Wake Up (Director: Chris McIntyre)
  3. 31 North 62 East (Director: Tristan Loraine)
  4. 44 Inch Chest (Director: Malcolm Venville)
  5. A Heavenly Vintage (Director: Niki Caro)
  6. A Perfect Getaway (Director: David Twohy)
  7. A Prophet (Director: Jacques Audiard)
  8. A Single Man (Director: Tom Ford)
  9. A Vampire’s Tale (Director: Drew Cullingham)
  10. A Woman, A Gun + A Noodle Shop (Director: Yimou Zhang)
  11. Accidents Happen (Director: Andrew Lancaster)
  12. Across The Hall (Director: Alex Merkin)
  13. Adopted (Director: Pauly Shore)
  14. Adventureland (Director: Greg Mottola)
  15. After.Life (Director: Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo)
  16. Against The Current (Director: Peter Callahan)
  17. Agora (Director: Alejandro Amenábar)
  18. Albino Farm (Director: Joe Anderson)
  19. All American Orgy (Director: Andrew Drazek)
  20. Alpha Males Experiment (Knuckle Draggers) (Director: Alex Ranarivelo)
  21. Amar (Director: Jorge Ramírez Suárez)
  22. Amar a morir (Director: Fernando Lebrija)
  23. American Cowslip (Director: Mark David)
  24. American Virgin (Director: Clare Kilner)
  25. Angel Of Death (Director: Paul Etheredge)
  26. Anytown (Director: Dave Rodriguez)
  27. Applause (Director: Martin Zandvliet)
  28. April Showers (Director: Andrew Robinson)
  29. Assault Of The Sasquatch (Director: Andrew Gernhard)
  30. Attack On Darfur (Director: Uwe Boll)
  31. Autumn (Director: Steven Rumbelow)
  32. Away We Go (Director: Sam Mendes)
  33. Baby On Board (Director: Brian Herzlinger)
  34. Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call - New Orleans (Director: Werner Herzog)
  35. Baja Beach Bums (Director: Patrick Healy)
  36. Balls Out: Gary The Tennis Coach (Director: Danny Leiner)
  37. Bangkok Adrenaline (Director: Raimund Huber)
  38. Bazookas: The Movie (Director: Michael G. Leonard)
  39. Beautiful (Director: Dean O’Flaherty)
  40. Beautiful Kate (Director: Rachel Ward)
  41. Beauty + The Beast (Director: David Lister)
  42. Behaving Badly (Director: Juan Drago)
  43. Big Fan (Director: Robert D. Siegel)
  44. Bitch Slap (Director: Rick Jacobson)
  45. Black (Director: Pierre Laffargue)
  46. Black Dynamite (Director: Scott Sanders)
  47. Blackface Killer (Director: Michael Fredianelli)
  48. Bled (Director: Christopher Hutson)
  49. Blood Creek (Director: Joel Schumacher)
  50. Blood Night: The Legend Of Mary Hatchet (Director: Frank Sabatella)
  51. Blood + Bone (Director: Ben Ramsey)
  52. Blood: The Last Vampire (Director: Chris Nahon)
  53. Bob Funk (Director: Craig Carlisle)
  54. Boogie Woogie (Director: Duncan Ward)
  55. Book Of Blood (Director: John Harrison)
  56. Breaking Point (Director: Jeff Celentano)
  57. Broken Embraces (Director: Pedro Almodóvar)
  58. Brooklyn’s Finest (Director: Antoine Fuqua)
  59. Brother’s War (Director: Jerry Buteyn)
  60. Brotherhood (Director: Nicolo Donato)
  61. Brothers (Director: Jim Sheridan)
  62. Brüno (Director: Larry Charles)
  63. Cabin Fever II: Spring Fever (Director: Ti West)
  64. Calvin Marshall (Director: Gary Lundgren)
  65. Case 39 (Director: Christian Alvart)
  66. Chain Letter (Director: Deon Taylor)
  67. Chaw (Director: Jeong-won Shin)
  68. Chicago Overcoat (Director: Brian Caunter)
  69. Chloe (Director: Atom Egoyan)
  70. Chéri (Director: Stephen Frears)
  71. City Of Life + Death (Director: Chuan Lu)
  72. Clash (Director: Thanh Son Le)
  73. Coco Chanel + Igor Stravinsky (Director: Jan Kounen)
  74. Cold Storage (Director: Tony Elwood)
  75. Command Performance (Director: Dolph Lundgren)
  76. Cornered! (Director: Daniel Maze)
  77. Cracks (Director: Jordan Scott)
  78. Crank: High Voltage (Directors: Mark Neveldine + Brian Taylor)
  79. Crazy Heart (Director: Scott Cooper)
  80. Creature Of Darkness (Director: Mark Stouffer)
  81. Crimes Of The Past (Director: Garrett Bennett)
  82. Crossing Over (Director: Wayne Kramer)
  83. Crush (Directors: Jeffrey Gerritsen + John V. Soto)
  84. Crush (Director: Michelle Fridley)
  85. Cyber Ninja (Director: James Arnett)
  86. Damage (Director: Jeff King)
  87. Damned By Dawn (Director: Brett Anstey)
  88. Dare (Director: Adam Salky)
  89. Dark Country (Director: Thomas Jane)
  90. Dark Fields (Director: Douglas Schulze)
  91. Dark Frontier (Director: Kriv Stenders)
  92. Dark House (Director: Darin Scott)
  93. Dark Moon Rising (Director: Dana Mennie)
  94. Daybreakers (Directors: Michael Spierig + Peter Spierig)
  95. Dead Man Running (Director: Alex De Rakoff)
  96. Deadland (Director: Damon O’Steen)
  97. Deadline (Director: Sean McConville)
  98. Death Warrior (Director: Bill Corcoran)
  99. Deep In The Valley (Director: Christian Forte)
  100. Defendor (Director: Peter Stebbings)
  101. Desert Flower (Director: Sherry Hormann)
  102. Diagnosis: Death (Director: Jason Stutter)
  103. Direct Contact (Director: Danny Lerner)
  104. Dismal (Director: Gary King)
  105. District 13: Ultimatum (Director: Patrick Alessandrin)
  106. District 9 (Director: Neill Blomkamp)
  107. Dolan’s Cadillac (Director: Jeff Beesley)
  108. Don McKay (Director: Jake Goldberger)
  109. Don’t Let Me Down (Director: Cruz Angeles)
  110. Don’t Look Up (Director: Fruit Chan)
  111. Dorian Gray (Director: Oliver Parker)
  112. Double Identity (Director: Dennis Dimster)
  113. Down Terrace (Director: Ben Wheatley)
  114. Down For Life (Director: Alan Jacobs)
  115. Dread (Director: Anthony DiBlasi)
  116. Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas (Director: Michael Feifer)
  117. Elsewhere (Director: Nathan Hope)
  118. End Game (Director: Bruce Koehler)
  119. Endless Bummer (Director: Sam Pillsbury)
  120. Evil Things (Director: Dominic Perez)
  121. Extract (Director: Mike Judge)
  122. Eyeborgs (Director: Richard Clabaugh)
  123. Eyes Of The Woods (Directors: Darrin Reed, F. Miguel Valenti + Mark Villalobos)
  124. Falling Awake (Director: Agustin)
  125. Fatal Secrets (Director: Meir Sharony)
  126. Finding Bliss (Director: Julie Davis)
  127. Fireball (Director: Thanakorn Pongsuwan)
  128. Five Minutes Of Heaven (Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel)
  129. Force Of Five (Director: Krissanapong Rachata)
  130. Forget Me Not (Director: Tyler Oliver)
  131. Formosa Betrayed (Director: Adam Kane)
  132. Four Boxes (Director: Wyatt McDill)
  133. Frankenhood (Director: Blaxwell Smart)
  134. Frat Party (Director: Robert Bennett)
  135. Friday The 13th (Director: Marcus Nispel)
  136. Frozen Kiss (Director: Harry Bromley Davenport)
  137. Funny People (Director: Judd Apatow)
  138. Fury (Director: Liz Lehmann)
  139. Gamer (Directors: Mark Neveldine + Brian Taylor)
  140. Ghost Machine (Director: Chris Hartwill)
  141. Ghost Month (Director: Danny Draven)
  142. Giallo (Director: Dario Argento)
  143. Give ‘em Hell Malone (Director: Russell Mulcahy)
  144. Glorious 39 (Director: Stephen Poliakoff)
  145. Good Guys Finish Last (Director: Riley Wood)
  146. Grace (Director: Paul Solet)
  147. Halloween II (Director: Rob Zombie)
  148. Handsome Harry (Director: Bette Gordon)
  149. Happy Tears (Director: Mitchell Lichtenstein)
  150. Hard Times (Director: Tom Reeve)
  151. Hardwired (Director: Ernie Barbarash)
  152. Harry Brown (Director: Daniel Barber)
  153. Heavy Weight On The Block (Director: F. Terrell Johnson)
  154. Helen (Director: Sandra Nettelbeck)
  155. Hellbinders (Directors: Mitch Gould, Hiro Koda + David Wald)
  156. Heroes (Director: Malcolm Brooks)
  157. Hidden (Director: Pål Øie)
  158. Hierarchy (Director: Michael Fredianelli)
  159. High Life (Director: Gary Yates)
  160. Homecoming (Director: Morgan J. Freeman)
  161. Horsemen (Director: Jonas Åkerlund)
  162. House Broken (Director: Sam Harper)
  163. Humpday (Director: Lynn Shelton)
  164. Hunger (Director: Steven Hentges)
  165. Hurt (Director: Barbara Stepansky)
  166. I Am Love (Director: Luca Guadagnino)
  167. I Do...I Did! (Director: J. Jesses Smith)
  168. I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell (Director: Bob Gosse)
  169. I Love You Phillip Morris (Directors: Glenn Ficarra + John Requa)
  170. I Love You Too (Director: Nerlin Stfleur)
  171. I Love You, Man (Director: John Hamburg)
  172. Ibrahim Labyad (Director: Marwan Hamed)
  173. Ikenhisu: To Kill With One Blow (Director: La’Mard J. WIngster)
  174. Immortally Yours (Director: Joe Tornatore)
  175. In Her Skin (Director: Simone North)
  176. In The Electric Mist (Director: Bertrand Tavernier)
  177. In The Eyes Of A Killer (Director: Louis Mandylor)
  178. InSearchOf (Director: Zeke Zelker)
  179. Infestation (Director: Kyle Rankin)
  180. Ingenious (Director: Jeff Balsmeyer)
  181. Inglourious Basterds (Director: Quentin Tarantino)
  182. Into Temptation (Director: Patrick Coyle)
  183. It’s Complicated (Director: Nancy Meyers)
  184. Jarring (Director: Ivo Raza)
  185. Jennifer’s Body (Director: Karyn Kusama)
  186. Johnny Boy (Directors: Mickey Reece + James Paulsgrove)
  187. Jordan Saffron: Taste This! (Director: Sergio Myers)
  188. Just Another Day (Director: Peter Spirer)
  189. Kicking The Dog (Director: Randy Scooter Lammey)
  190. Kill Peter, Pay Paul (Directors: Kenny Foster + Dustin S. Massie)
  191. Kill Theory (Director: Chris Moore)
  192. Killer View (Director: Brian James O’Connell)
  193. Knife Edge (Director: Anthony Hickox)
  194. Know Thy Enemy (Director: Lee Cipolla)
  195. La Linea (The Line) (Director: James Cotton)
  196. La Mission (Director: Peter Bratt)
  197. La soga (Director: Josh Crook)
  198. Laid To Rest (Director: Robert Hall)
  199. Last Day Of Summer (Director: Vlad Yudin)
  200. Law Abiding Citizen (Director: F. Gary Gray)
  201. Leaves Of Grass (Director: Tim Blake Nelson)
  202. Lebanon (Director: Samuel Maoz)
  203. Legend Of The Bog (Director: Brendan Foley)
  204. Lies + Illusions (Director: Tibor Takács)
  205. Life During Wartime (Director: Todd Solondz)
  206. Life Is Hot In Cracktown (Director: Buddy Giovinazzo)
  207. Little Fish, Strange Pond (Director: Gregory Dark)
  208. Little New York (Director: James DeMonaco)
  209. Lofty Intentions (Director: Gerard Jamroz)
  210. Lost Angels (Director: Justin Voskian)
  211. Love Conquers Paul (Director: Colin Bannon)
  212. Love And Other Impossible Pursuits (Director: Don Roos)
  213. Love At First Hiccup (Director: Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg)
  214. Loyalty The Movie (Director: Samuel Wheeler III)
  215. Lynch Mob (Director: Byron Conrad Erwin)
  216. Malice In Wonderland (Director: Simon Fellows)
  217. Mandrill (Director: Ernesto Díaz Espinoza)
  218. Maneater (Director: Michael Emanuel)
  219. Manson: My Name Is Evil (Director: Reginald Harkema)
  220. Map Of The Sounds Of Tokyo (Director: Isabel Coixet)
  221. Merantau (Director: Gareth Evans)
  222. Mercy (Director: Patrick Hoelck)
  223. Micmacs (Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet)
  224. Middle Men (Director: George Gallo)
  225. Midgets vs. Mascots (Director: Ron Carlson)
  226. Miss March (Directors: Zach Cregger + Trevor Moore)
  227. Moon (Director: Duncan Jones)
  228. Mortal Sin (Director: David Von Roehm)
  229. Mother (Director: Bong Joon Ho)
  230. Mother + Child (Director: Rodrigo Garcia)
  231. Mr. Nobody (Director: Jaco Van Dormael)
  232. Mutants (Director: David Morlet)
  233. My Bloody Valentine (in 3-D) (Director: Patrick Lussier)
  234. My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done? (Director: Werner Herzog)
  235. Mystery Train (Director: Dan Eckman)
  236. Mythical Creatures (Director: Mickey Reece)
  237. Neighbor (Director: Robert A. Masciantonio)
  238. Never Surrender (Director: Hector Echavarria)
  239. New Brooklyn (Director: Christopher Cannucciari)
  240. Next Day Air (Director: Benny Boom)
  241. Night Train (Director: Brian King)
  242. Night Of The Demons (Director: Adam Gierasch)
  243. Ninja (Director: Isaac Florentine)
  244. Ninja Assassin (Director: James McTeigue)
  245. No Boundaries (Directors: Violet Mendoza + Jake Willing)
  246. Not Forgotten (Director: Dror Soref)
  247. Notorious (Director: George Tillman, Jr.)
  248. Nowhere Boy (Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson)
  249. Observe And Report (Director: Jody Hill)
  250. Offspring (Director: Andrew van den Houten)
  251. Open Graves (Director: Álvaro de Armiñán)
  252. Orphan (Director: Jaume Collet-Serra)
  253. Orville (Director: Craig McMahon)
  254. Pandemic (Director: Jason Connery)
  255. Pandorum (Director: Christian Alvart)
  256. Paper Man (Directors: Kieran Mulroney + Michele Mulroney)
  257. Perkins’ 14 (Director: Craig Singer)
  258. Perrier’s Bounty (Director: Ian Fitzgibbon)
  259. Personal Effects (Director: David Hollander)
  260. Pirate Radio (Director: Richard Curtis)
  261. Powder Blue (Director: Timothy Linh Bui)
  262. Precious (Director: Lee Daniels)
  263. Protégé (Directors: Shannon Casto + Michelle Henderson)
  264. Public Enemies (Director: Michael Mann)
  265. Raging Phoenix (Director: Rashane Limtrakul)
  266. Rain Fall (Director: Max Mannix)
  267. Rampage (Director: Uwe Boll)
  268. Ratko: The Dictator’s Son (Directors: Savage Steve Holland + Kevin Speckmaier)
  269. Ready For Not (Director: Sean Doyle)
  270. [rec.] II (Directors: Jaume Balagueró + Paco Plaza)
  271. Red Hook (Director: Elizabeth Lucas)
  272. Red Sands (Director: Alex Turner)
  273. Redemption (Director: Robert Conway)
  274. Revenge: True Story (Director: Berenika Maciejewicz)
  275. Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre (Director: Júlíus Kemp)
  276. RiffRaff (Director: Justen Naughton)
  277. Robodoc (Director: Stephen Maddocks)
  278. Rough Winds (Director: Andrea Olabarría)
  279. Running On Empty Dreams (Director: Nitara Lee Osbourne)
  280. S. Darko (Director: Chris Fisher)
  281. Saddle Up With Dick Wrangler + Injun Joe (Director: Todd Wolfe)
  282. Saint John Of Las Vegas (Director: Hue Rhodes)
  283. Saving Grace B. Jones (Director: Connie Stevens)
  284. Saw VI (Director: Kevin Greutert)
  285. Serious Moonlight (Director: Cheryl Hines)
  286. Shank (Directors: Simon Pearce + Christian martin)
  287. Shark City (Director: Dan Eisen)
  288. Shattered Focus (Director: Joshua Tolby)
  289. Shinjuku Incident (Director: Tung-Shing Yee)
  290. Shrink (Director: Jonas Pate)
  291. Shroud (Director: David Jetre)
  292. Silent Night, Zombie Night (Director: Sean Cain)
  293. Silent Shame (Director: Juan Frausto)
  294. Sin Nombre (Director: Cary Joji Fukunaga)
  295. Slaughter (Director: Stewart Hopewell)
  296. Slave (Director: Darryn Welch)
  297. Smalltimore (Director: Jeanie M. Clark)
  298. Smile Pretty (Director: Harry Bromley Davenport)
  299. Solitary Man (Directors: Brian Koppelman + David Levien)
  300. Solomon Kane (Director: Michael J. Bassett)
  301. Sorority Row (Director: Stewart Hendler)
  302. Splice (Director: Vincenzo Natali)
  303. Splinterheads (Director: Brant Sersen)
  304. Spooner (Director: Drake Doremus)
  305. Spread (Director: David Mackenzie)
  306. Spring Breakdown (Director: Ryan Shiraki)
  307. Stan Helsing (Director: Bo Zenga)
  308. Stolen (Director: Anders Anderson)
  309. Strangers Online (Director: John Huckert)
  310. Street Boss (Director: Lance Kawas)
  311. Street Dreams (Director: Chris Zamoscianyk)
  312. Streetballers (Director: Matt Krentz)
  313. Stuntmen (Director: Eric Amadio)
  314. Suck (Director: Rob Stefaniuk)
  315. Sugar Boxx (Director: Cody Jarrett)
  316. Summer’s Moon (Director: Lee Demarbre)
  317. Sundo (Director: Topel Lee)
  318. Survival Of The Dead (Director: George A. Romero)
  319. Sutures (Director: Tammi Sutton)
  320. Sway (Director: Sean Ireland)
  321. Sweet Karma (Director: Andrew Thomas Hunt)
  322. Sword Of War (Director: Renzo Martinelli)
  323. Table For Three (Director: Michael Samonek)
  324. Taking Chances (Director: Talmage Cooley)
  325. Taking Woodstock (Director: Ang Lee)
  326. Tanner Hall (Directors: Francesca Gregorini + Tatiana von Furstenberg)
  327. Tell Tale (Director: Michael Cuesta)
  328. Tenderness (Director: John Polson)
  329. Tetro (Director: Francis Ford Coppola)
  330. The 420 Movie (Directors: James Blackburn, Scott Flick, + Robert Nathan Gleason)
  331. The Answer Man (Director: John Hindman)
  332. The Assailant (Director: João Daniel Tikhomiroff)
  333. The Assassin Next Door (Director: Danny Lerner)
  334. The Beacon (Director: Michael Stokes)
  335. The Black Waters Of Echo’s Pond (Director: Gabriel Bologna)
  336. The Bleeding (Director: Charlie Picerni)
  337. The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (Director: Troy Duffy)
  338. The Boxer (Director: Thomas Jahn)
  339. The Bridge To Nowhere (Director: Blair Underwood)
  340. The Broken Hearts Club (Director: Angelo Bell)
  341. The Brotherhood V: Alumni (Director: David DeCoteau)
  342. The Buffalo Son (Directors: Colin Davis, Bryan Felber + Sam France)
  343. The Butterfly Effect III: Revelations (Director: Seth Grossman)
  344. The Canyon (Director: Richard Harrah)
  345. The Casino Job (Director: Christopher Robin Hood)
  346. The Collector (Director: Marcus Dunstan)
  347. The Cry Of The Owl (Director: Jamie Thraves)
  348. The Crypt (Director: Craig McMahon)
  349. The Damned United (Director: Tom Hooper)
  350. The Dark Lurking (Director: Gregory Connors)
  351. The Descent: Part II (Director: Jon Harris)
  352. The Devil’s Ground (Director: Michael Bafaro)
  353. The Devil’s Tomb (Director: Jason Connery)
  354. The Director’s Cut (Director: Paul Komadina)
  355. The Disappearance Of Alice Creed (Director: J. Blakeson)
  356. The Donner Party (Director: Terrence Martin)
  357. The Echo Game (Director: Brian Feeney)
  358. The Eclipse (Director: Conor McPherson)
  359. The Fighter (Director: Javier Barbera)
  360. The Final Destination (Director: David R. Ellis)
  361. The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest (Director: Daniel Alfredson)
  362. The Girl Who Played With Fire (Director: Daniel Alfredson)
  363. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Director: Niels Arden Oplev)
  364. The Girlfriend Experience (Director: Steven Soderbergh)
  365. The Good Guy (Director: Julio DePietro)
  366. The Good Heart (Director: Dagur Kári)
  367. The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (Director: Neal Brennan)
  368. The Graves (Director: Brian Pulido)
  369. The Greatest (Director: Shana Feste)
  370. The Grudge III (Director: Toby Wilkins)
  371. The Gunslingers (Director: Adam Oxsen)
  372. The Hangover (Director: Todd Phillips)
  373. The Haunting (Director: Elio Quiroga)
  374. The Hiding (Director: Ramon Hamilton)
  375. The Hitmen Diaries: Charlie Valentine (Director: Jesse V. Johnson)
  376. The House Of The Devil (Director: Ti West)
  377. The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (Director: Tom Six)
  378. The Hungry Ghosts (Director: Michael Imperioli)
  379. The Informant! (Director: Steven Soderbergh)
  380. The International (Director: Tom Tykwer)
  381. The Invisible Chronicles (Director: David DeCoteau)
  382. The Janky Promoters (Director: Marcus Raboy)
  383. The Job (Director: Shem Bitterman)
  384. The Joneses (Director: Derrick Borte)
  385. The Keeper (Director: Keoni Waxman)
  386. The Killing Room (Director: Jonathan Liebesman)
  387. The Last House On The Left (Director: Dennis Iliadis)
  388. The Last Resort (Director: Brandon Nutt)
  389. The Last Station (Director: Michael Hoffman)
  390. The Limb Collector (Director: Mark Daniel Foley)
  391. The Limits Of Control (Director: Jim Jarmusch)
  392. The Lodger (Director: David Ondaatje)
  393. The Lost Tribe (Director: Roel Reiné)
  394. The Loved One (Director: Sean Byrne)
  395. The Men Who Stare At Goats (Director: Grant Heslov)
  396. The Messenger (Director: Oren Moverman)
  397. The Ministers (Director: Franc. Reyes)
  398. The Nail: The Story Of Joey Nardone (Director: James Quattrochi)
  399. The Outside (Director: Ari Davis)
  400. The Perfect Age Of Rock ‘n’ Roll (Director: Scott D. Rosenbaum)
  401. The Perfect Sleep (Director: Jeremy Alter)
  402. The Pool Boys (Director: J.B. Rogers)
  403. The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee (Director: Rebecca Miller)
  404. The Rebound (Director: Bart Freundlich)
  405. The Revenant (Director: D. Kerry Prior)
  406. The Road (Director: John Hillcoat)
  407. The Scenesters (Director: Todd Berger)
  408. The Seamstress (Director: Jesse James Miller)
  409. The Secret In Their Eyes (Director: Juan José Campanella)
  410. The Slammin’ Salmon (Director: Kevin Heffernan)
  411. The Steam Experiment (Director: Philippe Martinez)
  412. The Taking Of Pelham 123 (Director: Tony Scott)
  413. The Thaw (Director: Mark A. Lewis)
  414. The Tomb (Director: Michael Staininger)
  415. The Tournament (Director: Scott Mann)
  416. The Truth About Average Guys (Directors: Ken Gayton + Jason W. Schaver)
  417. The Ugly Truth (Director: Robert Luketic)
  418. The Vicious Kind (Director: Lee Toland Krieger)
  419. The Waiting City (Director: Claire McCarthy)
  420. The Way Of War (Director: John Carter)
  421. The White Ribbon (Director: Michael Haneke)
  422. Thick As Thieves (Director: Mimi Leder)
  423. Thirst (Director: Chan-wook Park)
  424. TiMER (Director: Jac Schaeffer)
  425. Tidal Wave (Director: JK Youn)
  426. Today’s Special (Director: David Kaplan)
  427. Tormented (Director: Jon Wright)
  428. Trailer Park Boys: Countdown To Liquor Day (Director: Mike Clattenburg)
  429. Transylmania (Directors: David Hillenbrand + Scott Hillenbrand)
  430. Triage (Director: Danis Tanovic)
  431. Triangle (Director: Christopher Smith)
  432. Tripping Forward (Director: Marcus Nash)
  433. Two (2) Million Stupid Women (Director: Jamie Neese)
  434. Ultimate Heist (Director: Alain Tasma)
  435. Un tigre en la cama (Director: Rafael Montero)
  436. Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans (Director: Patrick Tatopoulos)
  437. Universal Soldier: Regeneration (Director: John Hyams)
  438. Up In The Air (Director: Jason Reitman)
  439. Vampire Killers (Director: Phil Claydon)
  440. Veronika Decides To Die (Director: Emily Young)
  441. Wake (Director: Ellie Kanner)
  442. Wake Wood (Director: David Keating)
  443. Walled In (Director: Gilles Paquet-Brenner)
  444. Watchmen (Director: Zack Snyder)
  445. Weather Girl (Director: Blayne Weaver)
  446. What Goes Up (Director: Jonathan Glatzer)
  447. Whiteout (Director: Dominic Sena)
  448. Wild Cherry (Director: Dana Lustig)
  449. Winter Of Frozen Dreams (Director: Eric Mandelbaum)
  450. Within (Director: Hanelle M. Culpepper)
  451. Within (Director: Marco Duran)
  452. Women In Trouble (Director: Sebastian Gutierrez)
  453. Wonderful World (Director: Joshua Goldin)
  454. Words Unspoken (Director: Ingeborg C. Eiland)
  455. World’s Greatest Dad (Director: Bob Goldthwait)
  456. Wrong Turn At Tahoe (Director: Franck Khalfoun)
  457. You Might As Well Live (Director: Simon Ennis)
  458. Youth In Revolt (Director: Miguel Arteta)
  459. ZMD: Zombies Of Mass Destruction (Director: Kevin Hamedani)
  460. Zombie Women Of Satan (Directors: Steve O’Brien + Warren Speed)
  461. Zombieland (Director: Ruben Fleischer)
  462. Zone Of The Dead (Directors: Milan Konjevic + Milan Todorovic)
  1. Easier With Practice (Director: Kyle Patrick Alvarez)
submitted by tombstoneshadows28 to movies [link] [comments]

2017.06.08 06:07 tombstoneshadows28 All of the MPAA/CARA-rated films of 2000 (out of the 3,823 films released worldwide that year.)

  1. 102 Dalmatians (Director: Kevin Lima)
  2. A Fish Tale (Directors: Stefan Fjeldmark, Greg Manwaring, Michael Donovan + Michael Hegner)
  3. Big Brother Trouble (Director: Ralph E. Portillo)
  4. Bored Silly (Director: Robert Shallcross)
  5. Carnivale (Director: Deane Taylor)
  6. Chicken Run (Directors: Peter Lord + Nick Park)
  7. Escape To Grizzly Mountain (Director: Anthony Dalesandro)
  8. Little Heros II (Director: Dog Story) (Director: Henri Charr)
  9. Old No. 587: The Great Train Robbery (Director: Dan T. Hall)
  10. Pokémon 3: The Movie (Directors: Kunihiko Yuyama + Michael Haigney)
  11. Return To The Secret Garden (Director: Scott Featherstone)
  12. Rugrats In Paris: The Movie (Directors: Stig Bergqvist + Paul Demeyer)
  13. The Adventures Of Cinderella’s Daughter (Director: Scott Zakarin)
  14. The Brainiacs.com (Director: Blair Treu)
  15. The Emperor’s New Groove (Director: Mark Dindal)
  16. The Newcomers (Director: James Allen Bradley)
  17. The Tigger Movie (Director: Jun Falkenstein + Chris Butler)
  18. Thomas + The Magic Railroad (Director: Britt Allcroft)
  19. Whispers: An Elephants Tale (Director: Dereck Joubert)
  1. Achilles’ Love (Director: undisclosed)
  2. Believe (Director: Robert Tinnell)
  3. Between Christmas + New Year’s (Director: Stefan Lysenko)
  4. Can’t Be Heaven (Director: Richard Friedman)
  5. Cowboys + Angels (Director: Gregory C. Haynes)
  6. Digimon: The Movie (Directors: Mamoru Hosoda + Shigeyasu Yamauchi)
  7. Dinosaur (Directors: Eric Leighton + Ralph Zondag)
  8. Finding Kelly (Director: Lynn Hamrick)
  9. Flight Of Fancy (Director: Noel Quiñones)
  10. God’s Army (Director: Richard Dutcher)
  11. Happy Family Plan (Director: Tsutomu Abe)
  12. Happy Times (Director: Yimou Zhang)
  13. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Director: Ron Howard)
  14. In The Mood For Love (Director: Kar-Wai Wong)
  15. It Had To Be You (Director: Steven Feder)
  16. Love’s Labour’s Lost (Director: Kenneth Branagh)
  17. Love...At Your Disposal (Director: Paul Lombardo)
  18. MVP: Most Valuable Primate (Director: Robert Vince)
  19. Message In A Cell Phone (Director: Eric Hendershot)
  20. Mission To Mars (Director: Brian De Palma)
  21. Mr. Rice’s Secret (Director: Nicholas Kendall)
  22. My Dog Skip (Director: Jay Russell)
  23. Oriundi (Director: Ricardo Bravo)
  24. Ping! (Director: Chris Baugh)
  25. Rat (Director: Steve Barron)
  26. Relative Values (Director: Eric Styles)
  27. Remember The Titans (Director: Boaz Yakin)
  28. Return To Me (Director: Bonnie Hunt)
  29. Secret Society (Director: Imogen Kimmel)
  30. Shadow Magic (Director: Ann Hu)
  31. Sinbad: Beyond The Veil Of Mists (Directors: Evan Ricks + Alan Jacobs)
  32. Small Time Crooks (Director: Woody Allen)
  33. Snow Day (Director: Chris Koch)
  34. Starforce (Directors: Cary Howe + Tony Kandah)
  35. Taliesin Jones (Director: Martin Duffy)
  36. The Adventures Of Rocky + Bullwinkle (Director: Des McAnuff)
  37. The Amati Girls (Director: Anne De Salvo)
  38. The Flintstone’s in “Viva Rock Vegas”) (Director: Brian Levant)
  39. The House Of Mirth (Director: Terence Davies)
  40. The Kid (Director: Jon Turteltaub)
  41. The Little Vampire (Director: Uli Edel)
  42. The Million Dollar Kid (Director: Neil Mandt)
  43. The Prince Of Light (Director: Yûgô Sakô)
  44. The Road To El Dorado (Directors: Bibo Bergeron, Don Paul + Jeffrey Katzenberg)
  45. Time Share (Director: Sharon von Wietersheim)
  46. Titan A.E. (Directors: Don Bluth, Gary Goldman + Art Vitello)
  47. Un amor de Borges (Director: Javier Torre)
  48. White Wolves III: Cry Of The White Wolf (Director: Victoria Muspratt)
  1. 28 Days (Director: Betty Thomas)
  2. A Lowrider Spring Break (Director: Efrain Gutierrez)
  3. A Question Of Faith (Director: Tim Disney)
  4. A Rumor Of Angels (Director: Peter O’Fallon)
  5. Airboss III: The Payback (Director: J. Christian Ingvordsen)
  6. All The Pretty Horses (Director: Billy Bob Thornton)
  7. Autumn In New York (Director: Joan Chen)
  8. Battlefield Earth (Director: Roger Christian)
  9. Beautiful (Director: Sally Field)
  10. Bedazzled (Director: Harold Ramis)
  11. Best In Show (Director: Christopher Guest)
  12. Big Eden (Director: Thomas Bezucha)
  13. Big Momma’s House (Director: Raja Gosnell)
  14. Blue Moon (Director: John A. Gallagher)
  15. Bounce (Director: Don Roos)
  16. Boys + Girls (Director: Robert Iscove)
  17. Bread + Tulips (Director: Silvio Soldini)
  18. Bring It On (Director: Peyton Reed)
  19. Bruno (Director: Shirley MacLaine)
  20. Cast Away (Director: Robert Zemeckis)
  21. Center Stage (Director: Nicholas Hytner)
  22. Charlie’s Angels (Director: McG)
  23. Chocolat (Director: Lasse Hallström)
  24. Close To The Border (Director: Rodolfo Durán)
  25. Coyote Ugly (Director: David McNally)
  26. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Director: Ang Lee)
  27. Deep Core (Director: Rodney McDonald)
  28. Divided We Fall (Director: Jan Hrebejk)
  29. Down To You (Director: Kris Isacsson)
  30. Drowning Mona (Director: Nick Gomez)
  31. Dude, Where’s My Car? (Director: Danny Leiner)
  32. Dungeons + Dragons (Director: Courtney Solomon)
  33. Escaflowne The Movie (Directors: Kazuki Akane + Yoshiyuki Takei)
  34. Face The Music (Director: Jeff Howard)
  35. Felicidades (Director: Lucho Bender)
  36. Finding Forrester (Director: Gus van Sant)
  37. Frequency (Director: Gregory Hoblit)
  38. G-Men From Hell (Director: Christopher Coppola)
  39. Gone In Sixty Seconds (Director: Dominic Sena)
  40. Hanging Up (Director: Diane Keaton)
  41. Here On Earth (Director: Mark Piznarski)
  42. I Dreamed Of Africa (Director: Hugh Hudson)
  43. I Know Who You Are (Director: Patricia Ferreira)
  44. I’ll Wave Back (Director: Jefferson Davis)
  45. Icebreaker (Director: David Giancola)
  46. If You Only Knew (Director: David Snedeker)
  47. Impact (Director: Christopher Robin Hood)
  48. Jericho (Director: Merlin Miller)
  49. Just One Night (Director: Alan Jacobs)
  50. Keeping The Faith (Director: Edward Norton)
  51. Knockout (Director: Lorenzo Doumani)
  52. Letter From Home (Director: Tony Savant)
  53. Lisa Picard Is Famous (Director: Griffin Dunne)
  54. Little Nicky (Director: Steven Brill)
  55. Loser (Director: Amy Heckerling)
  56. Love + Basketball (Director: Gina Prince-Bythewood)
  57. Mad About Mambo (Director: John Forte)
  58. Mambo Café (Director: Reuben Gonzalez)
  59. Me You Them (Director: Andrucha Waddington)
  60. Meet The Parents (Director: Jay Roach)
  61. Mercy Streets (Director: Jon Gunn)
  62. Miss Congeniality (Director: Donald Petrie)
  63. Mission: Impossible II (Director: John Woo)
  64. Moonglow (Director: Dennis Christianson)
  65. Mr. Accident (Director: Yahoo Serious)
  66. Nemesis (Director: James McDonald)
  67. Nowheresville (Director: Bishop Trout)
  68. O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Director: Joel Coen)
  69. Pandaemonium (Director: Julien Temple)
  70. Passion Of Mind (Director: Alain Berliner)
  71. Pay It Forward (Director: Mimi Leder)
  72. Prank (Director: Mikki Willis)
  73. Price Of Glory (Director: Carlos Ávila)
  74. Prince Of Central Park (Director: John Leekley)
  75. Ready To Rumble (Director: Brian Robbins)
  76. Red Planet (Director: Antony Hoffman)
  77. Screwed (Director: Scott Alexander + Larry Karaszewski)
  78. Shades Of Darkness (Director: Christopher Johnson)
  79. Shanghai Noon (Director: Tom Dey)
  80. Songcatcher (Director: Maggie Greenwald)
  81. Space Cowboys (Director: Clint Eastwood)
  82. Supernova (Director: Walter Hill)
  83. Tadpole (Director: Gary Winick)
  84. The 6th Day (Director: Roger Spottiswoode)
  85. The Closer You Get (Director: Aileen Ritchie)
  86. The Crew (Director: Michael Dinner)
  87. The Dancer (Director: Frédéric Garson)
  88. The Dish (Director: Rob Sitch)
  89. The Family Man (Director: Brett Ratner)
  90. The Hiding Place (Director: Douglas Green)
  91. The In Crowd (Director: Mary Lambert)
  92. The King’s Guard (Director: Jonathan Tydor)
  93. The Last Patrol (Director: Sheldon Lettich)
  94. The Legend Of Bagger Vance (Director: Robert Redford)
  95. The Luzhin Defence (Director: Marleen Gorris)
  96. The Next Best Thing (Director: John Schlesinger)
  97. The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (Director: Peter Segal)
  98. The Perfect Storm (Director: Wolfgang Petersen)
  99. The Price Of Milk (Director: Harry Sinclair)
  100. The Replacements (Director: Howard Deutch)
  101. The Skulls (Director: Rob Cohen)
  102. The Vertical Ray Of The Sun (Director: Tran Anh Hung)
  103. Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her (Director: Rodrigo García)
  104. Thirteen Days (Director: Roger Donaldson)
  105. Tokyo Raiders (Director: Jingle Ma)
  106. Tribulation (Director: André van Heerden)
  107. U-571 (Director: Jonathan Mostow)
  108. Unbreakable (Director: M. Night Shyamalan)
  109. Unshackled (Director: Bart Patton)
  110. Up At The Villa (Director: Philip Haas)
  111. Vatel (Director: Roland Joffé)
  112. Vertical Limit (Director: Martin Campbell)
  113. Waterproof (Director: Barry Berman)
  114. What Lies Beneath (Director: Robert Zemeckis)
  115. What Women Want (Director: Nancy Meyers)
  116. What’s Cooking? (Director: Gurinder Chadha)
  117. Whatever It Takes (Director: David Raynr)
  118. Where The Heart Is Director (Director: Matt Williams)
  119. Where The Money Is (Director: Marek Kanievska)
  120. Wind River (Director: Tom Shell)
  121. X-Men (Director: Bryan Singer)
  1. 100 Girls (Director: Michael Davis)
  2. 12 O’clock (Director: Drew Stone)
  3. 2001: A Space Travesty (Director: Allan A. Goldstein)
  4. 24 Hours In London (Director: Alexander Finbow)
  5. 3 Strikes (Director: DJ Pooh)
  6. A Better Way To Die (Director: Scott Wiper)
  7. A Shot At Glory (Director: Michael Corrente)
  8. About Adam (Director: Gerard Stembridge)
  9. Above Suspicion (Director: Stephen La Rocque)
  10. After Alice (Director: Paul Marcus)
  11. Against The Wind (Director: Peter Del Monte)
  12. Agent Red (Director: Damian Lee + Jim Wynorski)
  13. Almost Famous (Director: Cameron Crowe)
  14. American Psycho (Director: Mary Herron)
  15. Amores Perros (Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu)
  16. An Everlasting Piece (Director: Barry Levinson)
  17. Anatomy (Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky)
  18. Animal Factory (Director: Steve Buscemi)
  19. Another Heaven (Director: Jôji Iida)
  20. Apariencias (Director: Alberto Lecchi)
  21. Astoria (Director: Nick Efteriades)
  22. Attention Shoppers (Director: Philip Charles MacKenzie)
  23. Attraction (Director: Russell DeGrazier)
  24. Auggie Rose (Director: Matthew Tabak)
  25. Bad Seed (Director: Jon Bokenkamp)
  26. Bait (Director: Antoine Fuqua)
  27. Bamboozled (Director: Spike Lee)
  28. Bang Rajan (Director: Tanit Jitnukul)
  29. Beat (Director: Gary Walkow)
  30. Beautiful Creatures (Director: Bill Eagles)
  31. Beautiful Joe (Director: Stephen Metcalfe)
  32. Before Night Falls (Director: Julian Schnabel)
  33. Better Housekeeping (Director: Frank Novak)
  34. Better Than Sex (Director: Jonathan Teplitzky)
  35. Big Wind On Campus (Director: Matt Berman)
  36. Billy Elliot (Director: Stephen Daldry)
  37. Black Sea Raid (Director: Jenö Hodi)
  38. BlackMale (Directors: George Baluzy + Mike Baluzy)
  39. Blast (Director: Martin Schenk)
  40. Bless The Child (Director: Chuck Russell)
  41. Blood (Director: Charly Cantor)
  42. Blowback (Director: Mark L. Lester)
  43. Body + Soul (Director: Sam Henry Kass)
  44. Boiler Room (Director: Ben Younger)
  45. Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch II (Director: Joe Berlinger)
  46. Bootmen (Director: Dein Perry)
  47. Boricua’s Bond (Director: Val Kik)
  48. Born Romantic (Director: David Kane)
  49. Bossa Nova (Director: Bruno Barreto)
  50. Bread + Roses (Director: Ken Loach)
  51. Brooklyn Sonnet (Borough Of Kings) (Director: Elyse Lewin)
  52. Brother (Director: Takeshi Kitano)
  53. Bruiser (Director: George A. Romero)
  54. Bullfighter (Director: Rune Bendixen)
  55. Burnt Money (Director: Marcelo Piñeyro)
  56. Calling Bobcat (Director: Paul Kermizian)
  57. Captain Pantoja + The Special Forces (Director: Francisco J. Lombardi)
  58. Cecil B. DeMented (Director: John Waters)
  59. Cement (Director: Adrian Pasdar)
  60. Chain Of Command (Director: John Terlesky)
  61. Chain Of Fools (Directors: Pontus Löwenhielm + Patrick von Krusenstjerna)
  62. Chasing Sleep (Director: Alexander Samaan)
  63. Cherry Falls (Director: Geoffrey Wright)
  64. Child 2 Man (Director: Herb Freed)
  65. China Strike Force (Director: Stanley Tong)
  66. Chinese Coffee (Director: Al Pacino)
  67. Christina’s House (Director: Gavin Wilding)
  68. Chuck + Buck (Director: Miguel Arteta)
  69. Chump Change (Director: Stephen Burrows)
  70. Chunhyang (Director: Kwon-taek Im)
  71. Circus (Director: Rob Walker)
  72. Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV (Director: Lloyd Kaufman)
  73. Civility (Director: Caesar Cavaricci)
  74. Come Undone (Director: Sébastien Lifshitz)
  75. Comedian (Director: Markus Imboden)
  76. Committed (Director: Lisa Krueger)
  77. Common Wealth (Director: Álex de la Iglesia)
  78. Company Man (Directors: Peter Askin + Douglas McGrath)
  79. Complicity (Director: Gavin Millar)
  80. Contaminated Man (Director: Anthony Hickox)
  81. Crackerjack III (Director: Lloyd A. Simandl)
  82. Crime + Punishment In Suburbia (Director: Rob Schmidt)
  83. Cut (Director: Kimble Rendall)
  84. Dancer In The Dark (Director: Lars von Trier)
  85. Dancing At The Blue Iguana (Director: Michael Radford)
  86. Dancing In September (Director: Reggie Rock Bythewood)
  87. Dangerous Curves (Director: Jeremiah Cullinane)
  88. Daybreak (Director: Jean Pellerin)
  89. Dead Babies (Director: William Marsh)
  90. Deep In The Woods (Director: Lionel Delplanique)
  91. Delta Force One: The Lost Patrol (Director: Joseph Zito)
  92. Desperate But Not Serious (Director: Bill Fishman)
  93. Diamond Men (Director: Dan Cohen)
  94. Diary Of Lust (Director: Madison Monroe)
  95. Divided We Stand (Director: J.R. Jarrod)
  96. Doomsdayer (Director: Michael J. Sarna)
  97. Dr. T + The Women (Director: Robert Altman)
  98. Dracula 2000 (Director: Patrick Lussier)
  99. Drive In (Director: Chuck DeBus)
  100. Duets (Director: Bruce Paltrow)
  101. Dust To Dust (Director: Juan Carlos de Llaca)
  102. El portero (Director: Gonzalo Suárez)
  103. El visitante (Director: Javier Olivera)
  104. Epicenter (Director: Richard Pepin)
  105. Erin Brockovich (Director: Steven Soderbergh)
  106. Escape Under Pressure (Director: Jean Pellerin)
  107. Essex Boys (Director: Terry Winsor)
  108. Everybody’s Famous! (Director: Dominque Deruddere)
  109. Everything Put Together (Director: Marc Forster)
  110. Evicted (Director: Michael Tierney)
  111. Expecting Mercy (Director: Dave Hansen)
  112. Faithless (Director: Liv Ullmann)
  113. Falling Through (Director: Colin Bucksey)
  114. Fast Food Fast Women (Director: Amos Kollek)
  115. Fast Lane To Malibu (Director: Kelly Caughen)
  116. Fatal Conflict (Director: Lloyd A. Simandl)
  117. Faust (Director: Brian Yuzna)
  118. Final Destination (Director: James Wong)
  119. Fist Power (Director: Aman Chang)
  120. Flashback (Director: Michael Karen)
  121. Followers (Director: Jonathan M. Flicker)
  122. For The Cause (Directors: David Douglas + Tim Douglas)
  123. Forever Lulu (Director: John Kaye)
  124. Fortress II (Director: Geoff Murphy)
  125. Four Dogs Playing Poker (Director: Paul Rachman)
  126. Future Murder (Directors: : Norman Lesperance + André Øvredal)
  127. Gangster No. 1 (Director: Paul McGuigan)
  128. Gent-X Cops II: Metal Mayhem (Director: Benny Chan)
  129. Get Carter (Director: Stephen Kay)
  130. Girlfight (Director: Karyn Kusama)
  131. Gladiator (Director: Ridley Scott)
  132. Gossip (Director: Davis Guggenheim)
  133. Greenfingers (Director: Joel Hershman)
  134. Groove (Director: Greg Harrison)
  135. Ground Zero (Director: Richard Friedman)
  136. Gun Shy (Director: Eric Blakeney)
  137. Hamlet (Director: Michael Almereyda)
  138. Happenstance (Director: Laurent Firode)
  139. Happy Accidents (Director: Brad Anderson)
  140. Harrison’s Flowers (Director: Élie Chouraqui)
  141. Heavy Metal 2000 (Directors: Michael Coldewey + Michel Lemire)
  142. Her Iliad (Director: Jessie Warn)
  143. Hidden Passion (Director: Jay Madison)
  144. High Fidelity (Director: Stephen Frears)
  145. Highlander: Endgame (Director: Douglas Aarniokoski)
  146. Hollow Man (Director: Paul Verhoeven)
  147. Hollywood Sins (Director: Edward Holzman)
  148. Honest (Director: David A. Stewart)
  149. House Of Love (Director: Tom Lazarus)
  150. Housebound (Director: Mari Kornhauser)
  151. How To Kill Your Neighbor’s Dog (Director: Michel Kalesniko)
  152. Illicit Lovers (Director: Jay Madison)
  153. In The Weeds (Director: Michael Rauch)
  154. Inferno (Director: Wiktor Grodecki)
  155. Innocence (Director: Paul Cox)
  156. Innocents (Director: Gregory Marquette)
  157. Insatiable Wives (Director: Mike Sedan)
  158. Intern (Director: Michael Lange)
  159. Intrepid (Director: John Putch)
  160. Iris (Director: Aurelio Grimaldi)
  161. Isn’t She Great? (Director: Andrew Bergman)
  162. Italian For Beginners (Director: Lone Scherfig)
  163. Jill Rips (Director: Anthony Hickox)
  164. Jinx’d (Director: Damon Wood)
  165. Joe Gould’s Secret (Director: Stanley Tucci)
  166. Kevin + Perry Go Large (Director: Ed Bye)
  167. King Of The Jungle (Director: Seth Zvi Rosenfeld)
  168. Km. O - Kilometer Zero (Directors: Yolanda García Serrano + Juan Luis Iborra)
  169. Labor Pains (Director: Tracy Alexson)
  170. Lakeboat (Director: Joe Mantegna)
  171. Let’s Talk (Director: undisclosed)
  172. Liam (Director: Stephen Frears)
  173. Little Red (Director: Clay Valenti)
  174. Living Hell (Director: Shugo Fujii)
  175. Living It Up (Director: Antonio Cuadri)
  176. Living The Life (Director: Alex Munoz)
  177. Lockdown (Director: John Luessenhop)
  178. Looking For An Echo (Director: Martin Davidson)
  179. Lost Souls (Director: Janusz Kaminski)
  180. Love + Sex (Director: Valerie Breiman)
  181. Love 101 (Director: Adrian Fulle)
  182. Love Beat The Hell Outta Me (Director: Kennedy Goldsby)
  183. Love Come Down (Director: Clement Virgo)
  184. Love Disease (Directors: Justin Alexandre + Jason DeParis)
  185. Loveblind (Director: C.B. Harding)
  186. Luck Of The Draw (Director: Luca Bercovici)
  187. Lucky Numbers (Director: Nora Ephron)
  188. Luckytown (Director: Paul Nicholas)
  189. Luminarias (Director: José Luis Valenzuela)
  190. Lured Innocence (Director: Kikuo Kawasaki)
  191. Mach 2 (Director: Fred Olen Ray)
  192. Maelstrom (Director: Denis Villeneuve)
  193. Malèna (Director: Giuseppe Tornatore)
  194. Masterpiece (Director: David Trueba)
  195. Maybe Baby (Directors: Ben Elton + Hugh Laurie)
  196. Maze (Director: Rob Morrow)
  197. Me, Myself + Irene (Directors: Bobby Farrelly + Peter Farrelly)
  198. Meeting Daddy (Director: Peter Gould)
  199. Memento (Director: Christopher Nolan)
  200. Men Of Honor (Director: George Tillman, Jr.)
  201. Mercy (Director: Damian Harris)
  202. Mexico City (Director: Richard Shepard)
  203. Mic + The Claw (Director: Kevin Hynes)
  204. Militia (Director: Jim Wynorski)
  205. Mission Kashmir (Director: Vidhu Vinod Chopra)
  206. More Dogs Than Bones (Director: Michael Browning)
  207. My 5 Wives (Director: Sidney J. Furie)
  208. Naked Wishes (Director: Mike Sedan)
  209. Nautilus (Director: Rodney McDonald)
  210. Newsbreak (Director: Serge Rodnunsky)
  211. Next Friday (Director: Steve Carr)
  212. Nico + Dani (Director: Cesc Gay)
  213. Night Runs Red (Director: Edward Holub)
  214. Nine Queens (Director: Fabián Bielinsky)
  215. No Alibi (Director: Bruce Pittman)
  216. No One Sleeps (Director: Jochen Hick)
  217. Nora (Director: Pat Murphy)
  218. Nurse Betty (Director: Neil LaBute)
  219. Nuts For Love (Director: Alberto Lecchi)
  220. Obstacles (Director: D-Shot, Hunter McCann + Harry Mok)
  221. Once In The Life (Director: Laurence Fishburne)
  222. One Week (Director: Carl Seaton)
  223. Operation Delta Force V: Random Fire (Director: Yossi Wein)
  224. Ordinary Decent Criminal (Director: Thaddeus O’Sullivan)
  225. Other Voices (Director: Dan McCormack)
  226. Our Burden Is Light (Director: Denise Coates)
  227. Our Lady Of The Assassins (Director: Barbet Schroeder)
  228. Our Song (Director: Jim McKay)
  229. Panic (Director: Henry Bromell)
  230. Paranoid (Director: Ash Smith)
  231. Partners In Crime (Director: Jennifer Warren)
  232. Party Crasher: My Bloody Birthday (Director: Mark Mason)
  233. Perfumed Garden (Director: Jag Mundhra)
  234. Picking Up The Pieces (Director: Alfonso Arau)
  235. Pilgrim (Director: Harley Cokeliss)
  236. Pitch Black (Director: David Twohy)
  237. Playing Mona Lisa (Director: Matthew Huffman)
  238. Pollack (Director: Ed Harris)
  239. Poor White Trash (Director: Michael Addis)
  240. Postmark Paradise (Director: Thompson E. Clay)
  241. Press Run (Director: Robbie Ditchburn)
  242. Primary Suspect (Director: Jeff Celentano)
  243. Proof Of Life (Director: Taylor Hackford)
  244. Punks (Director: Patrik-Ian Polk)
  245. Quills (Director: Philip Kaufman)
  246. R2PC: Road To Park City (Director: Bret Stern)
  247. Raindrops (Director: Bill Cowell)
  248. Rancid Aluminum (Director: Edward Thomas)
  249. Reaper (Director: John Bradshaw)
  250. Red Letters (Director: Bradley Battersby)
  251. Red Team (Director: Jeremy Haft)
  252. Reindeer Games (Director: John Frankenheimer)
  253. Requiem For A Dream (Director: Darren Aronofsky)
  254. Revenge (Director: Marc S. Grenier)
  255. Risk (Director: Alan White)
  256. Road Dogz (Director: Alfredo Ramos)
  257. Road Trip (Director: Todd Phillips)
  258. Road To Flin Flon (Director: David Fulk)
  259. Romeo Must Die (Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak)
  260. Rules Of Engagement (Director: William Friedkin)
  261. Sally (Director: David Goldsmith)
  262. Sand (Director: Matt Palmieri)
  263. Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre (Director: Tim Beckley)
  264. Saving Grace (Director: Nigel Cole)
  265. Scarlet Diva (Director: Asia Argento)
  266. Scary Movie (Director: Keenen Ivory Wayans)
  267. Scream III (Director: Wes Craven)
  268. Second Skin (Director: Darrell Roodt)
  269. Seven Days To Live (Director: Sebastian Niemann)
  270. Sexy Beast (Director: Jonathan Glazer)
  271. Shadow Hours (Director: Isaac H. Eaton)
  272. Shadow Of The Vampire (Director: E. Elias Merhige)
  273. Shaft (Director: John Singleton)
  274. Shafted! (Director: Tom Putnam)
  275. Shiner (Director: John Irvin)
  276. Sideshow (Director: Fred Olen Ray)
  277. Skipped Parts (Director: Tamra Davis)
  278. Slow Burn (Director: Rodney Gibbons)
  279. Snatch (Director: Guy Ritchie)
  280. Soho Square (Director: Jamie Rafn)
  281. Sordid Lives (Director: Del Shores)
  282. Sorted (Director: Alexander Jovy)
  283. South Of Heaven, West Of Hell (Director: Dwight Yoakam)
  284. Spanish Judges (Director: Oz Scott)
  285. Spiders (Director: Gary Jones)
  286. Stageghost (Director: Stephen Furst)
  287. Stalled (Director: Stefan Haves)
  288. Stardom (Director: Denys Arcand)
  289. State + Main (Director: David Mamet)
  290. Steal This Movie (Director: Robert Greenwald)
  291. Stranger Than Fiction (Director: Eric Bross)
  292. Submerged (Director: Fred Olen Ray)
  293. Sunset Strip (Director: Adam Collis)
  294. Surrender (Director: Kelley Cauthen)
  295. Suspicious River (Director: Lynne Stopkewich)
  296. Swimming (Director: Robert J. Siegel)
  297. Table One (Director: Michael Bregman)
  298. Takedown (Director: Joe Chappelle)
  299. Teacher’s Pet (Director: Marcus Spiegel)
  300. Terror Tract (Directors: Lance W. Dreesen + Clint Hutchison)
  301. The Eastsidaz (Director: Michael Martin)
  302. The Alternate (Director: Sam Firstenberg)
  303. The Apostate (Director: William Gove)
  304. The Art Of Dying (Director: Álvaro Fernández Armero)
  305. The Art Of War (Director: Christian Duguay)
  306. The Bare Wench Project (Director: Jim Wynorski)
  307. The Beach (Director: Danny Boyle)
  308. The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy (Director: Greg Berlanti)
  309. The Cell (Director: Tarsem Singh)
  310. The Chaos Factor (Director: Terry Cunningham)
  311. The City Of Lost Souls (Director: Takashi Miike)
  312. The Chain (Director: Michael Winterbottom)
  313. The Contender (Director: Rod Lurie)
  314. The Convent (Director: Mike Mendez)
  315. The Crimson Rivers (Director: Mathieu Kassovitz)
  316. The Crow: Salvation (Director: Bharat Nalluri)
  317. The Debut (Director: Gene Cajayon)
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  323. The Guardian Director: Gerry Lively)
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  326. The Horrible Dr. Bones (Director: Ted Nicolaou)
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  333. The List (Director: Sylvain Guy)
  334. The Man Who Cried (Director: Sally Potter)
  335. The Martini Shot (Director: Jacob J. Young)
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  414. You Are Here (Director: Jeff Winner)
  415. You Can Count On Me (Director: Kenneth Lonergan)
  416. Zorrita: Passion’s Avenger (Director: Madison Monroe)
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2012.07.17 20:34 tabledresser [Table] IAmA former writer/director of SpongeBob Squarepants & Phineas and Ferb

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Thanks for making my childhood amazing what was it like to work on these amazing cartoons? any cool storys? Cool SpongeBob Story: Working on Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II. We had a gag about Mermaid Man trying to zap the Conch with his "sulphur vent vision." Ernest Borgnine and Tim Conway were in the recording room for the show and they both wanted to know what the heck that was all about. Well, the creator of the show, Stephen Hillenburg came from a marine biology background, so his eyes lit up when he had the chance to talk about this cool undersea phenomenon (Link to www.thenakedscientists.com He launched into a minute-long explanation, during which time Ernest Borgnine's face fell, and eventually landed in a grimace. When Steve breathlessly finished his explanation, Borgnine grunts: "Oh yeah? PROVE it." Total silence. Everybody's blood ran cold... and then Borgnine started laughing. So did the rest of us. He could turn on the tough guy no problem, but he was a sweetheart.
I only met Ernie the one time, but I'm fairly certain that if he had lived long enough, he would have enjoyed my new graphic novel, Duster. And if he could have worked a computer he would certainly have downloaded the 39-page preview at Link to www.duster.me How's that for a segue?
Damn, I totally forgot it was Ernest Borgnine who was Mermaid Man. He'll be missed. I haven't seen the recent episodes, are there no more Mermaid Man cartoons? Any idea what they'll do with that? (yes yes I know you're not with Spongebob anymore) I'm way, way out of the loop. Maybe you can get Paul Tibbitt on here to answer those questions...
So i heard there was a controversy on this: is spongebob a homosexual? Gee, people are really fixated on this. The simple answer is: No. SpongeBob is a child and he has childish interests. He's completely unaware of and uninterested in sex, he's neither homosexual nor heterosexual. That said... I did write the gayest episode ever: The Fry-Cook Games.
Of course, I kid... they're just two friends who love each other. And why not? They're lovable!
The crusty crab in bikini bottom?! genius. Bikini Bottom is just a cute pun, referring more to the bikini itself than to its contents. Krusty Krab is really just about the alliteration. Anything more than that is being supplied by the listener. Steve NEVER intended any sexual interpretations. Never.
Link to www.youtube.com. Porn is in the eye of the beholder... did it excite you?
Was it porn? By the way, have you beheld the 39-page preview of my new graphic novel, Duster? It's available here: Link to www.duster.m SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT!
What is your favorite cartoon that you worked on? Hey Arnold: "Pigeon Man" an 11-minute cartoon where the hero FAILS to improve the life of a shut-in... everybody cries when they see it. How the heck did we do that? How did we get away with it?!
SpongeBob: Just One Bite. Squid out of control = funny. Runners up: The Graveyard Shift, The Camping Episode. The end of the Camping Episode is can't-catch-your-breath funny. Both were done with Dan Povenmire.
Phineas and Ferb: Doof Side of the Moon, Brain Drain. These ones were where I finally hit my stride. Road to Danville should be fun, too.
I just watched pigeon man for the first time since i was 13. Totally fucking blew my mind how deep that shit was. As a kid I though it was sad but didn't pay attention closely but I almost cried when pigeon man came home to his rooftop destroyed and his birds uncaged. Truly amazing job on that one. Yes. Thank Joseph Purdy the writer. Truly brilliant stuff.
Was the Pigeon Man's "I'll be there" speech at the end of the episode based on Tom Joad's "I'll be there" speech at the end of The Grapes of Wrath? Yes. Yes it was.
I have to admit, I still knew the lyrics to that Campfire Song Song when I watched it the other day flipping through channels. That's not an admission, that's a badge of honor!
For a show as complex yet also linear as Phineas and Ferb, how hectic was the writing process? I know some things of it already, but just making it flow together so well, what kind of things did you guys usually discuss while doing so? Also, what are some of your craziest memories from the writers' room for either show (most amusing/shocking things you have heard someone say, or any other interesting stories)? I can't imagine a harder show to write than Phineas and Ferb. It's totally dependent on wildly creative ideas--at least two of them per show, Phineas' and Doof's... but it's also rigidly formatted. Trying to make it all come together with any amount of surprise at all is a Herculean task. Every time. The most commonly heard sentence in the P&F writing room goes "Yeah, but we did that in " Followed by the sound of a head beating against a wall.
The initial ideas come from our writing staff, Scott Peterson, Martin Olson, Jim Bernstein, John Barry and Dani Vetere. Geniuses all, each in their own way; when you work on the show it's easy to tell which ideas came from which writer. They write detailed outlines for each story. Then those are turned over to the directors and storyboard teams and all heck breaks loose. It's easy to say "The helmet falls on Perry and the kids control him like a video game character" but how do you actually SHOW that? And make it believable and interesting? And funny? That's what the storyboard writers do, and more often than not we find that some ideas don't work visually, so new ideas replace them. Sometimes the final storyboard is merely reminiscent of the story that was created by the writers.
Then, the show goes into the animatic phase, where we have to make it all work in 11 minutes--that's where the flow comes in because adding the element of TIME means we're making a SHOW for the first time, not just a roadmap for a show, which is what a storyboard is. We may find that the show is too long and ideas have to be cut, which necessitates new writing to sew the pieces together. Or we may discover that the joke which was so funny in the crew pitch isn't funny at all when it's not being read by someone we know personally. 50-year-old frenchman reading dialog intended for a 4 year old american girl? Funny every time.
So, hectic? Yeah, lots.
Crazy moments happen 50 times a day--it's hard to recognize them when you have nothing BUT them. If I think of anything good, I'll add it.
Is there a platypus controlling you? There's no platypus controlling me.
Just how stoned must you be to write an episode of Spongrbob? It's way too hard to write and draw an episode of that show to do it stoned. I certainly never did. You may come up with a good (or at least weird) idea when you're stoned, but you probably can't execute it worth a darn.
Because someone had to ask: Where exactly is Perry? Perry's not really missing yet... but he will be soon. I know where he'll be but there's no force on heaven or earth that can make me tell.
Did you ever have a time while writing for Spongebob where you just didn't have any more ideas and if so how did you find something to write about? "No more ideas" hits about 6 times a day when I'm writing. You find something to write about because you have a deadline and people are waiting for your work. It happens because it must. The best thing is to have a partner in the room with you. You bounce ideas off each other and sparks fly. The key is this: never stop yourself from exploring an idea because you think it's not good enough-- spit it out, let your partner tell you it's not good enough. Talking about it may give one of you an idea that IS good. And sometimes it's worth it just to rule things out...
How did you get the opportunity to write the episodes for Spongebob? sounds like an awesome job! This should probably be it's own thread, but here goes.
It WAS an awesome job! When the pilot for SpongeBob was completed I was still working on Hey Arnold. Everybody saw it. Everybody wanted to work on it. We were especially excited that it would be a board-driven show, meaning there would be no script given to the board artists--they'd write it as they drew it. That was the challenge I wanted for myself, so I asked management if they'd let me move to the new show. They said "no." Why move me from a job I do WELL into a job where I'm an unknown quantity? To them, that's just moving zeroes on a ledger--it doesn't solve their labor problem. So I changed the question for them... by quitting. Now the question wasn't "do we want Jay to work on SpongeBob or Arnold" it was "do we want Jay to work at Nickelodeon AT ALL." Lucky for me, the answer this time was "yes." Derek Drymon, the supervising director of the show, gave me a storyboard test and I did a good enough job that they brought me in to make some repairs to an early episode, "Pickles." Then, a week later, when a storyboard position opened up, they threw me in a room with the brilliant Chuck Klein, and I was off to the races.
ALSO, are there any spongebob episodes that were not released due to too much adult humor? And if so can you tell me a story? =) To the best of my knowledge there are no SpongeBob shows that were not released, for any reason, although I did have one of my shows ("Just One Bite") censored after 9/11 for a reference to fire. I've heard that the scene has been restored recently.
Link to www.youtube.com
It sounds a lot like my life. I still love the show, but why do you think children of all people related to it? Kid cartoons are usually about escaping reality, and taking viewers to places that can only exist in their imagination. Shows like Adventure Time do just this, which I believe is a big reason why they are so successful. Spongebob was about reality in the real world, so much so that the main character escaped his own reality in his own television show through his imagination. I feel like the show was better suited for the adult me, rather than the kid me. Am I over analyzing this? 1) He's a super-positive character. We all wish we had his outlook on life. 2) Brilliant designs. The characters in this show could be reduced to single colored shapes, like the marshmallows in a box of Lucky Charms, and you'd know exactly who they are. A bit of (probably) never-to-be-repeated genius. 3) Incredible talent and hard work. Everybody who worked on that show, was insanely talented, led by Steve and Derek, who were super-dedicated and inspiring. I was often there on the weekend, often at 1AM... almost never alone. 4) A desire to make a show WE liked. Chuck Jones was often asked these questions about the Looney Tunes shorts: Why do they last? How did you make a cartoon adults can enjoy? He would answer "We didn't make them for kids and we didn't make them for adults; we made them for ourselves." That's the key. If you don't believe in what you're doing the audience can smell it from a mile away, but if you want to watch what you make, then SOMEONE else will too, because your work is GENUINE. We never made a show thinking "what would kids want?" We did what made US laugh. And nothing in the show (and this applies to P&F, too) is FOR adults. The keys is to simply not make the show HOSTILE TO KIDS.
I just wanted to say thanks for all the amazing content that you have shown to the public. My whole childhood I watched SpongeBob. My Question: How did you guys come up with the ideas and plots for SpongeBob? Were they based off of morals and redone or what? Morals?! Like MORALITY morals? Never! The writers just come up with ideas that make them laugh. Squidward forced to work a 24-hour shift with SpongeBob? Funny. Patrick copying everything SpongeBob does? Funny. Morals are the last thing anyone was worried about when I was working on SpongeBob. We weren't trying to corrupt kids or anything, but a little candy now and then isn't a bad thing. Kids need entertainment, too!
What do you think sparked the recent return/renewed interest in 90s television shows on Nick such as Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Doug, All That, etc.? How do you feel about children's programming today versus how it was back in the 90s and early 2000s? Some kids who grew up in the 90s actually have kids of their own now, so they want their kids to watch what THEY watched; Rocko, Doug, Hey Arnold, etc. Plus, Nickelodeon has tons of programming that they haven't really exploited on DVD or even aired recently on their own channel, so it's natural that they'd want to squeeze some more money out of it. I'm not sure why it went away in the first place. The biggest worry I have for that old stuff is that while it may have been shot on film, most of it was edited at video resolution, and quite often tweaked with "paintbox" effects at video resolution so that there is no high definition version available. It's POSSIBLE to make one by going back to the original films, re-editing and redoing the paintbox fixes, just ask the people behind the recent Star Trek: The Next Generation blu-ray releases, but it would require ENORMOUS effort and expense (at least by Nickelodeon TV Animation standards) and I wouldn't hold my breath. At some point those old shows will just look like garbage to eyes that are accustomed to higher quality, and that's a terrible shame.
Do you think you can leave us a quick sketch of a reddit themed spongebob scene, off the top of your head? Done. You can find it by clicking on the "Welcome Reddit Fans" text on the front page at Link to www.jaylender.com
Now, it would be awesome if you could return the favor by going to Link to www.duster.m to download the preview to my new graphic novel. I need your support!
What is your opinion on the newer seasons of Spongebob? Personally I believe they're absolute shit. I haven't seen much of the new stuff, but there are always stinkers, even in the initial run, and the new guys have a harder time than we ever did because so much ground has already been covered. But I saw a time travel show the other day with Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy that had me ROLLING. Boy was I jealous...
Whats the best way to avoid attracting a seabear? Don't be Squidward.
Are there any jokes/Easter eggs in the background that a lot of people miss or overlook? Probably... I can neither confirm nor deny that Bubble Bass is based on Chuck Klein. In-jokes tend not to be added at animation stage because so many people follow the storyboarder who does the initial drawing (animatic directors, timers, animators); it takes a lot of work to put an animation gag in there and everybody has to be pulling in the same direction for it to get to screen. Background designers and painters get away with murder, though.
Comics is a better medium for that kind of thing, and I put a TON of stuff like that in the backgrounds of my "Patrick's Bellybutton" strip for Nickelodeon Magazine.
Destroy All Humans. Who lets a kid play Destroy All Humans?!
What was your favorite Spongebob episode that you wrote/co-wrote? I mentioned favorite SpongeBob episodes elsewhere...
You sir are a god for writing my childhood. I'm studying animation atm, and I've decided I want to write for cartoons. What do you think is the best way to achieve this? At last! A god!
The best way to write for cartoons is to write cartoons. If you want to write for a scripted cartoon, find some produced cartoon scripts. They must be on the web, or I'd be willing to be that Mark Evanier could point you in the right direction. He's got a million of them. Learn storytelling. The Power of Myth (by Joseph Campbell) and Story (by Robert McKee) are required reading. Then learn how to format a script. Anything you can do to distinguish yourself will help when you start knocking on doors. Get ready to knock on doors.
If you DRAW, do some comics--they're the easiest (and lowest cost) way for people to see that you can tell a story AND draw. Practice your drawing. Life-drawing of human beings. Learn structure. There's structure under all cartoon characters unless you're Milt Gross.
Did you write the scene where the little "hoopla" guy gets hit in the head with a brick? If so, why and how did you come up with that? When I first saw it, despite full sobriety, I laughed so hard I cried. Television never induced that much laughter from me, before or since. I think that's a Carl and Aaron bit. Sorry it wasn't me!
What is the Krabby Patty secret sauce? I'll never reveal the secret.
There's a moment in an episode where Spongebob is trying to pry the door to Sandy's dome open, and his hands fling back, smacking Patrick in the eyes, and he's like, "Ow." Who do I have to thank for that? I laughed so hard. Sounds like Tea at the Treedome, so it's probably a Paul Tibbitt or Mark O'Hare thing.
In the episode where SpongeBob and Patrick learn curse words, were the VAs actually cursing during the recording, and if so what happened to that tape? I wish I knew the answer to this question! That's one for Tibbitt.
I loved a ton of your work! Angry Beavers was a favorite in my book, I also have a special place in my heart for the Destroy all Humans series. I'd imagine you probably had a hand in Richard Steven Horvitz aiding in some of the voicework there. Thanks for doing the AmA! Nope, Richard Horvitz came to the Destroy All Humans series with the first game--I showed up for the second. He just specializes in playing tiny angry aliens, I guess.
Wow! Your personal project's style is a great contrast to the toon feel of your production stuff. It's style extremely nostalgic comic feel in the best of ways! I'm glad you like the style of the comic. On the Duster project my co-writer and I like to refer to that nostalgic style as "quality."
I was peeping into your linkedIn profile and noticed that you got your start doing comics and illustrations in magazines. What was it that beckoned you to the animation world? Did somebody at universal just see your work and say "See this? We need that guy!" Or was it an interest that you sought out yourself? I actually started my career in animation and migrated to comics and such from there. Specifically, doing comics of Hey Arnold and SpongeBob for Nickelodeon Magazine, because only a few people knew how to draw and write those characters, and I was one of them. From a very young age I wanted to work in either comics OR animation. Now I've done both. Lucky me!
Also, if it's not terribly intrusive and NDA-ish...What caused you to pick up the career you began with? Did Disney make the entire pipeline of development no longer a positive enviroment? Or did you finally feel in a position to 'fuck the game' and start your own idea. With less....lets say...chefs in the kitchen? You mean why did I leave Disney? The short version? I had done a lot of great work for Disney, but I was taking work home, still making notes at 11PM. The job had consumed my life. It was impossible to move forward on my own projects and I didn't want to spend the rest of my life making other people rich. So when my contract was up I asked for more money and better credit. Disney refused, so we parted ways for now.
Last question: As an game artist/animator, I secretly sit upon my window sill at night wishing upon a star to work on development for animated shows. What sort of nice to haves would I put in my portfolio to be a bit more approachable to that side of the animation industry? Portfolio: put in a little life drawing. Don't feel the need for everything to be CLEAN. Creative beats clean every time for development work. Make sure you really understand perspective. Don't drown people in work, pick 15-25 pieces and keep the range of quality SLIM--that may mean getting rid of some older stuff that you're attached to--learn to kill your darlings. That's what the rest of your career will look like, ESPECIALLY in development. Don't send drawings of the characters from a show you're trying to find work on--they'll be hyper-critical. Don't stuff stapled pages and other loose crap into the pockets. Good luck!
I honestly don't know what to say. To this day, I dream about...Cheese Logs? from Angry Beavers. Those things...looked...soo...good. We weren't thinking about those things with SpongeBob and I don't imagine the Angry Beavers crew was either, but we were all trying our damnedest to make shows that we loved with characters you can care about. And for a brief moment, the network was fully behind us... or at least looking the other way.
Have you heard of the Squidwards suicide story? If so could you verify whether or not it is true??? I hadn't heard about it until I started this thread. I can absolutely verify that people believe it's true. Beyond that I cannot say.
Couldn't help but notice you're from New Haven, CT, you give this fellow CT resident hope as an aspiring animatowriter. Thanks for the AMA, it's been eye opening. But more about how you became who you are! How did you end up in the bizz? I started learning to cartoon when I was a little kid. I studied at the feet of a man named Willie Evans, who worked in the art department at my dad's business. He was an old-time poster painter, like the kind that used to paint the specials on the front window of the local deli. I learned how to ink from him, how to paint with egg tempera, how to comp a print ad (not that that came up too often). Practical skills. I knew that one day I'd be putting those to use one way or another, whether it was in comics or animation. It all started with Willie.
When it was time for college I headed right for the Rhode Island School of Design (who can imagine anything else, coming from Connecticut?) but 2 years in it was clear that they couldn't teach me to do mainstream animation--they were much more into artsy festival animation. Fortunately, while at RISD I learned about the California Institute of the Arts, which had--and has--the best animation program in the country... more than that, they were Disney's pet college. All the teachers were in the industry, so not only did you learn marketable skills, you came out of the program with contacts. The studios came to the school at the end of the year to pick the best kids off the vine as it were. There's really no substitute for making those kinds of contacts and you can really only do it here in Southern California! That's what got ME into the industry.
, I would like to say thank you for many years of laughs. Second, this is unrelated, but do you play many video games? If so, what are some of your favorite games? First: You're welcome. Second: I don't play MANY videogames because most videogames suck. I have next to no interest in running down a hallway shooting people. Great games of the last 10 years? Katamari Damashii, Shadow of the Colossus and Ico, Lego Star Wars, Beyond Good and Evil (worst title ever), Super Mario Galaxy, Journey. That's a topic for another AMA...
Woah, Hey Arnold AND Destroy All Humans? You, my friend, shaped my childhood. Right, question: What is the wierdest thing that you have ever storyboarded/ written for anything? ( Spongebob, P&F, DAH!) Maybe the weirdest thing was a comic story I did for Nickelodeon Magazine called "Patrick's Bellybutton" where Squidward is sucked into Patrick's navel and SpongeBob goes in to rescue him... from a hidden civilization of lint people who worship Patrick as a god.
Set the record straight: Squidward Suicide is just an urban legend, correct? I can neither confirm nor deny that Squidward's Suicide is real.
Where do you find your inspiration for Spongebob, P&F and now this new graphic novel, Duster? I've said it before in this thread, but this is a job. We can't sit around waiting for inspiration--we have deadlines and other people are waiting around for our completed work so they can do their own jobs. You get the ideas by being willing to suggest ANYTHING to your co-workers, then revise it based on their response. Sometimes your dumb idea may provoke a brilliant suggestion from someone that sends you spinning off in a great new direction. You do by doing.
Duster began life as a dream my writing partner, Micah Wright, had a decade ago about his Grandmother fighting Nazis on her farm. He told me about it and I said it would make a great movie. A few years later we took a few months to really figure out how the story would work, what the themes would be and such, and wrote the script for that movie. Now we're making the comic book adaptation of it. The kernel of the story came from a dream, but the real work came out of discussion. Two people talking, listening and improving on each others' ideas until we had something great.
I saw an episode of spongebob where I'm SURE he got caught watching porn. Do you know the episode? Were there a lot of hidden innuendos in the show? Share a few stories? He was merely caught watching something that would be embarrassing to be seen watching... that doesn't mean it was porn. Unless YOU get off on watching anemones... (raises eyebrow, rubs chin) ...hmmmmmmm.
I missed this?! How will I ever know what lickety splits taste like??? Not sure what that's about... maybe after my time!
Do I need to get a BFA in Art or Animation in order to get into animation? And I mean anything other than writing for a cartoon/animated movie. It seems like all those who direct cartoon shows started out as storyboard artists and all those who storyboarded got a degree in art/animation. No. You need ability. Degrees are good for teaching, or for helping an employer decide between two equal talents... but nobody in this business cares whether you have an education--they only care if you can do the work.
Storyboarding is a natural gateway to directing because as a storyboarder you're dealing with the entire story. The only other person who does that is a script writer, but he or she may not be much of a visual thinker--which is an essential skill for a director in animation or live action. Right now most people in animation will have gone to school for it... because there ARE schools for it. It's not necessary. Employers don't care if you pick up your skills from their alma-mater or a syringe full of super-soldier serum, just so long as you can DO THE WORK.
Jay, I just want to let you know that Spongebob truly defined my childhood. I think many would say that might be silly, sad, or what have you, but your cartoon made me laugh every day and I still watch it! You and the team clearly designed it to appeal to all audiences; and as an adult I can say: job well done. My only question: How do you respond to journalists and/or parents who claim Spongebob is too violent, sexual, or suggestive in general to children? I can't speak to how violent, sexual or suggestive SpongeBob may or may not have become after season 3 because I haven't seen much of it, but I always have to wonder: how did journalists and parents from my generation and before ever grow up to be such exemplary specimens watching Bugs Bunny and Tom & Jerry and other things that were FAR more violent than anything we have now?
If you had to fight a dinosaur to the death in a Dinosaur Death Match using only primitive weapons and not allowed to set traps, what's the biggest dinosaur you think you win against? You don't have to name a specific dinosaur, just give us a size reference. I'm prepared to take down an apatosaurus right now. Atlatl projectile to the sacral brain and the hindquarters are down for the count; I can handle the front end at my leisure. Now all I need to do is figure out how to work a time machine and an atlatl.
And be honest, you didn't HAVE to ask me. That was a personal choice.
What is your favorite episode of Phineas and Ferb? Only show I'll watch on Disney, by the way--it's great. My personal favorites (from my episodes) are probably Doof side of the Moon and Brain Drain. Although there's a serious contender coming up soon. The last of my shows...
Hi Jay! From the pictures and videos Dan and Swampy post online, it seems like working on Phineas & Ferb is one of the best jobs in the world. There's no doubt that it is, but every job has its difficulties. For you, what was the most challenging/difficult part of working on P&F? The most challenging part of working on Phineas? Confession time--I'm a control freak--there--I said it. The most challenging part of ANY project for me is learning to trust other people. Fortunately I've had it easy on Phineas and Ferb. The crew is insanely talented.
Bonus question: Do you think you'd ever return to P&F? I'd be happy to crawl back to P&F for the right combination of money, responsibility and failure to succeed on my own. :-)
Just wanted to say the p&f episode where they end up making the universe bigger was neat and sparked a curious conversation and googlefest of science concepts for my son. Who is responsible for all the science concept stories? Just about every writer who works on the show is a science fiction nerd of one stripe or another. Jim Bernstein, for instance can quote the original Star Trek chapter and verse. Martin Olson has written a fantastic book called "The Encyclopaedia of Hell" which is a bit of a science fiction comedy book. Jon Barry is familiar enough with all that stuff to have written Nerds of a Feather. Sci-Fi concepts come from EVERYWHERE on that show.
I always had this question in my mind every time I saw Spongebob as an adult... is it really a kid's program? I usually get some jokes that are more suited for grownups than for children, and I love it because of it! SpongeBob is a program for people who like funny cartoons about undersea creatures. Age is not a concern.
Why are you no longer the WriteDirector? Do you like to take it arrrouuuunnnndddd tooowwwwwn? 1) I needed some time to work on my own projects. 2) I don't like to take it around town. But I do like to go like this, and this, and this and this and this (dolphin noise, horn sound, etc.)
Do you think SpongeBob will learn to drive? Have you ever met an Helga's in your life? I love SpongeBob and Hey Arnold! I'd be surprised if SpongeBob ever learned to drive. Very surprised. And yes, I have known a Helga. I think we had mutual shrines to each other... but never did anything about it.
The episode of Hey Arnold where he thinks he saw some sort of crime in the background of a video (I don't remember the specifics of the episode) is inspired by the movie Blow Up, correct? That's Freeze Frame, one of my shows with Tuck Tucker. Yep, that's a nod to Blow Up!
Why does Spongebob suck now? Does it have anything to do with you leaving? I'm not saying that SpongeBob sucks now, but if it did I'd sure like to think it was because I wasn't there! What an ego boost!
What was it like in those rooms filled with writers and drawers? Was there impatience and tension and stress or did everyone love their job? Everyone loves their job. There are only occasional murders, but generally they're polite--poison--no need for violence.
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